Chrome Advanced Settings

Google hidden tricks
Google hidden tricks

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world and Google has brought many new features and settings to the Chrome desktop and Chrome mobile device, which means there are a lot of Chrome advanced settings that many people don’t know, but that’s what we are talking about in this article.

Chrome advanced settings

I want to show you some Chrome settings that you should change immediately to really improve your Chrome experience.
First, I’m pretty sure everyone has faced errors when downloading large files in Chrome. I know it’s very annoying when there’s a configuration in Chrome that doesn’t necessarily solve this problem, but speeds up downloads in Chrome now. It is available on the Chrome flags page, which is a page where you will find all the experimental features in Chrome. You can access the Chrome flags by going to this address (Chrome // flags).

Once you’re on the Chrome Flag page, just search for the parallel download, now enable it and restart Chrome. Now what this does. It allows the school to create three parallel jobs to download a file that is accelerating the download speed. Personally, I have noticed slightly faster download speeds after enabling this setting, especially when downloading large files, so this is a pretty useful setting and it is best that parallel downloading is available for desktop and mobile, so enable it.

Automatic Tab Discarding

We all know that Chrome is a source of resources, especially when you open a lot of tabs and some people can’t help it like me. I open up a lot of micro tabs. But this is where other Chrome settings are really useful in Chrome Flags. There is an option of automatic discard of tabs, which you must enable if your PC cannot handle as many chrome tabs as the name suggests that automatic discard of tabs, automatically kills the tabs based on the previous ones, so there is a tab that has been open for a long time and your system is running out of resources, Chrome will kill you to save memory and when you go to that tab, the page will reload. Well, I think it’s a great solution for people who want to open many tabs and at the same time want uniform performance in Chrome.

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DuckDuckGo Over Google

If you are someone who has always wanted to use a more privacy-friendly search engine instead of Google in Chrome. There is good news the week with the stable launch of chromium 73, you don’t have the option to choose DuckDuckGo as your default search engine introduction now just go to Chrome settings. Here you will find the search engine option, simply change it to DuckDuckGo and that’s it. Now you can search for Chrome using DuckDuckGo, which is great. if you want privacy, I mean dr. Gore does not track users, does not save research results and prioritizes user privacy over everything. Now it’s not as good as Google’s, but if you care about your privacy, this may be a great option.

Drive File Via Omnibox

The only box aka, also known as the address bar in Chrome, is one of Chrome’s most powerful features and it has so many features and is only getting better, now there is an option to access files in Drive, where the omnibox, yes, You can search for files by owner name or search for files based on the type. Yes, it is very useful and of course, you must enable it through the Chrome flags so that the Chrome flags are played just look for unit box suggestions and enable it once, then you should be able to search for Drive files through just box, keep in mind that this only looks for the files available in the account that you are signed into Chrome web, so keep this in mind.

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Shortcuts For Extensions

There are many extensions in the Chrome Web Store that really improved the Chrome experience. What would happen if you could access these extensions using a keyboard shortcut that would be great? You can assign keyboard shortcuts to your extensions. Then I can configure a shortcut to easily access the VPN. Use or configure a shortcut to use the download manager extension. extension shortcuts is another configuration that you must have

Chrome Duet

This is for Chrome Android users. So we all know how to access the address bar. The tabs button, the menu button on the top bar in Chrome Mobile is so rugged, especially on large-screen smartphones, Chrome has a new user interface that you can enable to solve all these problems. Just look for the chrome flag. Now just enable it now when you read the Chrome release, be sure to do it a couple of times, you will see a new bar at the bottom, which brings everything you need. the start button, the share button to quickly share to a web page , the search button. Therefore, you do not need to access the address bar at the top. The tabs button to quickly switch between tabs and the three-dot menu button is simply the best Chrome interface and the easiest to use, and you must enable

New Gestures

I love touchpad gestures to go back and forward the Chrome bit on Windows or Mac and it’s something I’ve always wanted in Chrome mobile, since you must have guessed that now you can enable these new gestures in Chrome Android just go to Chrome flags yes again and look for gesture navigation now just enable this flag called history navigation with gesture now, once you can swipe right from the center to go back and swipe left to move forward, these gestures are quite intuitive because if you have A Xiaomi or a Guava phone does not interfere with a blow from the edge bad gesture, so yes, it is great.

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Functional Tab Switcher

Chrome has had different types, such as the usual tab switch and there are horizontal tabs that are available for Chrome flags, but if you want a more functional tab switch, there is the accessibility tab switch that was a great transition, so that in Chrome flights, you can simply look for the accessibility tab switch and enable it this time, as you can see, it may not be the most attractive, but it is certainly very functional, I mean, even if you have several tabs open, you can see them at All here and switch between them. Do not do the same with the traditional application switch or the new elegant horizontal tab switch, so yes, it is definitely more functional.

Those were some Chrome settings that should change immediately to really improve your experience, what Chrome settings you like best tell us in the comments section below.

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