Best USA TV shows to watch

Hello people , Christmas is on the way lots of day offs big holidays are waiting for you . people are going for vacation educational tour Disney land im actually not writing for them , im writing for all the Lazy people are there and wants to just get a sip of hot coffee and spend time wish good quality show . when i say good quality show it does not mean i’m not gonna include NETFLIX you people know it very well. These are the best 8 USA tv shows alternete to youtube download free movies watch movies online for free

1. Ellen Show

One of my favorite show is the ELLEN SHOW Ellen is an Actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres speaks with celebrities and interacts with the public in an inimitable way, in addition to witnessing performances by comic, musical and film personalities.

2.Room 104 (HBO)

Jay and Mark Duplass’s anthology series returns with 12 new episodes about an additional group of guests passing through the seemingly normal motel room and its various strange stories.

3.Undone (Amazon Prime)

The creator of BoJack Horseman, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, shares his talents with Amazon, with this animated series for adults about a woman who, after a car accident, discovers that she has the ability to travel in time, which she uses to investigate the Death of his father

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4.American Horror Story: 1984 (FX)

Ryan Murphy’s anthology series returns for its ninth season, which revealed that it will focus in part on the slasher horror genre of the 1980s. While the release date is not confirmed, it is scheduled to air this fall.

5.This is us (NBC)

The popular multi-timeline family drama returns and more tears will be shed

6. Couples Therapy (Showtime)

Showtime is launching its own reality show dating, but of course with a somewhat different and more prestigious way. Here, they will literally focus on a legitimate couples therapist and a series of relationships in the rocks. usa tv shows

7.The Act (Hulu)

Even if you already know the story of Dee Dee Blanchard, her daughter Gypsy, and the perpetuated lies about Gypsy’s supposed debilitating disease, The Act is still captivating television. If you don’t, these ten episodes inspired by your story will make you say, “Are you kidding me?”, Almost as often as during Abducted in Plain Sight and Wild, Wild Country. As co-creators Nick Antosca and Michelle Dean conceived The Act is a tense and nuanced exploration of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. But what really makes this show unmissable is its consistently excellent performances, especially by its two protagonists, Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee, a musician of a scammer, and Joey King as Gypsy, whose female behavior serves as a costume and genuine reflection of Your protected existence. This deeply codependent mother-daughter relationship is one of the most disturbing and memorable love stories we will see on TV this year


In his first season, Barry was a great drama about a hired killer trying to leave the murderous life to continue acting. In his second, Barry rose to exceptional heights. The writing, the direction (the likes of Hiro Murai and the co-creator of the Bill Hader program) and acting in all areas became even more staggered, deliberate and exciting. Yes, this is still a program about a hired murderer who tries to leave the murderous life to continue acting, but it is more widely about whether it is possible for someone to lead an honest life. PD is also darkly hilarious and the only show featuring a Chechen gangster, the glorious Noho Hank by Anthony Carrigan, who is more concerned with the quality of the table at which he plans to classify heroin than the quality of the heroine he plans to sell.

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These are the best 8 USA tv shows you can watch during holidays

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