password security tips Password security; Things to keep in mind


The need for passwords is high in the digital age. Passwords are required for bank accounts, social media accounts, and email accounts. Passwords are used to emphasize the security of personal information. Letters, numbers, or other symbols are commonly used for passwords. There are several things to keep in mind when creating passwords like this. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours:

  • Do not enter passwords or user IDs through email or unencrypted messaging systems. Email service providers and banks do not require email passwords or other personal information.
  • Do not store passwords on computers that are not under your full control.
  • Do not share passwords with anyone for any reason.
  • Do not use the same password for more than one account, especially for confidential accounts.
  • Do not use passwords similar to the user ID.
  • If you keep your passwords written, make sure they are safe.
  • Do not change the user ID and password in different places.
  • Do not use information related to yourself as a password, such as your date of birth, vehicle registration number, the name of your children or your spouse.
  • Don’t use common passwords like PASSWORD, ABCD, ABC123, abc123 * which are very simple and easy to guess.
  • Do not use adjacent letters and numbers on the keyboard as your password. (For example, QWERTY, ASDFG, ZXCV, etc.).
  • Keep changing passwords at regular intervals.
  • User identification is as important as passwords. Avoid easy guesswork. ADMIN and ADMINISTRATOR are familiar and popular with hackers.
  • Protect passwords in a browser, even on your own computer, with a master password.
  • That adequate security measures are in place when conducting online transactions through internet cafes and the like. Make sure. Also clear your cookie browsing history.
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