A Guide to Online Events and their Benefits

A Guide to Online Events and their Benefits

The Covid-19 pandemic came with a lot of lessons in how we conduct a lot of things in our lives. When we could not meet physically, the internet became the gateway that allowed us to remain together.

When it came to events, it proved to not only be a sustainable solution but also a massively successful one that had a lot to offer for the post-pandemic world. In this article we will briefly discuss why it proved to be a success and how you can take your events online to benefit from it.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

Virtual events have the crucial advantage of being very convenient to attend. As an attendee you can participate from home or anywhere you would like, and you can come and go as you please. It does not cost anything in transport or accommodation either which also makes it environmentally friendly.

If you are organizing an online event, you will not have to worry about renting a venue, serving food, hiring security and such. It is very down to earth, easy to run and only requires a little know-how when it concerns technology. Most importantly, it is very cheap and practical.

Some events make a critical step and go hybrid, meaning that it is possible to attend physically and online. In the future, this type of event will most likely be the norm as it increases attendance and engagement.

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Intuitive Virtual Platforms

When you are scheduled to host a virtual event, you will need a virtual platform to run it on. On such a platform, like iFairs for example, you will have opportunities to design your virtual event areas to suit your needs. You will typically have a main stage and then some aggregate showrooms for more intimate demonstrations and discussions. This also allows attendees to quickly and easily navigate between many rooms and presentations to absorb as much knowledge and information as possible. Such flexibility is unthinkable in a physical setting.

They can also typically conduct matchmaking between attendees and exhibitors to make sure that people end up at presentations and demonstrations they actually find interesting. This matchmaking is often based on sophisticated algorithms that ensure a better return on investment. With such tools, a platform such as iFairs is a great place to get help to kick off your online events the right and efficient way.

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