Best App To Track an iPhone Remotely

Best App To Track an iPhone Remotely


After reading this article, you do not need any other solution to track an iPhone remotely. Today, we will discuss the best application that offers easy services to monitor any iPhone or Android device without touching it.

You can learn about this application here or read this full post there

so, let’s start and share the requirements to track an iPhone remotely. 

What Do I Need to Track an iPhone?

Ready to track an iPhone device? Here are the things that will help you do it:

  • Phone Monitoring Application

The most important part of track someone’s iPhone is a phone monitoring application. It allows you to connect the device to its server so that you can track the iPhone without touching it. You can find thousands of phone monitoring applications for this purpose.

However, we trust a unique solution that is affordable, cost-effective, and easy to use. Thus, you do not need to worry about finding the right application for the method. We will tell you about the application later in this post.

  • Secure Internet Connection and Web Browser

Tracking someone’s device must stay a private process as it may land you in several problems. Hence, you need a secure internet connection so that no one can check your data. Additionally, you need to use a trusted web browser to log in to your phone monitoring account.

As we mentioned earlier, the whole process is web-based, and you need a trusted browser for that.

  • iCloud Credentials of the targeted iPhone

You need to verify an iPhone with the iCloud account. Therefore, you must find out the login credentials of their iCloud account. You can do it if the person is your relative or a friend. Hence, it must not be a difficult task to get this information.

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Once, you have all these things, start reading the next part of this article to learn how you can do it.



Spyine is the application that we were talking about. It is the top-rated platform for tracking an iPhone or Android device. On Spyine’s website, you will find a handful of features to follow someone’s iPhone’s different applications. It gives you access to their WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Location, Browsing history, and much more. 


Millions of users use this application to track multiple devices from a single account. It is because you do not need to jailbreak the iPhone device to use its advanced method. Websites like Forbes, CNET, and AndroidAuthority has mentioned this application as the best solution to track a device remotely.


It offers a demo version on its website to help you get used to its features. Additionally, you can subscribe to any subscription plan as they provide a money-back guarantee to first time users.


Spyine’s Useful Features to Track an iPhone


There are many features that you can use on this platform. Here are some of them:


Location Tracker

Tracking a device is not a complete process without using a location tracker. This feature allows you to track an iPhone’s location without letting the user know. It shows the live location of the device with the help of a 3D map. Thus, you can surprise your friend with the little trick of this feature.


Additionally, a SIM tracker works when you are unable to locate the iPhone’s GPS. It means that you can always track a device with one of these features.

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Stealth Mode


There is a stealth mode that keeps your activities hidden from third parties. It provides complete security from the cookies of the web browser and protects your privacy all the time. You can trust this feature while monitoring someone’s device.


It is always working in the background, and there is no need to activate it.

Social Media Spy

You must have got a clue about its name. Social media spy allows you to check all the social media account of that iPhone. You can check someone’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other application with a single click. 

The best part is- There is no need to know the password of any of these accounts.


Keylogger is an advanced feature to record someone’s messages remotely. It gets into the keyboard of the targeted device and records every key they press there. That way, you can check all the messages they sent to different contacts.

Additionally, it can record the passwords of different accounts without letting the user know.

How Does it Work?

spyine works by creating an account and verifying the targeted device with it. You can check the whole process in the installation guide on their website.

However, here are some quick steps to help you get an overview of the application:

  • Create an account on the website and choose a membership
  • Verify the iPhone device by entering the iCloud credentials on your Spyine account
  • Wait for the application to sync the device with the platform
  • Click on dashboard and access all the features
  • Select any of the applications to monitor the complete data from it
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With the above steps, you can get into their iPhone device and start tacking their activities. However, you must know the complete process before you try to verify a smartphone with it. That is why we recommend checking the demo version on the website.

It will walk you through all the steps to monitor a device conveniently. Also, you can avoid getting caught by taking some minor precautions.

Final Words

If you want to track an iPhone, the above method is the most convenient for you. It allows you to access every part of an iPhone remotely. The best thing is that the user can never find out about this solution’s presence on their device.

Therefore, you can trust this solution and proceed with it. We recommend it because some affordable plans make it much easier to track an iPhone. Additionally, it helps you avoid dealing with those spam applications that rips you out of your time and money.

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