How To Turn ON Instagram Dark Mode


Instagram Dark Mode Android

In this Instagram article, I will show you how to enable Instagram dark mode on Android device. So if you want to enable dark mode on an Android device, so you just need to read this full post and I’ll show you that trick that helps you use Instagram Dark mode android on the far right.

First, open the Instagram application you have installed, so now I have updated my Instagram application, so this is version so let me show you the current version of the Instagram app, so tap on settings. I want to show you my version of the Instagram application.

So this is the last updated application that allows you to enable dark mode. Now you just need to start the Instagram application and as you can see, everything is white by default, as you can see normally.

I also updated Instagram, but I didn’t get directly direct mode in my Instagram application, so I just need to use the trick. The trick is very simple, you just need to close the notification panel and here you will see the night mode option.

This is my smartphone and I like to have the option, so now I want to enable my night mode of my Android device. Now go back to the Instagram account and now tap on back, so you can see everything will get dark. Now you can see that I have installed Instagram latest updated app after updating the application, we only need to enable night mode from your Android device. This is the only option available for the devices with Android 9pi.

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if you have a latest Android device, you will find that night mode option in your settings. Then you only need to enable night mode after updating the Instagram application and then enable tap mode in your Instagram application, so this is one of the most popular features that helps you make everything black in any application.

If your android device is running with android 10 OS. Here i show you the steps you need to follow

You will have to run Android 10 and, ofcourse, have the latest version of Instagram installed.

Step 1: Go to Settings> Display and tap Advanced
Step 2: Select Dark from the Device theme menu
Step 3: Open Instagram and glory in the dim light!
this is what all you need to do to enable Instagram Dark Mode Android

Dark mode on Instagram is a dark AMOLED theme, which means that the background colors are black. It works well in most of the application, but it is still not perfect everywhere, and we can expect it to improve through updates. The AMOLED Dark theme used by Instagram is different from the dark grays found in many Google applications and this may not greatly save battery life. However, Dark Mode is a welcome change, as it is better for your eyes sometimes and not all the time, and it also makes it fun to use the application overnight.

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