WFH Meaning 2020 | How to set up Chrome Remote Desktop

WFH Meaning 2020 | How to set up Chrome Remote Desktop

WFH Meaning | Work From Home

WFH Meaning, The current state of affairs, you’re probably working right now in a way that maybe you’ve never worked before, and that probably includes these massive video calls where you’re doing zoom meetings or hangouts or something like that with people and working on machines.

You may not be used to working in spaces where you are not completely used to working and for some of you who use files and operating systems that you are not completely familiar with, thankfully there is a service called remote desktop and there are many different remote desktops you could use

But Google has created one that is very easy to configure, called Chrome Remote Desktop. About four years have passed. They have recently updated it to where it is almost entirely a web based portal from which you can basically control a remote computer.

If you have a device that is in your office and you have some files that you would really like to have continuous access to. but you don’t have something you can pick up and take home. This is one way you can really connect it to that computer to fully control it, whatever you need to do, send files and emails you can do, whatever you want on that remote device directly from any device in front of you.

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because you don’t just have to have a Chromebook. This is a remote Chrome desktop. so if you have a device that will run Chrome on a macbook, a Windows device any of those things. will run the Chrome remote desktop. we want to go and show you how to simply configure this. so you can start accessing your things in your office while you’re at home.

WFH Meaning

How to set up Chrome Remote Desktop on WFH

This is very simple, but we want to take you step by step through how to configure Chrome Remote Desktop and one of the requirements that you must have is the device that you are connecting to remotely. The host device must be a Windows, Linux or Mac machine. There is something small that you can download and install. it is basically the host controller. There are ways to get it working on a Chromebook. I don’t recommend that the benefit of Chrome OS is that you log in to any Chromebook you have and use your stuff. so that’s a benefit for us.

If you go to a remote desktop ( will take you to this slash access that you see here in the URL bar, but that’s where you’re going to land, this is where we want to do remote access and we’re going to configure that and we’re just going to click on this download, you will see this little download of MSI files. when you are done, next you have to install it for that just click on the downloaded chrome remote software. It will take you to the installation console.

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Once it’s done you will see the Google remote console. Here you need to give a name  as you wish, if you configure this on multiple computers you know which one you are going to access. let’s call this surface go hit next , then we are going to choose a pin, I would recommend that you choose something a little more personal for yourself or something that you will obviously remember. For example you may give a pin as 123456.

WFH side

Once you done configuration, now go to another computer. Open google chrome then download and install . then login with the same mail ID which you already configured the system. Here you can see the configured Remote system name. Click on it and enter the password (123456)

Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android

You can also see the remote system through your smartphone. all you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop App on your phone. login with your mail ID there you can See the Remote computer.

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