Best mobile phone under 7000 in india

Best mobile phone under 7000 in india, It wasn’t that long, but if you can find a decent smartphone for less than Rs 7,000, a bunch of Chinese and Taiwanese brands have entered the market and started offering phones in this price range. Selections are not available for Rs 7,000.
They are available in this price range due to multiple discounts or discounts at launch but at the moment, so now look at the best phones in India for less than Rs 7000.

Realme c1

Every time we publish new videos, the real c1 has been part of this guide for a long time and now the real me sees its successor is also reaching the best phones with less than 7000 rupees, the real me c2 improves on its predecessor In a number of areas that include design and performance software, the smartphone is quite attractive and provides average performance, although we did not notice any major performance problems in our review, the phone showed a sign of delay in extracting the form Notification, the battery life is the biggest strength of the smartphone and the phone turned on for 20 hours and 29 minutes in HD video loop test, the presence of the new color of s6 with Android 95 is also a welcome sight, the image capabilities of the phone are not so good and that is an area where the real thing disappoints me in our review, we like the photos I took masters with the real me in daylight, however, the phone could not capture enough details about the objects at a distance, we discovered that the real me was not consistent with the correct exposure, or the cells really.
They have 3 variants of the c2 2 gb ram with 16 gb of storage, 2 gb ram with 32 gb of storage and 3 gb ram with 30 gb of storage only the 2 gb ram variants are available below 7000 rupees.

Asus zenfone max m1

Asus zenfone max m1 was launched at a price of 8999 rupees in October last year, a recent price reduction has made the smartphone significantly more affordable. This cheap Asus phone has a design that may seem a bit dated to some, such as nausea and punch designs. Nowadays, it has become a common place, but thanks to its decent overall performance and good battery life, the Zenfone Max M1 is a good choice for those looking to buy a new smartphone under Rs 7000, the smartphone includes an older Snapdragon 430 processor that doesn’t affect real-world performance in our review, we’ve found that the phone can deliver a perfect experience, the only place the phone disappoints is low light photography, while the zenfone max takes off Good pictures in daylight. capture decent quality photos in low light The zenfone max m1 lasted about 11 hours and 32 minutes in our amazing HD video loop test, but it is reasonable for this support price as asus.
selling only one storage variant. phone with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage

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Redmi 7a

The Redmi 7a is one of the most affordable smartphones of shammies and is also one of the best phones with less than 7,000 rupees. Redmi 6a has improved in a number of ways, but a few things stand out: this is one of the few smartphones to send a two-year warranty, and secondly, the price of the highest variant of redmi 7a is only 200 rupees more than the basic variant, so you don’t have to pay a large amount if you want 32GB storage instead of 16, then the Redmi 7 is a decent looking smartphone and is nice to hold thanks to the matte finish on the back, the speaker is at the bottom of the redmi 7a, which is an improvement over the red music. One location of the rear panel speakers, any 7/8 performance is very good for the price, but we noticed that the applications took a long time. little more to start multitasking was easy, as long as the games didn’t run in the background, the phone played light games like Temple Run very well, but don’t expect smooth performance when you don’t play a graphics intensive game as you use it. 7yz public phone battery is very good, the phone lasted 14 hours and 47 minutes in our HD video loop test and, with regular use, we can make the battery last more than a day, the Mui 10 As a host of ingenious features, but is plagued by several annoying ads that aren’t easy to disable, the redmi 7’s 12 megapixel rear camera captures decent photos in daylight, but works poorly. In low light, your camera suffers from Inconsistent focus lock and shutter delay in
Evan price: 5999 for 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and 6999 for the 2 GB RAM variant of 32 GB. lots of storage quickly in the base variant, which is why we suggest you buy the highest variant.

Infinix Note 5

We now know that the Infinix Note 5 is a slightly older smartphone, but it is still a very good option in this price segment. This phone was launched at 9999 rupees in August last year, but thanks to a recent price cut, the Infinix Note 5 is now available at 6,999 rupees for the basic variant in our review, we discovered that the Infinix phone is capable of offering performance and the phone also offers a decent battery life. Infinix Note 5 worked for nine hours and 40 minutes in our HD video loop test. The phone screen is another advantage and is among the best screens you can find in this budget, since the phone is based on the Android platform, which comes with Android and guarantees security updates for a while, the main camera of 12 megapixels Average and photos taken in daylight and good lighting conditions showed mixed results and photos in low light. Detailed Details Infinix currently offers.
Two variants of the Infinix Note 5 in the country. 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB of storage, only the 3 GB variant of RAM is available below 7000 rupees.

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Infinix smart 3 plus

The smart 3 plus is another Infinix phone worth considering in this price segment, especially if camera and battery life are two of the most important features for you, it’s the only smartphone in this segment of the house with a triple camera setup. back that lets you take the phone In the good photos in our review, we found that the daylight photos taken from the phone were generally good, especially the close-ups, natural-looking colors, and gradients were also captured with a fair amount. For details, the presence of a low light sensor helps in night photography, but the photos include a lot of noise and the green Infinix smart 3 plus is that the battery life is also good and if the phone worked for 14 hours and 57 minutes in Ayesha loop video test, the overall performance of the smartphone is disappointing. Due to the limited amount of RAM, we face many delays and interruptions on the phone and we also had problems with apps and heavy games, the presence of bloatware is also a problem with a smartphone, as we don’t just perform Android Infinix actions. since it does not run stock Android.
Sells a smart three plus variant in the country with 2gb RAM and 32gb of onboard storage.

Nokia 5.1

Nokia 5.1 has an exceptional build quality, the phone also impressed us with its performance and battery life, handling daily tasks with ease and showed no slowness with heavy games, even Nokia 5.1 lasted 11 hours and 45 minutes in our Test HD video loop, while Nokia 5.1 captures good shots and decent lighting conditions, the camera’s performance is submerged in low-light situations, the dark shots have a little noise and lack or detail.
Two variants of Nokia 5.1 in India 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM of 64 GB of storage, you will find only the 3 GB variant that sells less than Rs 7000.

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lenovo k9

If you can expect the next sale from your favorite retailer, the Lenovo K9 is another smartphone you can consider while currently selling at seven thousand nine hundred ninety nine rupees, which is usually available at 6999 rupees online, the phone has a Impressive design, although a bit outdated and has a clean user interface, the lenovo k900 four months is decent, but during our review we saw some interruptions in heavy apps, the smartphone battery life was good and lasted 11 hours and 22 minutes in our HD video loop test in an area where the canine has problems with the performance of your camera, we obtained mixed results of phone cameras and the colors in the pictures taken were a little flat and washed out, Lenovo offers only canine variant that has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage in India, so this was our list of Under 7000 best mobile 2019 phones.

Infinix Hot 8

Infinix has launched a series of affordable phones in recent months, which include features such as triple rear cameras on models that cost only Rs. 6,999. The company’s latest offer, Infinix Hot 8, is no different. It has a new degraded design on its back panel and lends elements from its brothers, such as triple rear cameras, an entry-level MediaTek processor and a large battery. This strategy is enough to make Infinix Hot 8 a phone that we can recommend.

This smartphone considers a 5000 mAh battery, along with AI intelligent power management, which restricts energy consumption based on the use of your application. In addition, this power management system restricts the backstage execution mechanism of applications that may increase. Promotes a 16.56 cm (6.52) HD + mini-drop notch screen. Its 8-megapixel AI Selfie camera (F2.0 aperture) features a dedicated LED flash, so you can capture amazing pictures even in poor light conditions.
Sells a Infinix Hot 8 in the country with 4gb RAM and 64gb of onboard storage. Under 7000 best mobile 2019 sells less than Rs 7000 Rs.

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