Best apps to learn spoken english

Best apps to learn spoken English for iOS and Android
Best apps to learn spoken English for iOS and Android

Spoken english app, I will combine two of my passions, technology and languages, to offer you an incredible compilation of the best applications and technology to help you improve your language skills. Best apps to learn spoken English for iOS and Android and Best Apps for improving English Vocabulary.

You will have heard people are saying that one of the best ways to learn English and improve their language skills is to watch TV shows and movies in the language they are learning. In English, for most of your cases. This is obvious. It is obvious and it is also a very, very fun way of learning.
However, the biggest problem the people are face is that they can’t really access resources. Television programs, movies and applications may not be available in your country. They have all the motivation and willingness to learn, but find annoying technological barriers that prevent them from improving. Best apps to learn spoken english 2019.

Hello English

Learn English and spoken grammar from Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Malay, Bengali Bengali, Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Malayalam, Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish and Nepali . A free English learning course used by more than 50 million students for spoken English, grammar and vocabulary development.

It is very easy to use and too effective. It can help each stage of the student. I think it is the best app for learning English. I am a beginner. With this application, I improve day by day. I think those who want to learn English can use this HELLO ENGLISH application, it works very effectively.

Hello English is the one of the Best apps to learn spoken english

Download Hello English For IOS

Download Hello English For Android


Memrise is Quite good to learn words and some phrases. The teaching of grammar seems quite disconnected and rather like a late occurrence. A lot of help is provided when translating, and there is no free manual translation. The translation has to be exact to the character. I like the practice of pronunciation, the transparent word memorization mechanism and the leaderboards. This application and Duolingo complement each other quite well in my experience.

Download Memrise For iOS

Download Memrise For Android 


Beelinguapp for iPhone and Android shows two languages in the same sentence; Side by side. At the same time, this is an audiobook and you can follow both sides of the text in the audio with the unique karaoke reading. You can learn the language by following the narrator’s audiobook using karaoke-style animation that tells you exactly what to do. The premium version of the app offers offline audiobooks, new lessons every week, and can be translated from the personal glossary.

Beelinguapp help you learn the language, you can add your own glossary, read the news in your native language and translate it to the target language. 

There are many texts available in 13 languages

  • Spanish
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Italian
  • Japanese

The texts go from fairy tales, news, to science papers and novels; and new ones are added every week

Download Beelinguapp For iOS

Download Beelinguapp For Android 


LingQ is the best way to learn languages. Learn with LingQ, the intelligent language application that can teach you: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech , Romanian, Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew and Turkish.

With the LingQ online language learning app, you can design your own course. You get access to the language learning material and choose what you want to learn, instead of having the program provide you with a structured route. However, LingQ is rough, with some obvious mistakes and a distracted and busy design. It’s not bad to review a language you’ve studied in the past, but it’s less good to teach new languages from scratch.

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LingQ offers language learning classes in 14 languages, not including English: Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

Download LingQ For iOS

Download LingQ For Android 


The Grammarly keyboard helps you type without errors and easily in any application you use on your mobile device. It provides hundreds of controls and functions, along with perfect integration. Whether you send an urgent email, an important LinkedIn message or an essential Facebook post, you can write from your phone with confidence.

Error free writing

  •  Sophisticated grammar checker
  • Contextual spelling checker
  • Advanced score correction
  • Vocabulary improvements

Work everywhere

  • The keyboard integrates seamlessly with all applications
  • Easy to configure

Improve your skills

  • See short and clear explanations for each correction
  • It helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future

I use this application and recommend it. It is much more than a simple spell checker. It also highlights grammar mistakes and gives you an explanation.

From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate mistakes and find the perfect words to express yourself.

Download Grammarly For ios

Download Grammarly For Android

Quizlet Best : apps to learn spoken english

Quizlet is such a powerful learning tool. It has taken off in the past few years and it’s really, really incredible. It’s basically a digital place to store flash cards. It also offers so much more than that, but at the very heart of it it’s a place for you to write your own flashcards, whether it’s about English, whether it’s about a subject you’re learning at school, and then you can look back at them. Teachers can also create flash cards, and you can then learn from them.

However, now they’ve added so many features. There are games, you can pay matching games, you can play spelling games where you hear the word and you have to write it out. You can play writing games where they give you the definition and you have to write the word. There are lots of options, and you can see resources that other people have written for you and that other teachers have written for their students. Try searching IELTS. Try searching Business English. Try searching Photography English. There will definitely be something for you. You should absolutely give Quizlet a go.

Flash cards have been used for years and years, decades, if not hundreds of years, for language learning, so it only makes sense that we can now do it online and through an app. And the fact that we can share our flashcards with the world and have the world share their flashcards with us is just a blessing. I never want to hit anyone with a computer or a smartphone say that they can’t learn English because they haven’t got enough resources. Everything is here for you .you just have to educate yourself.

Download Quizlet For iOS

Download Quizlet For Android

BBC Sounds app : Best apps to learn spoken english

This is the BBC audio application where all audio is included in a single application. So that’s basically his music, their radio shows and their podcasts. And when I say that there is something for everyone, there is something for absolutely everyone in this application. BBC is a British corporation, so you will naturally have a lot of British accents at your disposal. You know I recommend archers, which is available through this application, but there are so many podcasts and radio shows that will be interesting for you and will also help you improve your listening skills. You can search by category, so write a word that interests you or something you want to learn, and see if a podcast or radio episode appears. Listening to music in English will also help you. Definitely check out the BBC Sounds app.

Download BBC Sounds For iOS

Download BBC Sounds For Android

Google Translate : Best apps to learn spoken english

I do not recommend putting all your essays and all your homework in the Google Translator. I am more interested in certain software they have. It has been available for a couple of years, but the few people who know it always surprise me. You can use your camera on your phone to translate things in real time. Let’s say you are traveling, for example, in a foreign country and want to read the menu.

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Instead of having to write everything in the Google Translator, which in some places may be impossible because it is a different alphabet, you can simply place your camera on the menu and Google will recognize the characters and translate them into your language. Now I would not say that this is the best tool to learn a language, but it will really help you survive, especially in times of need. And best of all, you don’t always need to use an Internet connection. You can now download the ability to translate a specific language.

Google Translate For iOS

Google Translate For Android


Supiki is different. Supiki is the smart application that really speaks to you. Supiki provides the topic and the conversation begins. According to what you say, Supiki will respond differently. Your spoken English will improve because you are practicing real conversations.

Authentic English Supiki was created in Vancouver, Canada, recognized worldwide by the standard English of North America. Supiki is based on years of research and development by our team of ESL experts, creatives and technicians.

Use voice analysis and recognition software to answer what you say. Supiki works based on the idea of “practice makes perfect.” You may know many words and grammar in English, but having a conversation is a completely different skill.

Download Supiki For iOS

Download Supiki For Android 

The best applications to expand vocabulary in English

GRE Vocabulary Builder

Develop your vocabulary with the free Magoosh GRE vocabulary game for your Android device. Test yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words on the GRE test! Our application helps you improve your vocabulary and preparation for the GRE test: now you can practice and improve your vocabulary anywhere, anytime!

Once you choose a section, the application presents multiple categories (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and levels within each category. At each level, the application asks you multiple choice questions. All you have to do is choose a correct meaning. Don’t worry if you answer any questions incorrectly, it is part of the learning process.

Download GRE Vocabulary Builder For iOS

Download GRE Vocabulary Builder For Android 

AnkiDroid Flashcards

AnkiDroid Flashcards: Old-School Word Learning

Anki is an excellent application so that remembering anything is easy. Download the Anki applications for each device you use and log in to your AnkiWeb account. Click the Import file button to import your own set of words. You can also choose from the large library of shared card decks. For starters, Anki’s and 4000 essential English words are popular.

AnkiDroid is a complementary Android application for Anki. Tap the blue plus button to create new cards. The mallet list is the screen you will see when you start the application. Show a list of their decks, which contain all their cards. To work on the cards in a deck, tap the Study button to switch to study mode. As you learn and review the material, the application will synchronize your progress with the desktop.

Once you are familiar with Anki’s cards, try to create your personalized vocabulary list. Anki’s card review system is superior to other learning methods. Anki supports active memory and spaced repetition techniques to ensure that everything he is learning goes to his long-term memory.


• Easy to add cards directly from the mobile application

• Format your cards with color text, bulleted lists, underlines and more, all without knowing CSS

• Turn your mallets to study from back to front, with a couple of touches.

• Automatically synchronize with the desktop, web application and your other phones and tablets

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• Create decks on the fly

• Make cards using photos from your camera

• Share any deck with a friend by entering your email


• Fully equipped: it is NOT a “complementary” application that requires a computer

• Detailed statistics of each of your decks, and individual cards as well

• For advanced formatting, supports HTML and CSS

• Text to speech (TTS) that reads parts of your cards in English or other languages

• Study offline and your new cards and progress sync when you are back online


• Control panel that shows your overall progress

• Study at any time; does not force you to study cards on a rigid schedule

• Study your recent Board decks in just 2 touches

• “Night mode” that is easy for your eyes when you study in the dark

• Settings are synchronized on all your devices

• 3D Touch menu to quickly review decks and create new cards.

Download AnkiDroid Flashcards For iOS

Download AnkiDroid Flashcards For Android

Knudge helps you learn and improve English vocabulary in an effective and scientific way. The application takes advantage of artificial intelligence and gamification to simplify the learning process. It offers you different types of courses, multimedia aids and word games to help you excel in vocabulary. There are courses such as common compound verbs in English, differences between confusing words and a multi-level vocabulary generator.

Depending on your selection, bite-size content is unlocked by notifications every few hours. Through a flash memory card, it teaches you the meaning of words with images and specific examples. The application will shuffle the words you have learned with new ones, so you don’t get bored.

The questions are repeated to verify if you have learned the words or not. For each question answered correctly, you earn a credit. also offers twelve different word games focused on improving vocabulary, reading and writing speed. You can even create a challenge to play those games with your friends.


  • Vocabulary creator – Easy: learn English with these most used words. Practical teaching cards facilitate memorization, improve vocabulary and learn English in a fun way.
  • Vocabulary generator: intermediate: a list of words that you must learn to improve English vocabulary, consists of more than 200 words that would help improve English without problems. A good command of these words will also help you achieve a good score on exams such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Vocabulary generator – Advanced: entrance exams require the possession of an extensive English vocabulary. This word list can be useful for improving the vocabulary required for competitive exams.
  • Language idioms in English: Learn English with this course where you are introduced to about 250 common language idioms in English.
  • Composite verbs: This course will help you easily understand the use of the most frequently used English compound verbs and will help you excel in exams such as XAT and NMAT.
  • Commonly confused words: this course will help you learn more than 200 homonyms, homophones and other confusing words.

Download Knudge For iOS

Download Knudge For Android 


Here in this article i shown you the Best apps to learn spoken english also the best applications to expand vocabulary in English. There are many advantages in learning a new language. Expand your professional options, improve your perception and strengthen your integral academic development. With so many easy-to-use applications, there is no reason to skip English vocabulary and learning.

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