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Current Putlockers updated in July 2022

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Putlockers New Site 2018

current putlockers , putlockers new site 2018 Putlocker is an online movie site where you can watch free movies without downloading.putlockers new site 2018 Simply type the movie title in the website’s search engine and you can start streaming the movie you want immediately. putlockers movies 2018. Current Putlockers

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8 Alternatives for Putlocker

Movie buffs are always hungry for new movies. They watch all kinds of movies, of all kinds, of all languages ​​and of all lands. But one hurdle they face is that there are some movies that they can’t easily find online. These films are not shown in Indian theaters and are not available on OTT platforms. Therefore, the only place where these films can be found is for web streaming. This article discusses a single website such as the word ‘Putlocker’.

Putlocker was launched eight years ago with a different domain name. This website, with its large and varied collection of films, soap operas and web series, seeks to draw attention to people living in different parts of the world., Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

Features of Putlocker

No matter what business you are in, uniqueness is always rewarded. It makes you stand out from the crowd and puts you in the public domain. The same is true of the online streaming industry. A website needs to put in extra effort to make it unique and unique so that users can choose it over the many other websites out there. Putlocker has some great features on its platform to brag about. These factors make the site stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of features that make Putlocker’s website different from its competitors:

For people who like to watch movies online, Putlocker gives its users the option to download movies to their devices and watch them later. Users can watch these movies even if they don’t have an internet connection or a bad internet connection. Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

Putlocker’s user interface is also very reliable and makes it easy for users to access the website.
The design of the front page of the website has great benefits and is able to attract people’s attention. A series of various websites and movies are shown on the front page.

The video directory and website directory are constantly updated so that the latest movies are uploaded to the platform early and the user can get the results they want. Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

Movies are available on Putlocker with many video features like HD, 720p and 1080p. Therefore, the user can choose the quality of the video he wants to watch in the movie, depending on his preferences and the speed of the internet connection.

The website also has a selection of subtitles. Therefore, people from one country can easily watch movies made in other countries where the languages ​​spoken are different.

Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

The video quality of the content available on the platform is much better than most other streaming websites out there.

Putlocker boasts an amazing video guide that can impress people with a very different taste when it comes to movies.

In addition to films and web series, Putlocker also plays the role of documentary hosting. The website has noticed that there is an important audience of documentaries and that is why Putlocker is trying to use that market again. Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

How to Download Movies from Putlocker

Some people are very skeptical when it comes to downloading movies online. Because they have no knowledge. If the user interface of the website is too complex, then this suspicion can disrupt the user’s information and lead to him or her not visiting the website again. There are certain steps a user must follow to download movies from Putlocker’s website. Below is a list of steps a user must follow if he wants to download movies and TV shows from Putlocker’s website:

The first thing a user should do is to download the video to their system. This will be useful for downloading movies from Putlocker.
The user can then visit Putlocker’s website and search for the movie they want to watch.
Once the user has found the movie, they can copy the URL of the movie and paste it into the video download app and the movie will start downloading. Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022


There are some things a user should consider while watching and downloading their favorite movies and TV shows from any of these websites. Movies and TV shows downloaded from this website have been hijacked. These looted movie versions can cause financial loss to people working in the film industry. That is why the Government of India has committed illegal crimes in India. While generally safe for personal use when using any of these websites, it is still recommended that they use these websites with caution. Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022

1. Moviesraja

The first name on the list of streaming websites that could be another good alternative to Putlocker is Movieieraja. The smooth and easy-to-use link of the MovieRaja website is its specialty and reason for the large number of users on this website. Everything on this site is neatly organized and the films are neatly categorized according to their filters such as country, year of release, language etc. The website provides real download links. MovieRaja unveils a potential market for people who consume content on their mobile phones. And to take care of the needs of those people, advanced MovieRaja can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones and tablets to watch and download movies. The mobile app works on all android phones. It is small in size and can be downloaded quickly.

2. Free movies

In this day and age, there is no major genre of films. Films like Avengers, Spiderman, The Dark Knight and Logan have continued this genre at higher venues than ever before. All the other movies tried and failed miserably to compete with these movies. The popularity of the biggest movies that all the new movies released in this genre have the potential to earn $ 1 billion in the global box. Franchise comic books are very popular with Marvel and DC. People are very active in them as they are always arguing about which comic book franchise is best – DC or Marvel. Whether you are a Marvel comic fan or a DC comic fan, there is everyone’s content on this website and this content is available to users with high quality clear video that automatically takes movie viewing experience to a whole new level.

3. MP4Mania

Mp4Mania is another great streaming website that people can visit to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. MP4Mania is a website with such a large library of movies and web series that can make the user sad as he does not know all the good content available on the site. But MP4Mania has a user integrated into that situation and the website uses various filters and categories like release year, country, type, IMDB rating to filter movies. This makes it easy for users to view their favorite content on the platform.

4. Waptrick

The next word on the list of streaming websites that can be considered as another great alternative to Putlocker is the Website. To stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of our competitors’ websites, Waptrick is not limited to movies and TV shows. The content available on the site varies widely. This website handles software applications, mp3 songs and video games. Therefore, the audience of this site is not limited to moviegoers and is appealing to people with diverse interests and activities. One special feature of Waptrick that has many streaming websites to boast of is the messaging feature that already appears on the platform. With this in mind, people from different parts of the world can interact with one another and discuss their favorite movies and TV shows among many other things. Waptrick also identifies the market segment of people interested in wallpapers and themes. People who love wallpapers and cool themes on their mobile phones can download and install them on this site. Various types of video games such as action, arcade, fighting, quiz etc are available on the platform. With this, Waptrick adds another market segment to its many viewers.


Private movie is the best place for Bollywood film fans. On a streaming website with many types of movies other than Bollywood films, it can be hard to find a good Bollywood film. But on a site like XPmoviess4u dedicated to content from Bollywood, it is much simpler and much easier. The latest films, as well as the old religious films of Hindi cinema, are available on the platform. Visual4u has made a name for itself by providing high quality movie scripts in small sizes, as small as 300 MB. So, without worrying about the last place, the user can download his favorite movies in a short time.

6. 5 movies
5 Movies

5 movies are some of these websites that are easy to use and very easy to use by users. It does not take computer intelligence to use 5 Movies. Users who are not familiar with computers are naturally attracted to this website as they find it easy to use. In addition to user performance, 5 Movies has added some filtering options such as country, type, IMDB rating, etc. to the platform. These filters are easy to use for users and help them easily search their favorite movies and TV shows. The user does not have to go through any kind of subscription to get the 5 Movie website services. But there is no such thing as a complete online streaming website. So, 5 Movies also has some problems. What’s worse is that the website has the fact that movies and TV shows added recently have poor video quality that may be reserved for users. Another thing that can distract users is that many ads appear on the screen while someone is using the website. This can ruin the feeling of watching a person’s movies and they may decide not to visit the website again.

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7. Cinebloom

The next name that comes on the list of streaming websites that a user can visit in case they are unable to visit Putlocker’s website is Cinebloom. Cinebloom is a great website for watching movies and TV shows that can be said to be really better than Putlocker. Small site layouts are what attract users.


Putlocker, putlocker site, current putlockers, putlockers 9 and putlocker movies

Putlocker is a file hosting hacking website. It is an illegal platform that offers TV shows and movies for streaming purposes. The website works with multiple URLs and domain addresses. Although operated in several countries, Putlocker originated in the UK

watch movies for free

Putlocker can replace by

  •  123Movies: 123Movies or GoMovies is a website used to download movies from different languages. This we can use for the alternative of Putlocker.
  • Los Movies: Los Movies is one of the most dependable sites for watching motion pictures on the web.
  • Yesmovies: Yesmovies permits clients to view content dependent on their nations like the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, and others.
  • Afdah: Afdah offers a wide range of servers to stream films, and a significant part of these servers provide HD content.
  • AZMovies: AZMovies itself is best for movies. However, you can find links to its partner site NOXX to browse TV shows.
  • Megashare: The best Putlocker like a site on the rundown is Megashare. Like Putlocker premium, you can appreciate full motion pictures on Megashare.
  • SolarMovie: SolarMovie is one of the best free streaming sites out there. Despite the name, this site has both movies and TV shows to offer.
  • Fmovies: From Fmovies, you can observe free motion pictures online in high caliber for nothing without commercials.
  • MoviesJoy: MoviesJoy has a working search bar at the top of its homepage to help you find your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • 1337x: 1337x is one of the most well-known downpour sites. This web page mostly founded on a network where individuals share the best downpour petitions for nothing download.
  • Popcornflix: Popcornflix offers a massive library of popular movies as well as some great hidden gems. This site is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker in films, but you won’t find TV shows there.
  • YIFY: YIFY, otherwise known as YTS, is a discharge bunch that utilizes downpour site’s shared system to circulate its HD arrivals of films, network programs in HD quality, however small size.

Current putlockers updated

#1 HouseMovie

#2 123Movies

#3 SolarMovie

#4 Movie DLL

#5 MovieWatcher

#6  ww3.fmovieson.com

#7  www10.fmovies.io

#8  www5.fmovie.cc

#9 www4.fmovies.cloud

#10 www8.fmovie.cc

  • Digital library
  • Streaming media
  • Video on demand

Current Putlockers

Top 7 Websites Like Putlocker. Updated in May 2020


Best Putlocker Alternatives

Watch Free Movies Online for free 

All new movies which has just released , also that can be seen in HD format  from the sites down bellow. 

  1. Los Movies
  2. Popcornflix
  3. Watch Online Series
  4. 123Movies
  5. SolarMovie
  6. Primewire
  7. Rainierland

putlocker alternative sites

Putlockers New Site 2018 : when it comes to streaming free movies online, there are many websites to choose from, such as Popcornflix, Crackle, etc. It is one of the best websites where you can stream your favorite movies at any time you want, once you have a good internet connection on your device, you will be ready to stream your favorite movies. Putlockers new sites Watch Movies Online For Free On Putlockers New Site 2018. Putlockers New Name 2018 Is Putlockers.Cafe. Current Putlockers

Current Putlockers

                                                                           putlockers new site 2018

Putlockers New Site 2018

Putlockers new sites has one of the largest file hosting servers, which means there are many movie categories from which you can choose. The best part of this website is that you can even select your country and stream your favorite movies or TV series only from your country. Today, in this article, we will inform you about the new Putlockers site, its new features and much more about the website.Putlockers New Site 2018

Putlockers New Site

The new Putlockers site is actually a platform of hosted movies or television series; You can stream your favorite movies or series from the website for free. This website was originally hosted in the United Kingdom in 2011, the beginning was very good for the website. From the beginning of the week, the website began to receive thousands of visitors daily. But the UK government approved an order to close the Putlockers new sites , as the website was informed by the country’s best-known production company.

Putlockers New Sites 2019

Has Putlockers been shut down?

Soon, the Putlockers website went online changing its extensions several times, but giving the same content. So, literally, they have returned to the Internet world by changing the extensions of their website, to the date they are using the extension “.cz”. The best thing is that you can stream a lot of free movies and TV series again from the Putlockers server. As the website has returned to the Internet, some things have changed in its functions, so let’s take a look at the functions of the website below.

Putlockers new sites 2018 {Update May 2020}

current putlockers 

What websites can I watch free movies?

Current Putlockers

Putlockers proxy

  Alternative Website Website Link
1 Putlockers site Putlockers.stream
2 Snag Films https://www.snagfilms.com/
3 Afdah https://afdah.info/
4 TinklePad https://5movies.cloud/movie/filter
5 LosMovies http://losmovies.pro/
6 NiterMovies https://nitermovies.com/
7 Putlockers.cz https://putlockers.cz/
8 HDMovie Center http://www.hdmoviecenter.com/


 Site Link
10 N3tfl1x https://www.n3tfl1x.stream/
11 Zona http://zona.ru/en/
12 All123Movies https://all123movies.com/
13 Viewster http://viewster.com/
14 Waifu http://www.waifu.ca/
15 Popcornflix https://popcornflix.site/
17 Watch Online Series https://watchtvseries.io/
18 Ololo .to https://ololo.to/
19 Yify https://yifymovies.fun/
20 Primewire https://www4.primewire.ac/
21 DuckieTV http://duckietv.github.io/DuckieTV/
22 Rainierland https://rainierland.is/
23 Hubmovie.cc http://hubmovie.cc/
24 Hulu https://www.hulu.com/
25 Popcorn Time https://getpopcorntime.is/
26 123Movies https://www1.123movies.net/
27 SolarMovie https://solarmovies.co/
28 Movies123 .top https://movies123.top/

Copy and paste these links on google.com search to get the website

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putlockers new site 2018

Current Putlockers

putlocker site that works

Putlockers proxy 2020

1 Putlocker.kz Websites 93% Free
2 123MoviesTube.cc Websites 67% Free
3 PutlockerHD.cc Websites 82% Free
4 Putlockers New Site 2018 Websites 73% Free
5 Putlocker.onl Websites 87% Free
6 123Movies Websites 82% Free
7 OpenloadFreeTV Websites 95% Free
8 FMovies Websites 84% Free
9 Putlockers.cz Websites 96% Free
10 Putlockers.cafe Websites 95% Free


Current putlockers


Putlockers new site

   If you want to catch up with the latest TV shows and trending movies. The Gomovies is a must-visit. Frequent updating of the news section is one of the reasons that pique users interested in this website.    

    Besides, it has a streamlined and simple interface. So you can search for your favorite Movies and TV shows quickly and easily. It has only several genres such as Trending, Top IMDB, TV-Series but it comes a vast collection of TV shows and movies for you to choose. 


    The second-ranked website in this list must be SnagFilms which has high-quality Movies and TV shows. Even though it doesn’t have a variety of media content as the origin of Putlocker or Gomovies but believe me, it will not let you down. If you are the sort of person that insists on watching movies from the same genre only, Snagfilm got you covered.

    The videos and shows are organized based on their similarities. All you need to do is choose any movies on your favorite topic, and that’s it. The website will automatically recommend the relating movies on the same topic. 

    Anyway, if high quality and convenience are the things you concern the most, then Snagfilm is worth a visit. 


    Afdah is another excellent alternative to the Putlocker site. Afdah’s search tags include release year, genre, country, especially movie quality with varied movies and TV shows. putlockers new site 2018

    If you’re a fan of a certain actor or director, Afdah is for you. With the search option of an actor or director, you can keep track of your favorite actors’ movies in a convenient and highly updated way. Your job is to type the name of an actor or director, and the website will bring up the results in seconds. putlockers new site 2018

    If you are not keen on wasting hours for a movie that you might or might not like, the comment section below can help you a lot. The users can share their views on the content of the movie, then you can navigate your way to be suitable with people around.

    No doubt, this is another excellent alternative website.


  putlockers new site 2018  It is going to be 5movies.to when you access the website of TinklePad but don’t worry, you can still easily search for it when typing the name TinklePad.

  putlockers new site 2018    This website has a simple interface design that lets you identify tools and use them efficiently. TinklePad has a diverse collection of movies for your preferences. With search tags like release year, genre, and movie title, you can effortlessly search the content you want.

   putlockers new site 2018 Another unique feature of TinklePad is that most of this website’s movies are in HD format. Rest assured as there won’t be annoyance caused by having to stare at pixelated faces. If you cannot find your movie? Don’t worry. The website will recommend a list of links to other hosting sites.


    With a multi-library of TV shows and movies, you can find your favorite content here. You can use the search bar or with available tags such as genres, release time, actors, and directors. If you want to know what movies people are watching, you can use the tag trending option on the top row of the current chart. 

     However, many users take advantage of this feature to have an ad pop-up hell to stream movies. Sometimes just a misplaced click on the page, ads are coming up always make you uncomfortable. So my advice is to install a pop-up blocker before streaming movies on this website.


    For anyone who doesn’t know about this site, it is another popular alternative website to watch movies for free. Especially with Netflix fans because the interface is familiar.

    Like Netflix, Niter has a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate the web. There is a list of newly added movies on the home page. Or you can use the search bar to find the movies yourself. 

   If the ads bother you, this site may be suitable for you. Don’t know how they can make money without ads, but this is good for viewers. 


  Here we are! One of Putlocker’s Son but has been refurbished.

Sites like Putlockers are often set up abroad, out of the jurisdiction of the US and the European governments. The Copyright Owners usually do not reside in those hosting countries. And sites usually upload their materials through many sources. This reduces legal issues and increases security when streaming movies online.Websites similar to Putlockers new site 

   Just like the original one, most movies are HD quality with a variety of genres to choose from. There is a massive collection of movies and TV shows under those tags such as country, TV-series, Top movies list for trending. Also, they don’t forget to put on the link of Putlocker’s new site in case this site is shut down. 

You can also watch videos comfortably without being bothered by ads. If you’re still familiar with Putlocker, this is a good choice.

Websites similar to Putlockers new site

Best Alternatives to Putlocker


Putlockers new site

        If you want to watch movies with high definition, then this is a website you can’t ignore. The site also provides a lot of information about films such as trailers, ratings, posters or even actor information. Other information like reviews from genuine users. Anyway, this is an Alternative Putlocker worth visiting.


   One thing that other alternative Putlocker websites can’t do is downloading movies. But this website allows you to do so. Beside streaming different genres of movies, you can also download them easily. You can even convert them to be compatible with your device. Want to watch videos wherever you are without the internet? This site is for you.

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#10. N3TFL1X:

       This site is another great Putlocker Alternative website for streaming movies online. There are endless high quality movies in its collections. You can find almost every genre. Search for movies easily with a familiar interface like the real Netflix. You can even enjoy the TV shows from your phone. Even if it’s not the real one, it’s still worth a visit.

#11. ZONA: 

      Impressive at first sight with an attractive but straightforward interface. This site has completely new features that can surprise you. Not only watching movies with different genres, but you can also listen to music, radio, or even play games. If you don’t have enough time to finish the movie, it’s ok. You can save it for later. With the filter option, you can easily find the movie you want.

#12. ALL123MOVIES: 

      Don’t be confused by the name of the website. It’s different from 123Movies. This one is brand new. Despite being new, All123Movies has made great strides in the film industry. 

       With a diverse collection of movies and TV shows, it is slowly taking over the film market. With the well-organized catalog of the home page, it’s easy to find the movies you want. You can also search for movies based on the genres or the trending option for the latest update movies.  


     If you’re a true fan of anime, Viewster is your babe. It has a vast collection of anime movies and is growing more and more. No need to register or pay any fee, you can access all content here for free.

   Certainly, it will not let you down. All content on this site has a full length to give you a comprehensive view.

#14. WAIFU:

    Every site here has its strengths, depending on your preferences. With this site, you can stream a lot of  animation in720p. The website has subtitles in many different languages such as English, Spanish, French… 

  This website also linked movies from Popcorn Time and Popcornflix.


     Undoubtedly, Popcornflix is too familiar with users who regularly stream movies. Popcornflix is a place where you can stream movies for free. It has a massive collection available. Also the movies are regularly updated with excellent quality.     You can find most movies available on the market. Popcornflix has various kinds of movies from action to comedy to sci-fi to even romance. 

     If you don’t have any idea what sort of films you are looking for in particular, then you can use the list of categories at the right corner in the bottom of the site to access the massive movies in different types.

    With better quality, you will have happy moments with family and friends on your PC Cinema.  Putlockers New Site 2018 – 2022


      If you are not good at technology with some of complex operations on computer, my advice is to ignore this site. However, if there is a little patience, the reward cannot be more pleasing.

      To access the website, you must access the ZeroNet URL. But not yet, you have to get ZeroNet application on your PC. Well, it sounds complicated. But once you can do it, there will be an exciting and diverse movie world behind. Good luck to you. 


     Do you consider yourself as a TV show addict? Have you ever felt that it’s hard to stop watching the next episode of your favorite TV shows? Do you want to satisfy your urge to watch all of the episodes until there is none to watch? If so, this Watch Online Series will be a huge world for you.  

     Like its name, the website has a long list of interesting TV shows from Sopranos to Simpsons that you can’t ignore. Almost all TV shows here have HD quality, and each episode has at least two mirrors.  

    If you don’t want the ads to annoy you when you’re streaming, it’s better to install ads blocker before spending time with your TV series.

#18. OLOLO.TO: 

       Whether you need to update the latest TV shows or movies. Ololo can meet your needs. The thing  I like most about this site is its consistency. Current Putlockers

      New links are updated every day from thousands of other websites from the bot. Links in this page include thousands of connections to other websites such as  flix555, vidcloud, vidlox, rapidvideo.. That means when using Ololo, you can access hundreds of different websites with just one click right away.Current Putlockers

#19. YIFY:

      YIFY is a popular website when it is known for its ability to download movies. Also known as yts.ag. It has a huge library of movies and TV shows to fill up your demand. There is another YIFY Stream website also founded by YIFY creators. It allows you to stream movies from the YIFY movies library without downloading. You can use this service to easily stream high-quality movies right in your browser. Current Putlockers

     The website has different features and options to help you discover new content. You will find different filtering options on the YIFY Stream movie search page. These options include things like release dates, genres, ratings, actors, popularity, etc. Current Putlockers

     Well, you can finally stream the movie without interruption by ads. Yify will be a perfect corner for you. You can use all these services. No subscription. No paying fee. Of course, you will have more benefits when signing up.


     Are you a fan of outside appearance or quality inside? It would be a pity if you missed this site at first sight. Many users do not appreciate the design of the interface and layout. However, apart from that, this site has a lot to offer. Primewire is a hidden treasure covered by an aged appearance. With a vast collection of different genres, from Indie movies to Hollywood.  

    The site provides the usual options for video quality: low, medium, or high. That helps you keep your data in check.


     With this alternative website, you can easily stream your movies and TV shows for free. It can work as an extension of Chrome or Opera and can also work as an independent app. With this application, you can search for the latest movies and TV shows easily.


     Rainierland is a strange name but it doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the best Putlocker Alternatives with the top-notch content. It has a diverse collection of movie categories for you to choose.

    The trending Movies are well-organized in the  homepage. So all you need to do is click on the movie that you like and start watching.

   With simple interface. Just one click after accessing the website, you can enjoy relaxing moments with your favorite movie. 



      Another classic content website. Hubmovie.cc is also a good choice for back-up when the others are down. Besides, this site solves the problems that online movie streaming sites face such as non-functional links or misleading advertising. Putlockers new site

     No advertising. no non-functional links. Hubmovie.cc provides a comfortable experience for users. Regularly update new movies and TV shows to attract more viewers. Putlockers new site

#24. HULU: 

    Another great alternative site for Putlocker. Hulu is a reliable and secure website for streaming movies. It is linked to many different TV networks to give you more experience with TV shows.  Putlockers new site

     There are two restrictions that I don’t like. You have to pay a little registration fee to access its functions and Hulu is only available in the US. However, it has the potential to grow globally. Putlockers new site


     If you don’t want to spend any fee for streaming movies on a website like Hulu, then you may consider taking a visit to Popcorn Time.  A multi-platform website. 

     With a streamlined and charming interface, you can easily search for your favorite movies with different genres. It has various sections of the site such as categories, newly added, upcoming, etc… These are quite useful for discovering new movies to watch on Popcorn Time. 

   Apart from streaming content, Putlockers new site you can even download your favorite movies and TV shows and watch them later.

    You have to install Popcorn time so as to take full advantage of it. It’s suitable as an application for Androids or as a software for Windows, too.

putlockers alternatives

#26. 123MOVIES: 

      123Movies is familiar to users of streaming movies online. Not only does it have an attractive layout and design, it also has a massive collection of exciting movies. From movies and TV shows to a wide selection of Asian cartoons, anime, and dramas. All of that makes it different from other online streaming sites.

    Like all other streaming sites introduced in this article, 123Movies does not actually host any content on its servers. However, all content provided by non-affiliated third parties and that makes 123Movies legal. But you should hide your identity by using NordVPN that we introduced in the first part of this article just in case. 


putlockers new name 2018

  Create an impression from the first look, SolarMovie has a charming design that attracts users. Right from the home page, you can see the latest movies are well-organized. There are many different fascinating movies behind genre, country, TV series, or Top IMDb tags.

    You can enjoy the movies with HD quality, IMDb rating, or movie description without any payment. However, if you become a registered user, there will be more benefits for you. You can also request websites for the movies you want.

#28. MOVIES123.TOP: 

     Despite being the last one, Movies123.is still a great website to offer movie streaming services with different genres. Besides, it also has TV programs to meet your needs.

How to Watch Movies Online Safely and Anonymously?

A VPN (virtual private network) allows you to watch Putlocker or any other online streaming site safely and anonymously by extending a private network across a public network, the internet. In other words, a VPN allows you to create a kind of secret tunnel between you and a website. Everyone that doesn’t have access to this tunnel can’t see what you’re doing, monitor your activity, or control which sites you can access—not even your internet service provider

VPN services are popular among people who use online streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows for free.

One popular VPN service is called NordVPN to watch Putlocker safely and anonymously using Nord VPN:

1. Visit NordVPN official website: www.nordvpn.com.
2. Select a plan and payment method.
3. Complete the registration and activate your user account.
4. Download the NordVPN client for your operating system.
5. Launch the client and log in with your username and password.

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with access in 65+ countries.

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123movies is another online streaming website where you can stream your movies, series, anime, etc. Favorites Here you will find the latest movies after 1-2 weeks of its release. The website also comes with practical features and a good user interface to help you stream your favorite movies with ease. The only problem with the 123movies website is that there are many ads unlike Putlockers, so you may encounter problems clicking or browsing the website. But once it starts streaming movies or series, the ads disappear and you can stream movies and series easily.


Vumoo is also a free movie streaming website, of the entire website of this type, this website has the largest movie database. You can stream even the latest movies that are released 3-4 days ago; The website is updated from time to time so that they can present all new movies in advance. The website looks great with the amazing design, but the genre, country, category and search bar on the website is missing, so it will be very difficult to find your favorite movie anywhere. But as you select a movie, the website will only show you movies of the same category, so you don’t need to go back and scroll and select your favorite movies, so this is also an advantage if you use this website to Stream movies in your free time.


Hulu is also one of the best online movie streaming websites, this website is the best in every way. But the only problem with this website is that you will have to pay a monthly subscription to stream your movies online. The Hulu website is super safe to use, since your data is never filtered and you will get all those features that you get on the new Putlockers website. Another lovely part of this website is that you will also get the latest movies on the list.

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This website is packed with many of the latest movie collections that you will love to stream. The Yify website is a free online movie streaming website, so you don’t need to pay any subscription fees on this website as you do in Hulu. The essence of this website is to allow fast transmission even with high quality. This website really streams movies faster than the new Putlockers website and neither will you get and interrupt ads between your movies and series. With all these features, this website also comes in the list of websites similar to Putlockers.


If you are talking about a similar Putlockers website than this website, the website features are very similar to the Putlockers website. This website also has the same features as drop-down, watch the preview before the movie, update the movie list, etc. You can also select your favorite movies using the category such as country, genre, main lists, etc. All the features of the website are provided very clearly, so it is easy to use any of the functions over time. But when you get to the point of downloading the website, the ads, every time you click on the website, you will be redirected to another ad website, so it is a bit irritating.

10 Best (FREE & SAFE) Putlocker Alternatives in 2020

Hosting companies and law enforcement always remove free streaming sites, including the longtime favorite Putlocker. So what are you supposed to do when your usual primary choice for free streaming no longer works?

Don’t put away the popcorn yet! I tested 37 leading streaming sites for security, usability, and speed. After careful review and ranking based on the size, content, and quality of the streaming catalog, I’ve put together a list of the top 10 free alternatives to Putlocker.

Before continuing, remember: As convenient as free streaming sites are, they carry a variety of risks to your privacy and security.

Best Alternatives to Putlocker That Work Right Now – Full Analysis (Updated 2020)

1. 123Movies – Largest Library

With the largest streaming library of any site on this list, 123Movies is an excellent site for finding a specific title.

Right away, I liked the minimalist and well-organized interface of this site. I found it very easy to navigate.

Although its name suggests it’s best for movies, this streaming site caters to everyone. In addition to movies, it has a large selection of live-action shows, including Western hits and Asian dramas, and cartoons. It even has a fairly large catalog of anime.

123Movies lets you sort shows and movies alphabetically, by release year, or by number of views. This makes it easy to find something to look at if you haven’t made up your mind.

No registration is required to start viewing, and the site has fewer ads than most free-streaming sites.

The main drawback of 123Movies is that its search function is not the best. However, the site’s benefits outweigh this drawback, making it one of the best replacements for Putlocker.

 2. Popcornflix – Works Well With Mobile

Popcornflix offers a huge library of popular movies, as well as some great hidden gems. This site is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker when it comes to movies, but you won’t find TV shows here.

It offers a wide variety of movie genres, so finding something you like is not difficult. In addition to the recently released hits, Popcornflix is ​​a great place to find free movie classics.

Another plus is how easy Popcornflix makes navigating through different categories when you haven’t decided what to watch yet.

This site is my top recommendation if you plan to stream on your iPhone or Android as Popcornflix is ​​optimized for mobile designs and desktop devices.

3. SolarMovie – Easiest to Navigate

Not everyone knows this gem, but SolarMovie is one of the best free streaming sites. Despite the name, this site has movies and TV shows to offer.

I was impressed by SolarMovie’s superior search function and well organized categories. It also features a neat website design without tons of distractions to clutter up your screen.

You can filter content based on trends, most viewed, and most highly rated by users. You can even see the results by IMDb rating, which is a convenient feature.

No registration is required, but by registering you can make requests for content you would like to see. You can also save your streaming preferences and a list of your favorite content for easy access.

The biggest drawback to SolarMovie is that its catalog is not the largest.

Alternative sites of Putlockers

Afdah: Afdah offers a wide range of servers to stream movies, and a significant portion of these servers provide HD content.
The Movies: Movies is one of the most reliable sites for watching movies on the web.
123Movies: 123Movies or GoMovies is a website used to download movies in different languages. We can use this for Putlocker’s alternative.
1337x: 1337x is one of the best known downpour sites. This website is primarily based on a network where people share the best downpour requests so nothing is downloaded.
YIFY: YIFY, also known as YTS, is a download group that uses the downpour site’s shared system to circulate its HD movie arrivals, HD quality network shows, regardless of small size.
Popcornflix: Popcornflix offers a massive library of popular movies, as well as some great hidden gems. This site is one of the best alternatives to Putlocker in movies, but you won’t find TV shows there.

AZMovies: AZMovies itself is AZMovies itself is best for movies. However, you can find links to its partner site NOXX to explore TV shows.
Yesmovies: Yesmovies allows customers to view content that depends on their countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and others.
SolarMovie: SolarMovie is one of the best free streaming sites out there. Despite the name, this site has movies and TV shows to offer.
AZMovies: AZMovies itself is best for movies. However, you can find links to its partner site NOXX to explore TV shows.
Fmovies: From Fmovies, you can watch free high-caliber online movies online for nothing without commercials.
Megashare: The best Putlocker as a site in summary is Megashare. Just like Premium Putlocker, you can appreciate full motion pictures on Megashare.
MoviesJoy: MoviesJoy has a working search bar at the top of its home page to help you find your favorite movies and TV shows.
Vumoo: Vumoo is also a free movie streaming website, of the entire website of this type. This website has the largest database of movies. You can even stream the latest movies that were released 3-4 days ago; The site is regularly updated to present all new videos in advance.
Hulu: Hulu is a reliable and secure website for streaming movies. It is linked to many different television networks to give you more experience with television programs.
WAIFU: WAIFU site, can stream a lot of animation in 720p. The website has subtitles in many different languages, such as English, Spanish, and French.
Hubmovie.cc: Hubmovie.cc is also the right choice for backing up when others are idle. Also, this site solves the problems facing online movie streaming sites like non-functional links or misleading advertising. No advertising and non-functional links. Hubmovie.cc offers a comfortable experience for users. Regularly update new movies and TV shows to attract more viewers.
Movies123.Top: Movies123. The top is a great website to offer streaming services for movies with different genres. In addition, it also has television programs to meet your needs.
SolarMovie: Solar Movie presents a neat website design without tons of distractions to clutter your screen. You can filter content based on trends, most viewed, and most highly rated by users. You can even see the results by IMDb rating, which is a convenient feature.
NITER Movies – Another popular alternative website for watching movies for free. Especially with Netflix fans because the interface is familiar. Like Netflix, Niter has a simple interface that makes web browsing easy. There is a list of newly added movies on the home page.

Alternative of Putlocker can watch 123Movies

Frequent questions

Are these Putlocker alternatives safe?

I tried each of the free streaming sites on this list to make sure they are currently safe to use. But that does not mean that they will always be safe.

Bad streaming sites are unusable at best. In the worst case, they are really dangerous and could infect your device with harmful viruses or invasive spyware to expose your confidential private data. The only way to ensure your security is to connect to a secure premium VPN service before visiting any free streaming site.

 Is it legal to use free streaming sites?

The answer depends on where you live and what you’re seeing. Due to strict licensing laws, in most countries it is illegal to stream copyrighted programs and movies without paying.

However, many free streaming sites offer a wealth of great content that is legal to stream. For example, you can stream a large number of movie classics and most user-created content without breaking any law.

What should I look for and what should I avoid on a free streaming site?

The best free streaming sites minimize ads and other pop-ups. They feature clean designs, usable search functions, and fast load times.

A free streaming site shouldn’t try to trick you into updating premium content or asking for payment information of any kind. If you are willing to pay to see, there are many better options available.

Another thing to consider is the registration requirements. Some sites may require basic registration, but a good free streaming site doesn’t require you to enter any confidential information or go through a lengthy application process to start looking.


it’s all about Putlockers new site. check it out those sites ad know us about those sites in 2020.

If you are a movie expert and don’t settle for anything but the best, a good movie streaming website is a must for you.

Since Putlocker sites do not currently exist, it is essential to find a suitable alternative that is not only legal, but also transmits TV shows and movies for free.

Here, in this article, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Putlocker sites, so if one fails, you will still have an option to trust.

An important point to keep in mind here is that, regardless of the site you are using, be sure to protect your identity and security with a VPN connection.


We want to declare that we are aware that robberies are illegal in India and a criminal offense. We do not know, in any way, the form or the form, we do not encourage or condone crime. The article was written only to provide information for people who want to know about popular online streaming websites in India. Users should be aware of this and should take precautionary measures before visiting any streaming websites because they too are responsible for their actions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Putlocker

1. What is Putlocker?

Answer – Putlocker is an online streaming website where users can watch their favorite films and Tv shows.

2. How much does it cost to watch films on Putlocker?

Answer – The services of the Putlocker website are available to the users for free of cost.

3. Does an individual has to open an account on Putlocker to watch films?

Answer – No, a user does not have to open an account to avail of the services of Putlocker.

Answer – No, the movies and TV shows that are there on Putlocker are pirated and piracy is considered a crime in India.

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