What role do branding agencies have in your business?

Gone are the days when branding was limited to design, symbol, colours, and taglines to advertise  products or services. The concept of branding has now evolved with time but many marketers yet  haven’t gotten past age-old design concepts and do not emphasize on the idea of branding. So  what role does branding play? Moreover, what is branding? As Tom Goodwin rightly says “Brands  are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exists in the minds of  people.” There are several factors that shape the personality of a brand apart from its aesthetics.  Some of these include advertising, customer service, social responsibility, reputation, and visuals. All  these elements (and more) come together to create a unique and impactful profile.  

Given a choice between a business with professional-looking branding and a business with no  branding, who would you trust and choose? The answer is simple. The one with proper branding  because branding helps establish the credibility and effectiveness of the business. Your business is  here for a reason and not just to make money. It has a purpose that its built on. When we dive deep  into the idea of branding and talk about its importance, we come to the reasoning that in order to  generate future business and a strongly established strategy, branding plays a vital role especially  when you are trying to expand your business or venture into the industry. It makes a memorable  impression on consumers and gives an insight into what the company stands for and what to expect  from the company. It is a way of distinguishing your business from your competitors and coming  across as a better choice. A strongly established brand can make a tremendous difference and can  give more leverage in the industry.  

Now that we have established the importance of branding and its relevance in today’s world, let’s  get some clarity about the role of a branding agency in Dubai. For starters, it is for anyone who  wants to communicate about their values, perception, and what are they here for. New and aspiring  businesses who want to communicate their purpose and identity, or existing businesses who wish to  change their current strategy also approach agencies because creating a brand is a tough job. It  requires professionals and experts to come together and create a compelling brand name and other  aspects like brand messaging, brand purpose, logo, color, brand guidelines, etc. Hence here’s where  the idea of hiring a branding agency makes complete sense.  

Branding agencies follow a strategic approach and help you recognize who you are and how can  you put yourself in the best possible way. The rebranding also plays a vital role in reshaping an  existing strategy if it is outdated and not working anymore as it puts the company’s reputation at  stake.  

So, how does a Branding Agency function? Let’s take a look at the points below:  

  1. It begins with discovering who you are and propels you to understand and define your core values as a business and the essence of your existence through a series of questions in order to get into the depth of the business. 
  2. They then proceed with figuring out a strategic plan which uncovers the target audience, competitor analysis, communication, market scenario, and the estimated impact.  
  3. Once the plan is set in place, the branding agency in Dubai ties up with a creative design agency in Dubai or within the GCC and creates design elements like logo, brand colors, font, etc. or the team does it internally. These elements help in creating branding guidelines for future communication and marketing campaigns.  
  4. Once the strategy is handed over and produced before the client, a thorough explanation is given about the entire plan and what they aim to achieve through business.  
  5. The Branding Agency comprises of Account Director, Account Manager, Account Executive, Art Director, Creative Director, Design Director, Designer, Copywriter, Photographer, Audio Visual Producer, Web Developer, and Brand Strategist.  
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The above-mentioned points help in creating a long-term value for the company which in turn helps  to translate into actual results. A reputed branding agency in Dubai can help perfectly coin the  appropriate messaging and a strategic plan to generate results which are later analyzed through a  report. Branding is not just restricted to aesthetics but it also plays a crucial role in distinguishing itself  from the rest. Showcasing a business’s USPs in a visually appealing manner creates a strong  association with the brand.  

The values and strengths of your businesses can only be shaped appropriately through Branding  Agencies. They help build trust in the market which is the most essential thing as a business. A  business with missing key elements of branding has a hard time getting people to trust them. How  customers will perceive the brand will shape and build a brand identity where marketing can take  place after this phase.  

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