Top 10 Spotify Tips,Tricks and Hacks 2019 You Need to Know

Top 10 Spotify Tips,Tricks and Hacks 2019 You Need to Know

Top 10 Spotify Tips, Tricks and Hacks You NEED to KNOW 2019, Spotify have definitely been playing around with a couple cool new features that you guys will love but they also recently teamed up with Google which is awesome and super convenient so here is 10 Spotify tips tricks and facts you need to know also stains on the end of the video to see my favorite hidden feature but let’s get into it.

Spotify in Google Maps

This is an awesome new feature that involves Google Maps in the past when you used to navigate with Google Maps and still wanted to play your music and all that jazz you had to either have a new split screen mode or pop-up window like this as you can see these ways of both annoying because there is not much screen space for maps or for Spotify but now if they head on over to settings in Google Maps and scroll down until you see the option navigation settings you select that and then once in navigation settings you can select default media app so as you can see over here Google Play is selected but if I select Spotify and click Next then just click OK and now what it’s done is that is added Spotify navigation settings so now when I click on the spot of our icon as you can see here a little Spotify navigation bar pops up and you can easily toggle back a song toggle back another song or forward it’s up to you and if you click on this browse button at the bottom it’ll also open up all your top spotify playlist‘s so if you want to quickly switch between another playlist you can at the end of the day I absolutely love this setting and I think it is so much safer especially when driving and just being able to change through your music it’s great.

Car View

While we’re on the subject of being in your car did you know that you can actually toggle on a car view so if you click on the Settings icon right over there and scroll down and see car view options you can either decide to turn the car view on when it connects to your Bluetooth or you can select always-on which means it’ll always be on so I clicked your go to car view and this is what it looks like when you’re in car view on the left hand side is what it normally looks like and call view is on the right-hand side so again it just makes things a lot simpler and easier to navigate while driving a car as you can see the buttons are huge and they’re easy to toggle between if you also want to turn car view off you can just select that car icon and as you can see just click turn off and it goes back to the original player now.

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Canvas ON/OFF

This is a really cool new feature and it’s called canvas. usually this is what artwork looks like when you’re in Spotify but if you go on over to settings and you scroll down and told you see the option that says canvas and toggle it on what this will basically do is when viewing music or when you’ve got a track open it’ll play short looping visuals either from the music video or something that the artist uploaded so as you can see here when the song is playing it’s got this visual that’s looping and if you want to turn it off you just simply toggle off and it goes back to the original album artwork here it is again just so you can see to the left that’s obviously off and on the right it’s obviously on so you can see those looping graphics.

Spotify in Google Clock

Now did you know that you can wake up to Spotify music if you open up Google clock and you set a clock for let’s say 7 o’clock and right over here in the alarm setting it says default sound so if you click on that just to the right you see the Spotify icon and if you select that you can then decide what playlist you want to the alarm to start playing in the morning at that allocated time so this is a wake up and smell the coffee playlist and now when the alarm goes off it’ll start playing Spotify music which is so cool and if you actually turn the alarm off like you dismiss the alarm it’ll ask you if you wanted to continue playing Spotify.

New Sleep Timer

Now this is an awesome new feature let’s say you listening to some music but you want to go to sleep if you click on these three dots in the top right hand corner and scroll down until you see a sleep timer click on that selection and from there you can actually choose how long you want the audio to play for until it turns off so as you can see here I selected 15 minutes the music will now play for 13 minutes and after that it’s thrown off completely you can change the timer or change the track it’s up to you but how nifty is that.

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Add Songs From Desktop

You can add your own songs from your desktop into your own Spotify library so these are five songs that Spotify don’t seem to have in their database and if I click on local files this is where everything will appear so all you need to do is head on over to settings under your accounts scroll down until you see the option that says local files once in there you can tell it to choose files from itunes your downloads or my music but by selecting add a source I can literally choose the file on my desktop that I want to add and as you can see right here it’s already popped up and if I go back to local files here are all the five songs in my Spotify now which is so epic and on top of that if I now go onto my device here you can see a new playlist has been added and it says desktop music and now I have access to those songs on my smart phone how cool.

Shazam To Spotify

Now this is a really nifty trick let’s say for example you hear a song that you really like and want to play on your Spotify but you have no idea what the song is called then all you do is download an app called Shazam once you open up the app literally just click on this button and it’ll identify the song as you can see just like that Shazam identified the song and now what you can do is open it up and Spotify so there it is at the top you can add it to playlists you can save it you do you boob but it’s really really awesome and you’ll be amazed at how many songs Shazam can actually recognize and also in the noisiest of conditions so next time you hear that banging track then whip out Shazam and add it to your Spotify.

Chrome Cast

Under chrome casting and did you know that you can chromecast your music on to your TV so if this is the song you want to listen to but costs your TV you just select that little icon in the bottom left hand corner and a bunch of connection options will pop up from here if you select the chromecast option it’ll just give you a quick little step-by-step of how to connect it but basically your TV should pop up straight away just as you see here and if you select that you know instantly start playing the music on your TV through your home system or the TV sound system it is so epic and once again you can navigate from your phone pause the song to bring up lyrics or toggle through to different songs and will do exactly that on your TV so your phone is basically now your remote this is an epic little feature and I love that it connects so quickly to your TV so you can listen to great songs through your sound system without the hassles.

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Liked Playlist

Another new cool little feature is when clicking on this little hot button now as you can see at the bottom here it says that the song has been added to you like to playlist so you can swipe through as many songs as you want and when you find the ones you like just give them a hug and what happens is in your library an automatic playlist has been created that says likes songs and all the songs that you’ve ever liked have been added in here so as you can see those two songs I just like to get popped in here and if you want to unlock the song you just click the heart again and it says let’s pretend that that never happened so it’s really easy to add any songs again if you click on the three dots and just click a like it’ll add the song to your liked playlist it’s that simple.

Learn Languages

On to my favorite hidden feature and that is if you click in the search bar and type in language superstar what will happen is a playlist will appear that says this is language superstar and in here are a bunch of three language lessons that you can go through whether it’s Swedish German Russian you name it there are a ton of different languages to choose from and a bunch of lessons in each language so this is really cool Feature.

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