Top 5 launchers for android

Top 5 launchers for android

In this article, I want to share with you five of the best Android home screen settings, now I made a great effort to create all these home screen settings and I just hope you love trying to use five different screen launches. Android home that contain some icons different wallpapers and tons of widgets and yes, so it will be fun, it will be interesting and I hope you know that after this article you can adjust your home screen to something similar or something you like this article. Best launcher for redmi note 5 pro, Best android launcher 2019

Evie launcher

The Evie launcher configuration is an attractive personalized configuration on an Evie launcher and contains a large amount of information text at the top, we have a fuchsia KW GT widget that shows the time, date, upcoming calendar, event, battery, status, Network information about the state and the weather also has icons of Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, so you can easily access these applications, this will show everything in text very well, so if that is what interests you, you will really find This, which is very useful. The name of the icon pack used in the configuration as a flight light, it has a nice-looking flat-style icon, and I grouped the applications I used most in folders for easy and fast access I love this minimal foucha music widget KW GT shows that he was playing without obstructing the view of the wallpaper, just a duck and orange wallpaper because it helps and does all the information on the home screen easy to read.

Lawnchair launcher

The configuration of the Lawnchair launcher home screen is very minimal, the configuration is customized at the top of the Lawnchair launcher for the main widgets at the top, we have a sure KWGT widget that was like the weather conditions, Day and the time. I’m a fan of the font of the typography that shows the date when the icons used in the configuration come from the Enix icon pack and these icons are personally one of my favorite icons, they are distinctive and colorful and they also look Classic two-tone, the icons appear in a 3×3 format without application names to achieve this minimal look at the bottom of the screen, we have a foucha kw GT widget that looks unique and colorful, and the wallpaper gives you a very nice look that also highlights all the colors and details in the configuration try it and let me know what you think.

Poco launcher

Poco launcher home screen as a neon-inspired home screen configuration, the configuration was customized at the top of Poco launcher, at the top you will find a complete chef or KW GT widgets that are showcase the time, the date, battery capacity, weather conditions and the song plane too, but the icons on the home screen are from the line bit icon pack that has a lot of neon vibe if you like that at the bottom we have A KW GT widget, magenta regions that backgrounds work easily within your own settings and this is no exception. I recommend this as an ideal home screen setting if you have an OLED screen. Check it out below.

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Hyperion launcher

Hyperion launcher , the configuration among the others stands out uniquely for me, we have the main hawk KW GT widgets, which gives us information about the day, time, upcoming calendar, events, the capacity of battery and weather conditions . I really love the design of this widget and the spacing. It helps to easily read the necessary information. The icon pack used in the configuration is the foxhole icon pack, it looks square in an area of ​​colors just nice and easy to see at the bottom, you will find a music that we just got from the ornate kW GT that has a The icon pack is too square and you finally have a little green on the wallpaper to give the configuration a glamorous look

Cpl launcher

Cpl launcher at the top you will find the main one we just found in the first KW GT, which gives you easy access to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the location during the day and weather conditions, as well as just after the main widget, we have a music widget from the andromeda KW GT package that looks amazing icon view.
One of the splendid icon packs and they look beautiful, the environment has a dark forest wallpaper with some beautiful landscapes, the overall appearance is amazing and I can’t wait for you to try it.

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