Is Viber a Safe app

Why Viber is better than Whatsapp

The best thing about viber is that it not only lets you make calls to viber users but also to people who dont use viber. Is Viber a Safe app also check free viber sticker viber stickers violet leg cat viber sticker

Whatsaap vs Viber

What can you do with Viber?

Viber works similar to Skype with VOIP to allow you to chat audio and video natively with other Viber users via 3G or WiFi. It also supports text-based text messages such as WhatsApp Messenger, which allows you to send and receive short messages from your Viber friends. it has free viber violet stickers

Is Viber a Safe app

The Viber chat interface has many functions that help you to animate your conversations. You can send photos and videos, share your location, add emoticons, and choose from a variety of fun stickers to include in the conversation.

You can customize the background of the message screen by selecting a photo from your collection or taking a new one. However, this fund will not be shared with the person you are talking to.

Another advantage of Viber is its support for integrating desktop versions of Viber for Windows and Mac. Messaging and chat history are now fully integrated and you can make real-time calls from your phone to the desktop application. . Viber can be used on tablets and phones simultaneously.

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Viber includes a Hold & Talk feature that allows you to send instant audio messages in real time. This is a feature that has been popularized by applications such as Voxer and Cello, but also included in WhatsApp. Playing with a new dimension in your chats is fun.

How to use Viber

Unlike Skype, you do not have to register with Viber to use it. Once your phone number is registered, you will receive an SMS message with a code. Enter this code into Viber and you’re done.

All contacts from your phone are automatically imported into the app and you can instantly add any new friend using your Viber username or by scanning a QR code on the screen. The Viber logo is displayed next to any contact that has been installed. You can click them to call them for free, regardless of where they are in the world or even what phone they use. If Viber is not installed on a contact, you can still call them through the app, even at a standard call rate.

Viber’s interface is very clear, making it very clear how to use the app. Automatic notifications ensure you don’t miss a message or action.

Call quality with Viber is generally very good and competes with Skype; however, the quality is usually not as clear as a cell phone call.

Features of Viber

  • Very simple to use
  • Notifies you of contacts who are on Viber
  • Decent call quality
  • Send photos and videos
  • Stickers and emoticons to liven up chats
  • Group messaging with up-to 100 people
  • Hold & Talk feature
  • viber violet sticker
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Download Viber for free.

Why Viber is better than Whatsapp

WhatsApp may not be an alternative to Viber itself, but it is a recent calling feature. In addition, most people around the world use WhatsApp to benefit from the user base, so you can make calls natively to any WhatsApp user. WhatsApp also includes a low data call mode, so it saves part of your mobile data bandwidth. This is by far the best messaging application on the market, and is constantly evolving with features such as text formatting, file sharing and more.
WhatsApp is compatible with most platforms, but unfortunately there is no desktop client. However, there is a WhatsApp web if you want to use it on your PC. Also, if you don’t see video calls, but you only need calls, WhatsApp should be a good alternative to Viber.

WhatsApp and Viber allow users to call who installed the app. Calls to another app through an app are generated. But when you call someone who doesn’t have the app installed, WhatsApp left behind. Viber lets you call people around the world on landline or mobile numbers at very low rates. To access this additional feature, you need to connect your account to your PayPal or credit card.

Voice and Video Call Quality

The quality of voice calls is an important consideration. Viber, which has been offering voice and video calls for years, has more experience than WhatsApp. Viber offers better and clearer HD quality sounds over high bandwidth connections. With Viber, you can transfer existing calls between devices.

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In addition to service codecs and desired quality, there are many aspects that affect sound quality. An important factor is network connection. In this sense, WhatsApp seems more robust, especially when it comes to re-establishing dropped calls

With Viber, you can start a secret chat and set a timer that deletes the message at the specified time. You can also set video messages to destroy each other after the video is viewed. Is Viber a Safe app aloso viber stickers violet

Is Viber a Safe app

WhatsApp has no self-destructing feature. If that’s a deciding factor for you, check out Kaboom on Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can write a message, set a timer in Kaboom, and then “share” the message with WhatsApp. The downside? The recipient receives a link to the Kaboom online site to view the message, so integration with WhatsApp is not seamless

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