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It is not illegal to  a WiFi network for security reasons. As a system administrator, you need to your network from time to time to identify gaps and try to fix them. It is moral. It is illegal to a WiFi network that is not yours for your benefit. Top 5 WiFi  app for android FREE of cost.

How to get wifi password on android

If you want to break WiFi password, this guide will help you a lot. In fact, getting your neighbor’s WiFi network login details means free internet access and access to many services.

There are many online WiFi  tools to  wifi passwords online. Also, testing all the apps can be a bit tiring. A WiFi Password means you need a great tool that can access almost every WiFi through all security barriers.It doesn’t take long to learn how to  WiFi.

In this article, we share the best “ Top 5 WiFi  app” for Android investigators, anyone can easily  the WiFi network through below mentioned apps with details.

Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali NetHunter’s configuration interface allows you to easily configure complex configuration files through a local web interface. This feature, along with a custom kernel that supports 802.11 wireless injection and preconfigured VPN connection services, makes NetHunter a formidable network security tool or discreet mailbox, with Kali Linux at your fingertips where you want that you are!

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Almost all of you should know about Kali Linux, the best operating system for ethical piracy purposes. Of its creators, Offensive Security, Kali Linux Nethunter is the first open source Android penetration test platform.

With this application for Android, you must start the Kali Wifite tool to continue the process. The Nethunter configuration interface allows you to take care of complex configuration files. Its custom core, which supports 802.11 wireless injection, makes Kali Nethunter an Android  tool.

Download Kali Linux Nethunter

WPA WPS Tester

Wps Wpa Tester is an application that helps you check if your access point’s WPS protocol has any vulnerabilities. With this app, you can perform this scan on any network, but it is recommended to use it exclusively on your own.

To use the app correctly, you will need to have a root device and the busybox app installed. Otherwise, some of the features will not work.

Wps Wpa Tester is an application with some very interesting features. In addition to helping you verify the security of your access point, it also lets you view all passwords for all WiFi networks you have connected to from your Android device.

Download WPA WPS Tester

NOTE: you can test the PINs with this app and you can connect, but you cannot see the password without root permissions.

Use this app only with your own AP not to go against the law.


Nmap is an Android tool that you can use on a network to determine hosts, services, available operating system versions, packet filters / firewall types and other features. It is an incredibly useful tool for (ethical or unethical).

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Nmap (network mapper) is one of the best network scanner tools (port finder), Nmap developed primarily for the Unix operating system.
Now it is also available on Windows and Android. Nmap for Android is an Nmap application for your phone.

Nmap works on phones with and without root. On phones without root, it will be limited to functions that are possible as a non-root user (i.e., without operating system fingerprint, SYN verification, etc.).

Download Nmap

WPS Connect

This is the most powerful application that helps you connect to all routers that have WPS enabled. This app is available natively and is easy to use and downloadable.

It uses password algorithms like Zhao or EasyBoxPin to crack the WiFi PIN. This WiFi  app helps to verify any router and is safe for any malicious attack. From this app we can any WiFi password without using root access and also strengthens the WiFi network.

Download WPS Connect

WiFi Master Key

WiFi Master Key is an interesting tool to install on an Android device. This tool is excellent for protecting your Wi-Fi hotspot. Thanks to this application, we are sure that your connection can be hidden and more stable. I am sure there are serious reasons to add the latest WiFi master key APK 4.6.59 (1909241) to your device. The main application of this application is to increase the Wi-Fi use of an Android smartphone. Thanks to millions of free Wi-Fi provided by users, the use of this application will be the main reason for a better connection.

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Download WiFi Master Key

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