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Apple Arcade Games

Today, in this article, I will introduce some new Apple Arcade games, we will analyze in depth the last six editions, a great update that will soon arrive at Dodo Peak.Discolored, UFO on Tape: First Contact, Guildings, Marble It Up: Mayhem, Sociable Soccer, Takeshi and Hiroshi, Ballistic Baseball, Things That Go Bump. Apple Arcade Games 2019.

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Skate City 3D

We have scape city if you are looking for something more relaxed, the city of skateboarding should be on your playlist, this game is full of warm colors of the California sun and it is easy to perform all kinds of tricks from Ollie’s to grinds, but it is also easy fall down. This will take a while to practice sadly before this game was hard to find. Deep skating games on the App Store. The city of skateboarding changes this and offers you classic environments that are perfect for nailing many different tricks. This game is much better to be played with a controller to achieve more difficult maneuvers on the skateboard below.

Download scape city


Here is a new adventure and puzzle game developed by Jason Godbey and published in Apple Arcade by Shifty Eye Games. Jason, has been involved with digital art since 2003 and works primarily as a lighting and environmental artist in AAA games and iOS projects. He also works on his own titles, such as The Search, released in 2017 and now Discolored. The Discolored is carried out in a desolate location and the objective is to restore color to the world. To recover the color, you must explore and solve puzzles. By doing this, the surrounding environment will change and expand. The game does not provide any explanation on what to do here for the most part and you have to solve things on your own. For me, this was quite difficult. I had to look for some tutorials online sometimes. But for me, it was a challenge that I think was worth undertaking. The game is also a bit short. It can be finished in just two hours, but in general, the graphics are top notch and the puzzles are fun, engaging and challenging. Two things to keep in mind, if you are playing on an Apple TV, Be sure to set the graphics to a low level, as this will provide a more consistent frame rate, and if you find that the camera movement slows down, increase the Aspect Sensitivity. All this can be found in the Settings menu.
Download Discolored

UFO on Tape: First Contact

If you didn’t know, this is the sequel to the classic iOS 2010, UFO on Tape. The original was a 2D side-scrolling action game and this accompanying title, which brings a more 3D world that was created with the Unity engine. Players can visit different locations and use motion controls on their iPhone or iPad to look around and take photos. You can also play with a controller on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV instead of moving around the phone or iPad and you cannot move around the TV. That would not be really practical. Basically, at each level, you must take pictures of certain objects and reach a cash limit to move to the next level. To do this, you will notice that every photo you take is worth a certain amount of money. The developer, Revolutionary Concepts, is working on a major update coming soon, which introduces a new AR mode in which you can search for UFOs in real life. I asked the developer what was the inspiration behind the game, and they responded by saying: “A tribute” to close encounters, “and yes, the blurry image found in the UFO.” The original game was a kind of AR before “there was AR on the phone, so the update will really play” to record your own UFO video. “Anyway, the UFO on tape: First Contact is exclusive to Apple Arcade and will arrive on Mac next week.
Download UFO on Tape: First Contact

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I have been following the development of this game since 2017 and it was great to see their progress and it was so much fun to see some behind-the-scenes advances they shared on Twitter. In early 2019, I saw that Sirvo Studios was part of the Apple Arcade and predicted that Guildings would see a release on this platform and it was correct. Guildings is a story-based adventure episode. The game takes elements of RPG, full stop and click on puzzles and visual novels, and present a beautiful maturing story with a modern moving perspective. He has a strong focus on dialogue and decision making, presents charming environments with low poly content, collects coins, treasures and unique battles. The gaming user interface is beautifully designed for mobile, television and desktop computers, but in my opinion it should be reproduced on the iPhone to fully immerse itself in the mobile gaming element it features. Also, I noticed some lower frame rate drops on the Mac and I was playing on the iMac 5K 2019, so this shouldn’t be happening. Other than that, the game had many followers before its release and now that it’s ready, I see that this tracking grows exceptionally. Guildings is an exclusive Apple Arcade.
Download Guildings

Marble It Up: Mayhem

In 2002, I used to play this game called Marble Blast Gold almost every day on my iMac G4. In fact, it was preinstalled on some Apple computers at that time and some of you will remember to play it. Marble It Up: Mayhem is created by a different developer, consisting of several people from the original team behind Marble Blast Gold and Ultra. It presents many of the key elements of the new Marble It Up series and the classic Marble Blast series. We have excellent controls, fun enhancers and a first class design. This edition presents a new multiplayer mode and different marble skins to unlock. I am very excited to see how this game is received, as there was a large fan base in the oldest games in the series. Fletcher, manager of the Marble It Up community, told me this recently and I quote: “We have a mix of people who grew up” playing marble games and people who grew up playing them. “It’s great to see these guys come back and work together again with Apple. Marble It Up: Mayhem is exclusive to Apple Arcade.
Download Marble It Up: Mayhem

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Sociable Soccer

Here’s a new soccer game for your friends and is from the designer of the classic Sensible Soccer series. If you were desperate for another sports game after another, Ballistic Baseball, this is what you are looking for. Rogue Games took him on the phone and now has a total of four titles in the Apple Arcade. With Sociable Soccer, you can play offline or cross-platform games against other Apple devices.
Game play in games is quite fast and fun. You can manage your players. Here are 25,000 upgrade-able player cards, 1,000 international teams, a league system, a 60-hour campaign mode, and a light and fun presentation. However, I have some problems with the game. On a Mac, it is not easy to play with the keyboard. Passing is not entirely accurate, so it is best to play with a controller on this platform. To add, the game automatically selects the player closest to the ball for you. This usually works in practice, but occasionally the wrong player would be selected. I would love to have an on-screen button or control to manually switch between players. Anyway, Sociable Soccer is an exclusive Apple Arcade.
Download Sociable Soccer

Takeshi and Hiroshi

What I really like about this new game is how it transitions between two genres, for example narrative and role play. You have a story about two brothers and what happens in everyday life. The older brother, Takeshi, is 14 years old and is one of the first video game designers. He is creating a role-playing game known as the Mighty Warrior by his sick brother of seven, Hiroshi. When the child plays the unfinished game, you control some parts of the game in real time on Takeshi’s laptop. You choose which monsters appear and you can also choose other options and you must ensure that Hiroshi enjoys your experience, challenges you and prevents your character from dying. Takeshi and Hiroshi are created by Oink games in Japan and this shows that a lot of time has been devoted to puppet animation, dialogue between characters and the two styles of play offered. I’d say it’s for teens, but adults like to play too. Note that the game is currently not compatible with controllers, which is a shame. Fortunately, they include this in a future update. And here is the bonus game, Dodo Peak. I’ve been talking to Moving Pieces, the people behind Dodo Peak a few weeks ago. I was informed that your first content update for Dodo Peak will be available soon at Apple Arcade. The new content will include a new world, which is a desert world, levels 30 to 40 will be included, and we have new dodos, like the cowboy dodo and the old dodo. Also, here are some of the first concept arts.
Download Takeshi and Hiroshi

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Ballistic Baseball

Gameloft brought us a new baseball game for the Apple Arcade. At Ballistic Baseball, players can participate in real-time PVP games and experience the thrill and challenge of being a pitcher and hitter. You can play offline against AI or online in multi-platform multiplayer mode on iOS, iPad OS, tvOS and mac-OS. with a variety of bats, helmets, uniforms and more, and none of this is stuck behind any in-app purchase or payment mechanic to win. However, be careful, if you don’t like baseball, you probably won’t like this game. Sometimes it can be slow and also frustrating. It took me about 30 minutes to get a successful hitter. It can be terrible in the game, but the actions on the screen may take a while to master and are a bit weird. Gameloft needs to take a look at the controls and how they work, because the time and everything is not there yet. And when I’m there, I think the players will be very happy.

Download Ballistic Baseball

Things That Go Bump

This is an online game with one to four players. It’s from Tinybop, known for bringing mobile applications that change the way players experience the world around them by touching, creating and learning. Things That Go Bump is the latest application that explores the themes of everyday objects that come alive at night. When you start the game, you will have access to two modes, the Horde’s offline mode and the multiplayer battle mode. Both modes play in the same way, where you fight against other everyday objects, while in Horde Mode, the goal is to survive as long as possible without being defeated, and this is really my favorite mode. You can collect and collect different parts of your body, what do you call the character? Like legs, torsos, heads, eyes, and you can also find different weapons. Each collectible has different advantages and disadvantages for battles and crosses. It is fun, challenging and can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a type of family game and has an original sound and an artistic design.
Download Things That Go Bump

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