How to gain Instagram followers fast in 2020


How to gain followers on instagram

How to gain followers on instagram, Instagram has made many changes to its algorithm  what I am going to do is show you these strategies that you should use to gain Instagram followers who aim to be organic and participate while explaining why we are going to use these tactics First. How to increase instagram followers free

How to gain followers on Instagram

How to increase Instagram followers free Instagram  Tip 1

Instagram search optimization  Instagram is now using its own form of search engine optimization to rank the best profiles on the top platform and is specifically using a system called topical Authority ranking system. but what does this mean? Aaron means that you should use specific keywords in your Instagram profile.

so let’s say Instagram sees that you use the word Corgi or have the keyword Corgi in your Instagram biography will assume that your profile is loading in relation to a curvy dog   what Instagram does will realize this and show its profile to other users who have shown interest in the type of Corgi dog breed that you know that maybe left and liked the photos of the dogs or that the akagi.

He also went and saw videos that called the dogs in them maybe they even follow many profiles that are related to Corgi. because what Instagram does see that your profile is related to the corgis. this person has shown a lot of interest in the Corgi dogs and links you puts you in that network of this world of Corgi  so if you do not have a theme if it is very broad and is loading everything These random things you can not include in this theme or cho  as other users will discover

The theory is how you can actively search for good quality keywords to include in your biography so that you become a topical authority in your industry or in your beautiful Ho market  so the first step is to go first and look for general accounts in your niche  for example  this idea of ​​Corgi goes and looks for other profiles that are loading photos or videos or Corgi dogs and then what you want to do as step number two is to start copying and pasting your biography in a word cloud generation tool. you should see this on the screen now is that with the word cloud generator you will extract the keywords that are used consistently in all these Profiles of Instagram that entered there  so what you want to do is go out and find approximately 50 profiles the more the better  but I recommend at least 50 profiles that load content that is the same as you  once again  the same topic pasted all Your biography of the word cloud generator  press generate and then show you the keywords that are commonly used in all these biographies  so what you want to do is include it in the name of your profile because that will help Instagram to realize instantly That’s fine.

This person’s profile name has to do with this topic  so it may still be their name and then maybe their keyword or not Brand name or trade name: keyword that is completely fine but only includes it at the top of and our profile and then what you also want to do is include it in the real biography section  so where you have your lines and be so cool that you want to make sure you include some keywords there just to make sure Instagram can scan and choose above and then categorize it into a theme and  finally  the instagram will appear quickly

it will quickly scan your profile  it has been optimized  it is the same as everyone else on that topic because they have already been placed in that category and then you will be fed on that network and an Instagram will start showing you two similar accounts and as a small bonus Also  I recommend that you go and follow the accounts that are on the same topic as you  so  once again  the idea of Corgi go and follow other accounts related to Corgi because that is connecting you to that network once more because think it’s in the middle and then  if you go and find someone else  they have all these followers  they have different activity and if you are showing a very similar activity  you know you have the same keywords  almost the same content Instagram will realize of that and will say  oh  all these people who are connected to this account  hey  we should show you this account because it is very similar and this is how you get organic growth.

How to increase Instagram followers free Tip 2 Creating specific content

Creating specific content and  please  this is so important  let’s get into it  but like the keywords you will place in your profile’s biography  also continue and look at the content that is loading and decide which topic is related  so if you are carrying a bit of everything  like an image of spaghetti and then playing football and then a new humidifier that you just bought and then a nice landscape photograph you know  the photo that He took stopped. because it is random and guess what nobody really follows in random profiles  so what you have to do here is choose a specific topic and we will talk about how to do it in a second and stay with him  no. You can change all the time because that will ruin the Instagram algorithm and it will really kill your growth and crush you in that dark area where unfortunately many people are not growing. For  as I like to call it  here are some examples of specificity issues in which you can do basketball shots  tropical aquariums  you can do Corgi dogs  you can do urban urban fashion  you can also do rope jumping exercises  but do you You realized that I did not use only basketball or dogs  but I used basketball shots because that is where it is specific  it is where you are getting into a real problem because yes  basketball is a broad and wide issue But basketball shots are specific  he also noticed that not only did

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I use the aquarium or exercise  but they also made tropical aquariums and rope jumps. This is what you should do in your profile  you must also be specific in the type of online business world that is called a sub-niche or sub-niche because you choose a niche that is nice and broad and then becomes specific  you see and find an audience tight there that is really interested in a specific topic and you should do the same on your Instagram profile if you really want to stand out and make Instagra m recognize your profile and start promoting it among other people because this is what happens when you choose to choose a topic wide  a large audience grows.

when it comes time to promote a product or service or if you want to be an influencer and want to work with other brands and promote your products or services  the problem is that you have a wide audience because you only let’s say you choose Fitness and you just want to do Fitness on your profile  only a commercial audience is growing and there can be so many different people that you should ner people just starting out you could have crushed people and they are trying to take you to competitions you could have people who like to swim who like to run you know all these different people. but when you become specific You grow a specific audience therefore when it comes time to promote  for example  your training program to jump rope and a jump in training profile has grown  guess what the majority of the audience will be. When buying that product or service and what is also good is that when people visit your profile  it is a clear yes or no  I am interested and I want to follow this  you get a higher quality tracking instead of a kind of low commitment of Low quality  just a random mass of people and this is where many people complain about their commitment they know that many followers can win  but if you two are random  they don’t make sense and it doesn’t really matter exactly

what your profile is about because It’s not specific  well  that’s where it was wrong  first of all  it must be specific for that audience of people who care about that singular issue  will have an incredible commitment and when the time comes to monetize your account  it will be really good  and obviously  when you have a specific profile  people will visit you and see the content  for example  if you are only making videos of basketball tricks and go to the rickshot basketball vi Let them know what content to expect in t The future and that will increase the likelihood of them becoming a profile visitor into a profile follower for you.

Instagram  Tip 3 hashtag Strategy

You must use the correct hashtag Strategy in your profile for a very important reason now. you want to be specific with these hashtags since you can see that there is a small common trend It’s happening here  it’s specific with Instagram  this is because  first  Instagram looks at the hashtags you’re using in your posts and helps you understand what your profile is again and categorizes your content correctly to show it. For the right users that they may show interest in it  yes  you will see it in the hashtag search results  but you will also place it on your navigation page  so it is very important to use specific hashtags ta Focused in the content you are loading  it is about finding these hashtags

I would love to use a tool called a movie. I will include a link below if they have a small palette so they can go and try it  but with this tool you can search for hashtags that are related to your profile and  in fact  you can create builders that blick recommends finding hashtags. You will have more opportunities to qualify in the top four.

In these main publications you will get a lot of traffic to your image or video that you uploaded which will naturally generate more commitment and more followers for your profile  so you should see on the screen now  let’s do a quick search for Corgi hashtag we have enabled our Builders recommended by Flick and now it will show us some hashtags in these hashtags  you can organize them by the competition and achieve what we want to do here is that we want to find hashtags with low competition.

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Low competition and we want to find them with a high Reach potential because low competition means that we don’t have to worry about fighting against other people on a daily basis  but high reach potential means that we must reach our image. Many people get a lot of impressions  which is really important  but as I said  I will include a link up and down so you can see my hashtag strategy in more  but as a quick note that I personally find that Instagram is really interesting  use a type of pixel scanning software I don’t know what it really is  but it’s really out there

you can go see research and publications about these things  but what’s really cool is that  for example  let’s say you upload a photo of a look at the mountain of a beautiful image of a mountain but use the selfie hashtag  then selfie hashtag Oh  the type of pixel scanning and image scanning software will notice that there is no human face in the image  but the use you have used It is recognized b However  it is recognized that you have used the hashtag selfie  so what you will do is decrease your image and also decrease your goodness score that applies to your profile  to Yes  make sure that  as an important note  do not use hashtags that are not relevant to the content being loaded  so this means that you should use it anywhere between one and 30 hashtags. Feel free to choose  obviously  check my hashtag tutorial one more time link below for more information  but go and use those hashtags but make sure each one is relevant to the content you are uploading.

Instagram  Tip 4 Writing longer captions

Start writing longer captions Start thinking of your Instagram feed as a blog you can upload an image you can upload a video. but then you can write a few hundred words in a subtitle and share your experience with something  something Useful information gives you some advice whatever it is  you want to start writing longer subtitles because people will spend time reading try these subtitles and it will really make them more likely to leave a comment and participate because it is giving value in the form of share your information with people and what you want to do in this subtitle is to make sure you add blank spaces so you can write a text that can make a script or a period and then some text a script or I’m sure you’ve seen in Profiles before

But this will only help to divide your text and  most importantly at the end of this title you should make sure to leave them with a question. sure always ends with a question because that will make the people below comment on your profile  build stronger relationships if someone spends time commenting on your profile they are very likely to follow and follow your profile because they have already done so. invest a lot in clicking on how to click on follow very easy tasks that really sit there using someone’s head by writing a comment that is a bit more difficult.

if you can make people comment on your real profile  you will get many more followers and will grow much faster too because Instagram will see this commitment occur and they will promote it to more people now what I recommend is that once you have this conversation respond with another comment do not go or the interview mode In them   do not start saying well what is your favorite color for longer  how long have you been doing this?

You know I have a normal conversation  try to be human in the center and that is what will really help you build a strong group and a strong community in your profile now. If the stories that scare you are fine  I want you to start considering making stories and start publishing them. I just want you to think about stories like YouTube and most people go to YouTube to find a video on how to do something  so information or go there to entertain  they want to know  laugh  watch funny videos  just entertain  listen to some music  etc.

if they can do some of that in your stories  you’ll be golden  that’s all you really need to focus on when you do them but the most important thing in your stories is to use the itch of commitment  so ask a question to people and let him answer or tell people hey  I want to ask myself a question and I will make a video of the story and what he can also do is use surveys and many other things that make people get involved with your Instagram profile. He’ll like it because you keep people on the platform for a longer period of time  they can show you more ads and people want to go back to their stories especially once again if you share If you have useful information or entertain it  keep it in mind.

Instagram  Tip 5 Advertising your product

Start advertising your product now what I mean by product is your Instagram can you start promoting yourself for people and marketing in its simplest basic form is just saying hello  I exist and it’s just so that people know that you exist? ? and the best way to do it is to simply go and tell them  and obviously the way to do it on Instagram is to leave comments after users send direct messages  etc. because those notifications are put in front of them and they greet.

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The problem that most people do is that they try to market a bad Instagram account and say: hey come  follow me  but you know that my content is everywhere but it stinks  follow me and most people say how about No  but first make sure you have everything ready and set up make sure your biography is optimized that you have a good profile name that your profile photos are really good and that you are loading quality content that is specific to a topic  Be sure to use the correct hashtags and have good subtitles that are attractive and leave people with a question to start commenting and if you want to get more information about everything I have a free course that I will link below that will guide you through all those steps then you will go out and start commenting on other people’s profiles and their posts that are loading and you want to make sure that this is a real comment and Meaningful  not a great image.

I love this publication effortlessly and I think you should know what you are going to say and define these profiles that you want to go out and research a little  look for other profiles similar to yours on the same topic or that you think you can have this same audience to which You would be interested in loading  for example  people who like to fish would probably be hanging out or following other Instagram profiles that are a fishing company or a company or brand or celebrities related to fishing or Nisha’s recount or republished accounts upload videos or photos that they know fail or win or incredible things related to fishing and that they will probably also follow any fishing related account that wants to see the profiles  see who follows them see who leaves comments on those profiles  enter them and then start interacting with those users now. what I want you to think about is how you would normally start a conversation with person as physical face-to-face interaction because you want to apply this same idea to Instagram. Because that is what will make people come to your profile and stop following it and what it usually is obviously begins with a conversation with a question please example.

if someone approaches me and greets me  Aaron. I really like your shoes  where did you get them and that is what you leave people in a question because that puts the ball in its place? Park where they now have to answer  they have to get involved because if they left it hanging well  maybe they will look a bit like a correct cock and obviously they won’t want to make people feel uncomfortable and don’t leave them with strange questions. don’t go to the interview. but only a friendly comment will definitely increase the likelihood of being answered now  in addition to this  you can still follow the profiles you may still like the images that are completely fine that will help people once again knowing that you exist because they are going to see those notifications on their phone  etc.

but it is a really amazing thing that I personally like to do and help my clients to make and teach other companies to send a direct message to people so in instead of leaving a comment go and send a direct message  say hello I really loved it  you know your picture in this I just wonder where you got those shoes from the direct video message  do it on the fly it doesn’t have to be a Good setup with good lighting. but it’s very personal it’s more human and I also recommend that you do this when someone leaves a follow-up so if someone new follows you especially s If you are a smaller account you want to build those close relationships that you want people to come back to say hello thanks for following I hope to know how to interact or connect with you  etc. and I also love XYZ on your profile it’s fast  it’s in short  from fifteen to thirty seconds it is not difficult for me to do it while walking down the street if you wish or in the comfort of your own home but that is my most important advice especially when it comes to building closer relationships on Instagram and increase your growth  so you want to do it now. set a goal for you.

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