How to reset any user or administrator password in Windows 10

In this article, I will show you how to reset any user or administrator password in Windows 10 using only the command prompt to run the command prompt on the login screen, we have to assign that function to the easy access button when you press this Keep your application button is easily accessible, which is utilman.exe, while the command prompt is cmd.exe, so the main idea is to simply name CMD to utilman and, therefore,

First of all, we must perform two Shut down Unexpected system,

Press the power button to turn ON your PC and when you see the Windows logo press and hold the power button until the PC turns off, turn on your computer again and repeat the process

Now, let it start on the power screen Auto Repair, click Advanced Options, solve Advanced Options problems and select System Image Recovery, click cancel the following Click next to go to the advanced to click on the install Driver and finally click OK.

Now you are in this Explorer window, you can access all the files to be able to easily copy and move or rename the files, you can also transfer your data from the PC to the USB flash drive, insert a flash drive, right click inside the Explorer window and click on refresh,

The letters of your drive will be different, for example, my system drive C is E anyway, the drive letter doesn’t matter, just find the correct Windows folder there two of them and in which you have a utilman file,

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So if you can’t find your utilman in the system32 folder, then it is in the wrong drive, so first go to the Next location, we have to change the name of utilman to utilman 1 ,

utilman to utilman1

just add a symbol to the name in this mode you have to refresh the window to see the renamed files and

Then next we’ll name CMD to utilman.

CMD to utilman

Now close these windows and click continue, click on the Magic button and here is the all powerful system symbol if I write the whoami command, as you can see, we are under the system account, it is the most powerful account and the windows are fine,

First I have to list all available users, Type net user and press Enter, then type net user accounts name that you want to.  In my case reset HP.,if your account name consists of several words or no letters in English, When I have to put that name in quotes and a space asterisk and press Enter

if you simply want to reset the password, simply press the Enter key twice or type your password

and then retype it to confirm when Enter the password Do not show for security reasons. Now we can close the command prompt window and try to log in, since you can see it works. I would also recommend changing the CMD name and reusing the files to their normal names and you already know how to do it. it’s good luck.

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