10 Netflix tips and tricks

10 Netflix Tips Tricks & Hacks

10 Netflix Tips Tricks and Hacks that I want to share with you, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have more movies and TV shows in their hands?

you know that you can actually access more movies and TV shows using a Netflix VPN actually limits part of the content of the country you are in, which is very frustrating, so you may not be able to watch some of your programs of TV or favorite movies even though I’m on Netflix, so I wanted to watch a program called Office, but it’s not available in my country, so if you download a VPN application like expressvpn, it can be any VPN application. I only tried this one because I heard about it and once everything is ready to go this application essentially allows you to access movies from other countries in series and once I was connected and ready to go, I went back to my Netflix application, of course, I wrote in the office and there we go the BAM, it was available so that I could see what was really exciting and incredible and, again, what is incredible is that you can also use several VPN applications on your computer and it works perfectly well and there is a office on my laptop and finally it can also work on your smart TV if you have an Android TV like a sky that can download applications directly from Play Store, so it managed to work on this TV it was. 10 Netflix Tips Tricks and Hacks

Download movies

Epic and I could watch The Office, another really cool thing you can do is download movies or series on Netflix to watch them when you’re offline or don’t have mobile data, so if you click on that icon right next to the series or movies run a download that will be saved in your Netflix application or somewhere on your device and then, when you are ready to watch your series or movies, they will all be available and I will show you that I will turn off my Wi-Fi right here, so I don’t have access to the Internet and if you click here, where it says downloads, that’s where all your downloads are saved, so here it says that I have one of the episodes of the office there, click play and I will start playing so if you are waiting in the
In the doctor’s office or maybe on the treadmill at GEMA, check out some of his downloads now, this is a very ingenious one.

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Share on Instagram

Certainly, some favorite movies or series of some people on Instagram, so if you click on these three points right here and click on the share icon, once they are there, a small drop-down menu will appear and you will see Instagram stories, so if you click on that it will take you directly to the Instagram stories where you can animate things and make them yours, so I really enjoyed the season of weirder things. I decided to show that with my Instagram audience and then share their story, but what is it? The interesting thing is when someone sees this story that says at the top that they see on Netflix and if they click on it and click on the Open button on Netflix, it will open directly to that series how great it is, oh my God, I love it

Keyboard commands

If you love using Netflix on your laptop, did you know there are keyboard commands? If you press the end button it will Mew to whatever it is you’re watching and if you press it again unnecessarily, then let’s say you may have missed something and want to go back a couple of seconds, just click on the left navigation key and it will go back 10 seconds or the right navigation key and will advance 10 seconds, so if you want to speed things up or go back and check something just play with them and then with the up and down keys, I think that’s what they throw to control the volume, so if you want to increase the volume just press up or down, press down and the space bar to pause and play

Make her talk

I really enjoy this one and it’s so nifty, so let’s say, for example, that you’re busy watching something on Netflix but you’re cooking and you can’t see the screen all the time if you click on audio and subtitles. One option that says audio description in English and what it does is that it actually reads what is happening all the time so that it can look the other way but still know what is happening, you will be surprised at how ingenious it is and it really keeps it aware of what you’re seeing, even if you’re busy doing something else at the same time, it’s super descriptive and what’s good is that it lets you know every detail you look anxiously, it’s basically like having an audiobook on Netflix.

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Profile pictures

Now, did you know that you can really change the images of the various profiles you have in your Netflix account? You can do it on your phone simply by clicking on more and then on Manage profiles if you click on the pencil icon, it will open a little more. options to change your name, but click on the profile image and this is where you can select which profile image you want, unfortunately you cannot upload your own image, but there are so many different to choose based on all these series and the movies that They are available on Netflix, as you can see here, they are some of animals, but I am very obsessed with weirder things at the moment, so I chose weirder things like my profile picture and then, once you’re satisfied with your selection, just press save and you can do it with each profile of your account, of course, you can also change it on the desktop if you wish, if you find it easier to follow the steps and do this on your TV, so check that out guys

Kick everyone

Now suppose you have given your Netflix password to too many people and want to expel everyone, all you do is go to your accounts and underneath there will be a lot of scroll down settings until you see the option that says log out of all The devices doing this will log out of all the devices that you have logged in with Netflix and, of course, make sure you have changed your password so that people do not just log in again

Netflix chat

Now this is so fun that I discovered and if you go to Google and write the Netflix party, this is basically an extension of Google Chrome that will allow you and your friends to chat while you are watching Netflix movies or series add this extension to your browser Chrome, it’s completely free and it takes two seconds, literally, just by clicking on that button you can add to Chrome and then accept that you will add as a small icon right here by your search bar and then when you go on Netflix and look I don’t know strange things and you want to check with your friends at the same time, just click on that icon in the upper right that says NP and then it says the party starts, so click on that button and it will give you a link that you share with your friends and a Once they open that link, they will instantly join your chat and then you will also have control, so if you pause the series, it stops for everyone or if you skip it forward s High for everyone and I just think it’s so cool that you can chat with your friends while you’re busy watching a premiere or as Game of Thrones, this would have been amazing now, this is another really amazing.

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Google Assistant

guys, did you know you can activate Netflix using Google support? So if they have a Google or Google assistant speaker at home, they can stop playing movies or series or whatever they want through Netflix using their voice. so let me show you how it is done. You have to say Okay Google Play weirder things on Netflix
and you can see that a Google Assistant is opening and read our voice command to play more strange things on Netflix.
10 Netflix Tips Tricks and Hacks

Subtitle Appearance

Another really epic thing you can do is change the way subtitles appear when viewed on Netflix, so if you go to the account settings and scroll down until you see the appearance of the subtitles and click on that, you can edit how subtitles appear when you watch your movies or series, so I made this so extreme so that you could see what I meant and when looking back at weirder things, it appears as designed, so if you like them the subtitles and really want them to stand out, personalize them to make it easier for them to read and then here is another example. I made it very small, I changed the colors and the font, etc., and again you can see how it goes on Netflix and the subtitles changed quite ingeniously.

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10 Netflix Tips Tricks and Hacks

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