10 best new Android apps 2019

10 Best New Android Apps 2019

In this article, we will show you the 10 best new Android apps 2019 that you should checkout this month.

10 best new Android apps 2019


The Arrive is a package tracking application and allows you to automatically track all your online orders in one place with one touch, the application will automatically synchronize your purchases and show you the delivery details. Aliexpress and banggood.com where delivery takes a little longer than usual Amazon and Flipkart and this application shows me all the details in one place and I don’t have to open the applications again and again. In general, it is an amazing application that automatically synchronizes your purchases for online shoppers to try this application.


EdLock is a unique locking application for your phone with this application, not only can you lock your applications, but it will also offer you a brief learning challenge, so when you open the app, you must select the applications to lock and then choose the topic For which you want the question to appear when you want to unlock the application, you can choose different themes here from the list now, every time you want to unlock the application, it will give you a series of questions that you must answer to unlock the application, you can also choose the frequency of up to three questions With more than 150 different topics, EdLock is definitely the best locking application that will give you a brief education lesson every time and especially if you have children at home using your phone, this will encourage them to do well and learn something new to open your favorite application and the guys in the free version get three credits, which means that can select three topics from the list.

Google recorder

The Google recorder app is a new application for pixel phones that was introduced with the fixed cell phone, but now you can download this application on any Android phone if you don’t have a pixel device, so basically this recorder allows you to record meeting conferences or anything you want to save and listen to later, but this application automatically transcribes the audio and labels what you record so you can easily find the parts later in the application. It is really good and really convenient to use the Google recorder in general. You can use the official Play Store link to download it.

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1Gallery is the best alternative gallery application, the application manages your photos and videos and, in addition to that, it can also secure your photos and videos, we are the hidden encryption function, the basic functionality is good, the design and design of the application It is minimalist and easy to use. use and understand that you can also choose the light or dark theme according to your general choice if you are looking for an application to hide your photos and videos, such as the credit card details of the driver’s license identification cards in a Encrypted folder, then this is the application that you must download in the free version has a limit for photos and videos that you can hide.


Cometin is a free collection of settings and tricks to optimize your productivity and improve your overall experience with Android, this application has two features that are really useful, such as modules for ambient display, better rotation etc. Now each of these modules will allow you to perform certain tasks on your phone, for example, a better rotation allows me to force the rotation of my screen wherever it really is a very good and practical feature. Now, another module that I use is the caffeine module that keeps my phone’s screen up to a certain time can keep the screen on even longer than the presets you already have on your phone, so when you enable this module you get a tile in this and you can change the time simply by touching the tile -An application that offers many adjustments and pauses and guys keep in mind that some of the models do not work on all phones, but you can always try them on a phone and see the results.


PicsKit is an all-in-one photo editor for your phone. I have been using this application for a few days and I think it is a wonderful photo editor and believe me that it is more than just a photo editor with this application, it can be as creative as you want and give your photos a unique look in the application , there are features such as double magnification filters for automatic exposure, etc., you get many options in this application and every time you open this application you will find something different for your photos. In addition to the filters, you can make photo collages and classifications with this application , there is also a template section that allows you to create covers of social networks like Facebook Twitter, etc. You can also create thumbnails for YouTube using this application in general, I think the selections get a complete editing kit for your photos, so try it in the free version, you will have limited access to all functions.

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SocialMob is a free indie music streaming app and social networks, in which this applicant explores new indie music from various artists and socializes with them, can listen to unlimited music from various artists from countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Australia, etc. In this application you also have 12 different genres and you can also create your own playlist, in addition to indie music, you also have the podcast in the application where you can listen to podcasts or news, music, comedy, etc. The best feature that I like about this application is the social mob radio. Play it double tap and listen to good music 24 / 7, as mentioned earlier, that this application is also a social network and can connect with like-minded people or ideas based on your taste for music, which is very different from other social networks. In general, the socialmob platform is a pretty good application that offers more than 7,000 hours of free music for you from different independent artists around the world.


IRL is a social calendar that is quite unique when it comes to its characteristics, it is often difficult for us to create a plan and involve your friends and family and know your opinion about it and, sometimes, it leads to an unexplained yes, I am talking about that The Goa plan that you have planned maybe more than 10 times a year, but with the social calendar you can make plans without opinion from others through surveys and chat and also decide a time when you can also access nearby public events In the application and see the details, you can also create events for your friends or audience to join right now, the application is in initial stages and use it for private events is the only option that I find useful in general if you are looking for a perfect application to organize meetings and events, then definitely try this app.

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Splitcloud allows you to spread music layers, you can share your headphones and listen to two different songs at the same time, so in the application you get two music players and you can play songs from your local library or choose the songs that are available in online and that’s it. you and your friend can listen to different songs at the same time and if they have Bluetooth wireless headphones, then it is the best application for you and your friend to listen to different songs while traveling, so when they are out of battery On your phone , you can always use this application on your friend’s phone and listen to their type of music using this application in a single line, this application is not a trick and just works and maybe put it in your travel folder application.

Repeat button for YouTube

Repeat button for YouTube now, this is a simple but very useful application and, as the name implies, it is a repeat button for YouTube videos, you can play the video using this application and for me this application is useful for playing my song favorite in repetition in general the application is simple to use and in the floating widget simply choose a repeat option

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