8 New Windows 10 Features You Should Try

8 New Windows 10 Features

The new features in recent Windows updates will help you manage your time, increase security and be more creative with Windows 10. With this update, it will be easier to do things on your PC and other devices, including synchronization with Android phones. 8 New Windows 10 Features

Windows 10 New features 2019

Enhanced Search Feature

Since Microsoft separated the search and the Cortana function in Windows 10, the search has become much more seamless and useful, however, if you still find it difficult to find some hidden files, there is an improved search function that you must enable in the Search settings You can see The two options for finding files directly in classic mode only search through the files on your desktop and in your libraries, while the new enhanced mode allows you to search for all the files on your device no matter where you are. find, this should make sure that you will be able to find files that you have had trouble locating in Maya, says the search shows more results, so yes, it is a nice new feature in Windows 10

Make Calls From PC

The Microsoft application for your phone is excellent, it allows you to access your photos, your text messages, your notifications and much more from your phone on your PC, now it is excellent, but the most interesting feature has to be the ability to make the phone calls, if you can make phone calls from your PC first, obviously you need to pair your phone with the PC for the application of your phone and pair them via Bluetooth so that the calling function is now enabled once you do all that, you You will see the recent calls you made and the dialler in the application of your phone on your PC is now quite simple, you can make calls or receive calls from your PC and that is incorrect, you can even transfer calls between the phone and the PC.

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Disable Reserved Storage

So with the Maine 2019 update, Windows 10 began to reserve around seven gigabytes of storage for updates and other optional files, just check it in the storage settings, just click on Show more categories and here you should see the system and reserved Now here you can see the deserved storage are about seven concerts now, that’s a lot of storage space for people who are running out of storage space just when if you don’t want Windows to reserve the storage, there’s a registration trick you can do just open the registry editor using this key in the search now in the registry editor just paste this in the address.



So here you can see the option shipped with reserves, just double click on it and change the value data from 1 to 0 and click OK now close the registry editor and restart Windows now consider whether backup storage it will not be deleted immediately the next time every time you update Windows and perform a minor update of Windows, the reserved storage will be deleted anyway, also note that Microsoft really does not recommend this, but we were fine without the previous storage, so I hope its fine.

FPS in Game Bar

The game bar in Windows 10 began as a simple tool to record the screen, take screenshots or perhaps broadcast live, but now it has become a function that also has many functions, yes, it allows you to stream games to verify performance on your PC while playing Spotify music, share screenshots on different platforms and do much more, yes, it is backed up but there is a new feature now that you will love FPS support, all you need to do is update the application of the game bar in the Windows Store and you should get this FPS option in the performance dialog now that you don’t know a computer that plays pubG Lite and, well, this isn’t really a gaming laptop, but you can see the FPS, so yes, this is great, you no longer need third-party applications for FPS.

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Custom Theme

The new theme of light in Windows 10 with all the design language for the flu and the DUI is simply beautiful, I mean it only makes the windows look more modern, that’s something I thought would not be possible now, the Light theme is great, but there is also the dark tea that many people love, and if you want the best of both worlds, light and dark, when there is a way on the color page in the customization settings, you can choose your color as customized now, you can choose the light theme for different elements of the user interface in Windows and the dark theme for applications or you can do the opposite, yes, you have the option and, in fact, it also looks great , so try it.

Windows Snip

The Windows 10 native screen capture tool has been quite useful, but there is a feature that does not have the ability to capture screenshots of a particular window when a recent Windows 10 update has brought a window cutout, it can only press windows + shift + S or Print screen key if you have our option enabled now, unlike before, you can see four tools here yes, there is a new window clipping tool here and if you select it and use it to take screenshots of Windows screen, yes, it is simple and useful and I am sure that this will be useful for us because trimming screenshots of articles is a lot of work.

8 New Windows 10 Features

Events in Calender

So you probably access this calendar from the task bar to check the dates, but there is a really cool new feature, as you can see, now you have the ability to add an event or reminder from here so you can click on a date and Quickly add the event or what you want to be reminded there at the time and even at the location and that is the same and done, the miner’s event will also be synchronized with the calendar application, so you will be notified well. easy events or reminders, right?

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8 New Windows 10 Features

Automatic Focus Assist

Automatic focus assistance in Windows 10 is a pretty useful feature, I mean you can use it to make sure that different notifications don’t bother you while focusing working well if Windows 10 recently brought auto focus assistance that makes things Be much better. You can view these automatic rules correctly, you can use them to make sure that focus assistance is activated in certain situations, you can enable focus assistance when you play or when you use any application on the full screen when Windows detects any of these conditions, it will activate Focus support, you can even customize things to make sure you receive priority notifications, it’s easy and useful.

But those were some of the new interesting features of Windows 10 that you should try or disable in the case of reserved storage anyway, many of these new features are available on different Windows 10 invoices, so here is the build number with the one who obtained these characteristics so that you has a better idea of what characteristic you has or does not have. 8 New Windows 10 Features

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