How to make money with whatsapp

Are you wondering if WhatsApp can make money? Then the answer is yes! Making money from WhatsApp is not a difficult task. Simply send the message as you send it to your friends or family, and you will get money in return. Some people will think how someone can make money with WhatsApp, 


Then it is not like that. WhatsApp will not give us money, but we will promote goods or services of other people on WhatsApp and those people will pay us as commission. So, let’s understand what are the ways to make money with WhatsApp.

make money with whatsapp online
make money with WhatsApp.

There some businesses who use whatsapp very much , such they upload product pictures on instagram and then people can contact them through whatsapp to buy the products before that you need to understand how does whatsapp make money , it has only advertisement processs how they earn money. how whatsapp earn money .


  1. Create Affiliate account on Amazon, Flipkart and many more.
  2. Choose Any product , create a short-link.
  3. And send this link on every group and contact you have.
  4. If anyone buy product from your link you will get good amount of commission.

2. Do Link Shorting and Earn Money

This is the easiest way to make money with Whatsapp. Shortening links means shortening a large link into a smaller one. But at the same time, there is such a website that, by shortening the links, also shows advertising in the middle. Looking at these ads, we get money. Suppose you have a fun website, you will shorten the link to that website and share it in Funny Group.

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Now, when someone clicks on that link, before going to that website, you will see the ad and then go to that website. In this, you get money for every click. There are many link shortening websites such as,,, etc. Simply go to this website and create your account and then find the content that your group likes. Copy that link and shorten it from the link shortening and sharing website.

3. Earn Money By PPD Network

The PPD network means pay per download. This means that the network on which you upload something, every time someone downloads the file, you get the money. Now, to make money with WhatsApp, you must find photos, audio or videos that people want to see and then upload them to a PPD network. Now share the link of your file in your WhatsApp group.

As soon as people download your file from your link, you will get the money. You will find many PPD networks on the Internet, but the best one is the following,,, etc.

4. Earn Money By Your Youtube Channel

As you have seen YouTube videos on WhatsApp quite frequently. Have you ever thought about why these people share these videos in the WhatsApp group? Because when someone goes to YouTube from WhatsApp and watches their videos that increases the view of those videos, increases their ranking and earn money by showing ads in that video.

5. Sell Services & Products Through Whatsapp

If you sell your own products or services, you can also share them on WhatsAppSpace. The best thing about this method is that your friends will not feel that you are selling them something. All your friends know about your work, so when you send them photos of your product, they will feel that you are giving them information about their work. WhatsAppFacebookTwitterPinterestShare

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6. Google Adsense

Now, this method is a bit more difficult, but Google will pay you for this. You can create a website (with or without coding: web creators) and create a site for a festival or something, then place ads like Google’s and share them with your WhatsApp contacts and when people visit those pages, you will be paid by Google because you are showing Google ads to your viewers and if some of them click on the ads you will get at least 10 per click.


There Are lots of ways to earn money from whatsapp if you like this topic and wants to know more do let us know by commenting under. Thank you.

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