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Facebook merges direct message from Instagram with Messenger

Facebook merges direct message from Instagram with Messenger

News Daily Digital Desk: Facebook merges direct message from Instagram with Messenger, For the convenience of users, Facebook or Instagram brings some features every day. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is always trying to make sure that users are not bored in any way on this social platform. Because if you take care of the users, the prestige of the company will increase. And this time Facebook and Instagram (Instagram) are united. This means that the direct message of Messenger and Instagram became one. In other words, if you have any apps, you will be able to see the messages sent on both platforms. No need to download the app separately.

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The company has brought in various features to make Instagram popular with young people. Sometimes the give history function has been updated, sometimes it has been added as a function like calendar or map. After Tiktak left, Instagram gave users ‘reels’ to make videos. And these are the reasons why this social platform has reached the peak of its current popularity. To increase its use a little more, this time the direct message has been added to the messenger.

Instagram has already hinted that this new feature is yet to come. That said, this time around it will be easier to communicate with your Facebook friends. Selfie stickers can be created without downloading the Instagram app. You can chat with friends. However, according to Facebook, the two have been included with the convenience of users in mind. This will not affect the privacy of the application.

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The problem has been trending on Twitter since the new Facebook ad. Several funny memes have been created. Coincidence of mixed reactions. See for yourself what the netizens write.

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