How to get Spotify Premium for free forever

How to get Spotify Premium for free forever
How to get Spotify Premium for free forever

Spotify makes it easy to find the right song or podcast: on your phone, computer, tablet and more.
Spotify has millions of tracks and episodes. So, whether you’re behind the wheel, at work, at parties or just relaxing, the right song or podcast is always within your reach. Choose what you want to hear or let Spotify surprise you. Spotify Premium spotify web player

You can explore collections of friends, artists and celebrities or create a radio station.
We all know that Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming apps that not only lets you listen to music, but also lets you create your own music and create custom playlists. You can even share your songs and playlists with your friends. The best feature is the ability to integrate your music on all your devices.

Spotify is available in two packages – Freemium and Premium. Offering features such as Premium Offline Listening, Music Downloading, Extreme Noise and Unlimited Jumping, the native version has some restrictions. These limitations are most notable when you stream music through the Spotify Android app.

How to get Spotify Premium

Step 1: Uninstall any previous / old Spotify app
Step 2: Download the Modified / Hacked Spotify Premium App
Step 3: Install Spotify Premium App on Android
Step 4: Setting Up Your Spa Spotify Account for Spotify Premium
Step 5: Enjoy Spotify Premium Features for free


Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Two weeks later, the Spotify app automatically kicked me out. Now whenever I try to login, the app logs me. what is the problem?

Does this Spotify Premium of Janya Bypass Trick enable me to listen to music offline? Why can’t I download songs and music in this Spotify Premium app?

Is it necessary to use a VPN app with Spotify? What happens if I don’t use it?

How much free space is needed to install the Spotify application on our phone?
Almost 50 MB of free space is required to install this application correctly on your device without interruption.

How much network speed does it require to stream Spotify music easily?
At a minimum, you must have a speed of 200 kbps or more to stream songs through this application easily.

Make the soundtrack of your life with Spotify.

How do I enable data save mode?

Tap Home.
Tap Settings.
Touch Data Saver.
Turn on the Data Saver.

Is it only possible to play music randomly?

Any playlist with the Shuffle icon can be heard on Shuffle.

A playlist without the Random icon is available for Choice and Play. These are playlists that you can play in any order and skip tracks as many times as you like.

Where can I find podcasts?

Tap Search and look for Podcasts in Genres & Humor.

How to get Spotify Premium for free forever

I hope you downloaded Apk on your Android phone or tablet. If you are done, we will go to the Systematic Guidelines to install this application on your phone or guide.

Step 1: In the first step, you must have the necessary device to install the Apk file, that is, from unknown sources. To allow installation, first open your phone settings and choose Privacy and security. In the option, you must scroll down and choose Unknown origins and make sure that this option is enabled or with a tic. If it is already enabled, leave it as is or tap once to activate and verify.

Step 2: In the next step, the user must open the saved file in the folder and touch it once. Once you touch it, a window will appear where you must choose the Install button to begin the installation process. When the process begins, you may be asked to grant permission.

Step 3: After completing all permissions, your installation process will begin now and you should wait a moment to complete the procedure.

Step 4: After installation, the app icon will be created on your phone’s home screen or app menu. Click this app’s icon to launch the Spotify app on your Android devices. That’s all you did with it and log in to the app with your existing ID or register if you are a new member. Now enjoy the most favorite tracks of this app with all official functions for free.

Step 5: set up your free Spotify account for Spotify premium features
Do not log in to the Spotify application yet. In this step, we will guide you through the configuration of your free Spotify account to take advantage of Spotify Premium features for free, without paying the premium rate.

Spotify has upgraded its host system and added a detection system to its Android app that identifies whether you are using the pirated Spotify app or the legitimate Spotify app to access its services. Streaming music. If your system detects any use of the broken or modified Spotify Premium app, they will disable it and send you the following warning message:

Prior to this, an official warning from the Spotify team about the use of the unofficial application:

IMPORTANT: After successful installation of the application, be sure to disable the option of unknown sources to keep your Android device protected from malicious application installation.

DISCLAIMER: We will not be liable if Spotify cancels / suspends your account due to the use of the modified Spotify Premium application. All information provided here is strictly for educational purposes and we are not responsible for how you decide to use the information provided.

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How to fix Spotify web player not working

1.Check your network connection

Spotify web player

As usual, we begin with the most obvious but sometimes overlooked option. Verifying your network connection. If your Spotify music suddenly cuts or if you press play but nothing happens, it is most likely the Internet. This is what you can do on a Windows PC. First, try to open other websites. If they seem slow enough, check your internet speed

If nothing opens, go to your system icons. They should be located in the lower right corner of the taskbar. Right-click on the Wi-Fi or LAN icon (depending on what you are using) and select Troubleshoot. If you are using Wi-Fi, a common problem that the troubleshooter can solve is that the default gateway is not available. However, if you receive the message that the DNS server is unavailable, it is time to restart your modem. If that doesn’t help, the best option you have is to call your ISP.

2.Turn off ad blockers or whitelist Spotify

Believe it or not, even if you have Spotify Premium, ad blocking add-ons can interfere with the Spotify web player. You can simply deactivate them through the add-ons menu of your browser or the icon of your toolbar. However, if you are using uBlock Origin (which we recommend over other ad blockers), you can whitelist entire domains.

To do so, click on the uBlock Origin icon in the toolbar, then open the dashboard by clicking the fourth icon on the right under the big enable/disable button. Go to the Whitelist tab. Click on the list of websites and start typing. When you’ve entered Spotify’s address, click Apply changes. You should then close all windows and restart your browser. Your Spotify web player should be as good as new

3.Clear browser cookies and cache

Cookies and cache help your browser run more smoothly by remembering important information such as logins. Sometimes, however, the information can be “badly remembered” and cause problems with your Spotify web player. Then, before jumping into more drastic solutions, you must clear your recent cookies and cache. The steps you should follow should be quite similar in any browser, but we have included a step-by-step for Chrome and Firefox:

How to clear cookies and cache on Chrome

  • Open the menu (three dots) from the right corner of your toolbar.
  • Hover over More tools until a smaller sub menu appears on the left. From there click Clear browsing data.
  • Set the time range to 24 hours from the dropdown menu and untick browsing history if you don’t want to delete it.
  • Click Clear data and restart Chrome. Your Spotify web player should be back to normal

How to clear cookies and cache on Firefox

  • From the rightmost corner of your toolbar, open the menu (three vertical lines).
  • Go to Library, then History.
  • Click on Clear recent history. You will be able to select the time range you want to clear. If your Spotify web player stopped working today, select Today.
  • Make sure you only have Cookies and Cache ticked and then click on Clear Now.
  • Restart your browser and log back into Spotify. Your web player should be back to working smoothly.

We recommend that you delete cookies and cache memory, but if you want to delete only Spotify cookies just to be sure, there is a way to do it. Once again, open the menu, then go to Options> Privacy and security> Cookies and site data. Click Manage data and type Spotify in the search bar. All cookies generated by the music service should appear. Simply click on Remove all that is displayed. Restart Firefox and try the Spotify web player.

4.Update or switch your browser

The first is the first! If you are a Mac user and have not used Spotify in a long time, you should know that the Spotify web player no longer works in Safari. Switch to Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Darker browsers are more likely to have problems with the Spotify web player. However, if you are already using one of the three previous browsers and still have problems, you should check for updates.

If you have disabled automatic updates for any reason, there are some steps you can take. In Chrome, click on the menu button (three dots) and then select Update Google Chrome. If you do not see this option, your browser is updated. In Firefox, once again go to the menu and click on Help, followed by About Firefox. A new window will open and Firefox will automatically start checking and downloading the available updates. Once this is done, restart your browser and see if that had an effect on your Spotify web player.

5.Fix the Spotify web player via the device list

If none of the fixes above have worked for you, don’t despair! Here is an easy one that often solves Spotify web player issues. If you have multiple devices connected to your Spotify account, sometimes the player can get “confused” on where it should play your song or playlist. This can result in nothing playing when you click on songs. You can fix it by simply clicking on the Device list located to the left of the volume control button and then Web Player.

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