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All about FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download | Android (apk,playstore), iOS | Indian PUBG by Ncore Games

Faug Game download


After PUBG games were banned in India, many new games have emerged. But Akshay Kumar tweeted here today and released the moving poster of the FAUG Game app (the best PUBG alternatives). Faug Game downlaod 

FAUG GAME APP DOWNLOAD ( best PUBG alternative ): – Bollywood superstar Akshay kumar has released the first poster for the FAUG (Fearless and United-Guards) multiplayer action game. Created by NCORE Games, players of this game will learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. Akshay Kumar also said through his Instagram post that 20% of the proceeds from this game will be donated to Veer of India.

Fauji Game Download apk FAU-G Android/IOS Indian PUBG

Just days after banning PUBG and 118 other apps, the Narendra Modi government has announced that it will launch the FAU-G (Fauji) game download. In addition to in-game entertainment, players can also learn about the achievements of Indian soldiers. The developers also announced that 20% of the proceeds for the brave Indian soldiers for the Bharatke Veer Trust, the government’s fundraising initiative for the army and other security forces.

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FAU-G (Fauji) Game Download 

In response to the government initiation, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has promoted, which is said to be the Indian version of PUBG. He took a step forward and shared a promotional tweet about the Indian PUBG game on Twitter. Faug Game downlaod


How to Download FAU-G ( Fauji) Game in Android (apk, playstore)

Let’s see the procedure to download the FAU-G (Fauji) game on iOS mobile devices with Android (apk, playstore).

  1. Visit the GooglePlay Store on your Android mobile device.

2. Open the Google Play Store home page.

3. In the search box, enter the Fauji app download.

4. Then show the Fauji application on the Android mobile screen.

5. Click the Install button in the Fauji app.

Now the Fauji application has been successfully installed on your mobile.

How to Download FAU-G ( Fauji) Game on iOS Mobile

FAUG Game for IOS Download

  1. Visit the Apple Store on your iOS Mobile Device.
  2. It opens up the Home Page of the Apple Store on your device.
  3. In the Search Box, enter the Fauji App Download.
  4. It then displays the Fauji App on the iOS mobile screen.
  5. Click the Install Button on the Fauji App.
  6. Now the Fauji App is installed successfully on your mobile.

What is the objective behind the launch of the FAU-G ( Fauji) Game?

The government’s objective, the launch of the FAU-G ( Fauji) Game, is to make the citizens aware of brave Indian soldiers’ accomplishments.

FAUG game release Date / Fauji Release Date

according to media sources FAUG game release date is between  from 10 October  to 20 October .

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FAUG game details

  1. Faug /fauji Game site will be around 500 mb – 2 gb
  2. Faug game is being released by Ncore games
  3. Fauji or Faug games will be a totally Indian game no other foreign company involved in it
  4. faug once available can be download from google play-store and app store

Minimum Requirements to download fauji or FAUG

  • The Minimum requirements to download fauji will be android 6.0
  • wifi or mobile internet connection
  • a facebook account
  • a google play account with the  application

FAUG Game to Have a Release Date in October 2020, Two More Games in Pipeline: nCore Games Cofounder

nCore Games, an Indian game development company, has announced that the company is working on a new online multiplayer game for smartphones called FAU-G (Fearless And United: Guards). The next game is expected to be the alternative to PUBG Mobile, but nCOre co-founder Vishal Gondal, who is also the CEO of GOQII, says that FAU-G will not compete with PUBG Mobile. FAU-G is based on real scenarios faced by the Indian defense forces. Now, it seems that the company is also planning two new mobile games together with FAU-G.


According to The Indian Express report, Gondal told them that FAU-G has been in the works for a long time and that the company is preparing for a launch in October. He also revealed that the developer team has been working on this game since May of this year.

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