WhatsApp Enables Always Silence, New Storage User Interface, and Media Guidelines Features in Latest Android Beta


News Daily Digital Desk: New surprises on WhatsApp. This popular messaging app has many features for Android beta users. One of them is the “Always Mute” function. There is also a new storage usage user interface and its tools. In other words, radical changes can be noticed in ‘storage uses’. In addition to these, there is a new feature called ‘Media Guidelines’. WhatsApp has recently released the beta version of Android That’s what these characteristics are.

You will also notice a big change. The video and voice call buttons are not maintained in the case of the business account. Even the contact information does not have video and voice call buttons. But the buttons can be found by tapping on the profile icons. It is not yet clear why such a sudden change. Maybe WhatsApp is experimenting with that. Perhaps in a future update, the old system will be recovered.

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Perhaps the most interesting of the changes is the “Always Mute” feature. Until then, a group or an individual could be “muted” for a year. But as of now, WhatsApp is giving the opportunity to ‘mute’ indefinitely.

The ‘Storage Uses’ section has been changed. Whenever you enter each chat, you can see how much space is being spent for different media files. Modern storage bars can be seen in new ways. WhatsApp will also indicate which files are useless. As a result, it will be much easier to increase the space by deleting that file.

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With ‘Media Guidelines’, users can edit images, videos and GIFs and put stickers and text as they wish. However, not everyone has these characteristics yet. WhatsApp said you might have to wait a bit after the update. The changes will be visible in a few days.

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