Samsung overtakes Xiaomi to get 1st place in Indian smartphone market after 2 years


Daily news digital desktop: 6 Technology has advanced in recent years. The use of smartphones has increased by leaps and bounds. And each of the smartphone makers is targeting the Indian market. Because in a country of 130 million million inhabitants, smartphone users are now in almost every home. South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has achieved great success in capturing this market in India.

In July-September of the current financial year, Samsung is now the number one smartphone seller in the country, surpassing the Chinese company Xiaomi in smartphone sales. After two long years, the South Korean company regained its place. Compared to the same period last year, Samsung’s phone sales have increased by 32 percent. And so this feather of success was added to his crown. This information came from a study conducted by an organization called Counterpoint Research.

According to the survey, 53 million smartphones have arrived in India in the last three months. Which is nine percent more than during this period last year. Of these, 24 percent are Samsung smartphones. Shaomi, who comes in second, owns 23 percent of smartphones. Vivo, which is in third place, has 16 percent of smartphones. An agency official said most of the people were under house arrest due to a recent shutdown or corona infection. Many people rely on smartphones to get back to school and college. Many people are inclined towards smartphones. As a result, usage has increased. As a result, more and more people are buying phones.

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However, according to some experts, many are boycotting Chinese phones, given the current state of relations between Indochina. That is why the phone sales of the Chinese company Shaomi have been affected to some extent. And that’s why Samsung has been able to reclaim its place.


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