How to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data

how to unlock pattern lock

How to unlock android phone pattern lock

We know what you’re feeling when you forget your Android pin or pattern and can’t access anything on your device. You have all your data, but unfortunately you cannot access it because you cannot enter the correct PIN or password. How to unlock android phone pattern lock.

How to unlock android phone pattern lock without losing data

One way to overcome the situation is to clear your entire device, which will allow you to access it. However, this means that all data stored on your device will be permanently disappeared and you will never be able to recover it., unless you use a recovery application.

However, there are two options available to unlock your device without losing data, the following guide shows you both ways. You can try these and see if they work for you.

Use Google Login to access your device

After a series of five failed pattern attempts, the device pops up with a message: “Next” and “Retry” buttons.

  • Click on the “Next” button here and you will see two options to unlock the phone. The answer is a security question, the second option is to enter Google Account details.
  • People rarely use the security question if they have the answer to your security question. The unlocking pattern is very simple. After answering security questions, the device successfully unlocks. If you have any security question or answer, go to Google option and click on “Next” button.
  • Now enter your Google Account username and password on your device and click “Sign In”.
  • After entering your Google Account credentials, you can select a new pattern.
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Unlocking Android Phone Pattern with Reset Option (This Loses All Your Data)

Here is the process for those who prefer the factory reset option.

  • Turn off your Android phone.
  • Now press and hold “Volume up + home key + power button” until the phone starts. For some phones, if they don’t have a physical start button, use Volume Up + Power Button
  • After pressing the button, the boot loader screen appears. It looks like the DOS screen on computers.
  • Use the volume key to go up and down and then scroll down to the “Restore Factory Defaults” option.
  • After clicking on the settings, scroll down to “Restart the system now” and wait for your phone to restart.

How to unlock android phone pattern lock using Computer

Android Debug Bridge

Step 1: Restart your device and put it into recovery mode.

Step 2: connect your device through a reliable USB cable.

Step 3: Run the following command in a shell: Adb shell rm /data/systek/gesture.key

Unlock your android phone using software

iMyFone LockWiper

Key features of iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

  • Unlock the Android phone lock pattern without loosing data and without password.
  • Fast operation Removes the pattern from the lock screen in minutes.
  • The software works for all versions of Android.
  • Remove all traces of the forgotten pattern so you can add a new one.

The operation is very fluid and direct even for people with zero technological skills. Below, we show you how to unlock the lock pattern without losing data with iMyFone LockWiper (Android). iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is very easy to use. To unlock your forgotten screen pattern

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Follow the steps below:

  • Select “Remove without loss of data” on the home page and click Start to begin.
  • Select the name and model of your device here and click Start to continue.
  • Confirm the information of the device you have selected and download the data package for your device.
  • Then, connect your Android phone to a PC with a USB cable after it has been successfully downloaded.
  • Follow the guides to configure your device and click Start to unlock when you are ready.
  • Within minutes, iMyFone LockWiper (Android) will successfully delete your forgotten screen pattern without losing data.

Download imyfone remove phone lock

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