Find your lost mobile phone quickly 2019 Update


Find your lost mobile phone quickly 2019 Update, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has inaugurated a web portal to locate stolen mobile phones. The new portal was launched as part of a fast tracking system for mobile phone loss. The new system is being developed based on IMEI numbers.

system called the Central Equipment Identity Register is currently being developed for collecting IMEI numbers of mobile phones. In case of mobile theft, you can block your mobile device using IMEI numbers Later, this mobile phone cannot communicate.
If your mobile phone is stolen, you should also notify the telecommunications department. You can contact the helpline number 14422 for more information. Find your lost mobile phone quickly 2019 Update

How the indian government intends to track lost mobile phones

The 15-digit unique identification number, also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is used to trace lost devices. If you lose your phone, the first step is to file a complaint with the DoT. To do this, you can contact the helpline number at 14422. Once a police complaint in this regard has been registered, DoT will identify and blacklist your IMEI number. This restricts the person who owns your device access to any mobile network.

However the new announcement doesn’t mean your lost phone will come back to you. If the thief is using your phone with one another SIM card police can able to find out by the help of subscriber’s.

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IMEI number is a re-programmable to fake IMEI number, Even if the new user is supposed to change the IMEI, The CEIR project will also help eliminate duplicate / fake IMEI phones from the network. By the way now it is easy to find out your device quickly.

Objectives of the CEIR project

  • Preventing Duplicate and Fake Network IMEI Mobile Devices
  • Blocking lost / stolen cell phones via mobile networks discourages mobile theft
  • Reduce the use of fake mobile devices.
  • Make tracking of these lost / stolen phones easier
  • Better quality of service and reduced call drop with reduced use of fake mobile devices
  • Reduce users’ health risks by controlling the use of counterfeit cell phones.

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