Spotify web player not working [FIXED]

If you want to concentrate with the help of your favorite songs, it can be quite painful if your Spotify web player doesn’t work. But, as always, we are here to help you. These are some of the common solutions that should help you get your Spotify music solution as soon as possible.

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1.Check your network connection

Spotify web player

As usual, we begin with the most obvious but sometimes overlooked option. Verifying your network connection. If your Spotify music suddenly cuts or if you press play but nothing happens, it is most likely the Internet. This is what you can do on a Windows PC. First, try to open other websites. If they seem slow enough, check your internet speed

If nothing opens, go to your system icons. They should be located in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Right-click on the Wi-Fi or LAN icon (depending on what you are using) and select Troubleshoot. If you are using Wi-Fi, a common problem that the troubleshooter can solve is that the default gateway is not available. However, if you receive the message that the DNS server is unavailable, it is time to restart your modem. If that doesn’t help, the best option you have is to call your ISP.

2.Turn off ad blockers or whitelist Spotify

Believe it or not, even if you have Spotify Premium, ad blocking add-ons can interfere with the Spotify web player. You can simply deactivate them through the add-ons menu of your browser or the icon of your toolbar. However, if you are using uBlock Origin (which we recommend over other ad blockers), you can whitelist entire domains.

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To do so, click on the uBlock Origin icon in the toolbar, then open the dashboard by clicking the fourth icon on the right under the big enable/disable button. Go to the Whitelist tab. Click on the list of websites and start typing. When you’ve entered Spotify’s address, click Apply changes. You should then close all windows and restart your browser. Your Spotify web player should be as good as new

3.Clear browser cookies and cache

Cookies and cache help your browser run more smoothly by remembering important information such as logins. Sometimes, however, the information can be “badly remembered” and cause problems with your Spotify web player. Then, before jumping into more drastic solutions, you must clear your recent cookies and cache. The steps you should follow should be quite similar in any browser, but we have included a step-by-step for Chrome and Firefox:

How to clear cookies and cache on Chrome

  • Open the menu (three dots) from the right corner of your toolbar.
  • Hover over More tools until a smaller sub menu appears on the left. From there click Clear browsing data.
  • Set the time range to 24 hours from the dropdown menu and untick browsing history if you don’t want to delete it.
  • Click Clear data and restart Chrome. Your Spotify web player should be back to normal

How to clear cookies and cache on Firefox

  • From the rightmost corner of your toolbar, open the menu (three vertical lines).
  • Go to Library, then History.
  • Click on Clear recent history. You will be able to select the time range you want to clear. If your Spotify web player stopped working today, select Today.
  • Make sure you only have Cookies and Cache ticked and then click on Clear Now.
  • Restart your browser and log back into Spotify. Your web player should be back to working smoothly.
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We recommend that you delete cookies and cache memory, but if you want to delete only Spotify cookies just to be sure, there is a way to do it. Once again, open the menu, then go to Options> Privacy and security> Cookies and site data. Click Manage data and type Spotify in the search bar. All cookies generated by the music service should appear. Simply click on Remove all that is displayed. Restart Firefox and try the Spotify web player.

4.Update or switch your browser

The first is the first! If you are a Mac user and have not used Spotify in a long time, you should know that the Spotify web player no longer works in Safari. Switch to Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Darker browsers are more likely to have problems with the Spotify web player. However, if you are already using one of the three previous browsers and still have problems, you should check for updates.

If you have disabled automatic updates for any reason, there are some steps you can take. In Chrome, click on the menu button (three dots) and then select Update Google Chrome. If you do not see this option, your browser is updated. In Firefox, once again go to the menu and click on Help, followed by About Firefox. A new window will open and Firefox will automatically start checking and downloading the available updates. Once this is done, restart your browser and see if that had an effect on your Spotify web player.

5.Fix the Spotify web player via the device list

If none of the fixes above have worked for you, don’t despair! Here is an easy one that often solves Spotify web player issues. If you have multiple devices connected to your Spotify account, sometimes the player can get “confused” on where it should play your song or playlist. This can result in nothing playing when you click on songs. You can fix it by simply clicking on the Device list located to the left of the volume control button and then Web Player.

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Download the Spotify PC app

Sometimes the hassle is just not worth it. If the Spotify web player keeps giving you trouble, it’s time to just forego it in favor of the PC application. You can download it here. If you want to use it in the office but you don’t have administrator rights to install programs on your PC, don’t be shy and just ask for help from your IT staff.

These are our tips on how to fix the Spotify web player not working. Were you able to solve your issues with our help? Let us know in the comments

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