How to Convert USD to Bitcoin At Ease

How to Transfer USD to Bitcoin Free Online

Switchere is the best automatic exchanger on the crypto markets opened in 2019. Includes a basic set of crypto to buy: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and XRP. It supports two European currencies where you can transfer dollars USD and EURO. Find out how to transfer usd to bitcoin safely with

To convert USD to bitcoin on Switchere calculator, you need to register. The transition to it is carried out by clicking the Register button in the top menu or directly through the currency converter, which offers to go through the procedure for making an exchange.

This converter is an example of the few exchangers registered for a legal entity, FITEUM OÜ, with an officially confirmed license from the Estonian regulator. This allows you to be sure that the converting operations of the service are controlled at the legislative level. When you convert, the process goes smooth since everything happens automatically without delays.

Unlike many exchangers, this one does not set deadlines for processing issues and applications, in case of violation of which you can file a claim with support. The administration here disclaims any responsibility. Besides, the account will receive the amount indicated in the application.

Can you imagine a more versatile and beneficial application? Now, it is a reality for every user online!

How to Transfer USD to Bitcoin Free Online

Presuming you are pleased with the service and want to purchase some crypto, the process is super simple. First of all, you will need to know how much you want to purchase.

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Then you can click on the Buy button. This will then bring you to the next screen to get the notifications, asking for your email address and your offline contacts. That is the address to which your funds will be sent immediately.

If you are going to make a purchase for under €100, then you will need to check nothing. You can input the amount you wish to purchase into the purchase order. That will then show how much you will end up getting in Bitcoin.

You will see how much final you will get in Bitcoin. You may agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to the next step, which is the payment step. It is a payment processing gateway where you will be required to provide details of your credit card.

As stated above, your credit card information is secure on this page. Please note, however, that payment time is limited to 10 minutes (for greater security). You should therefore try to send the payment before that time passes and you are disconnected.

If your card is accepted by the payment processor and the transaction is completed, the bitcoin will be automatically sent to your indicated address.

Unfortunately, the transactions are not going to work otherwise. It’s not like a traditional trade where you can sell your parts like that. You can solely purchase crypto.

What Is Special About the Service?

Exchange USD to bitcoin can be extremely easy with the right platform. You do not need to create a wallet within the system: you use what you have, or use specialized resources if you do not have one to experience how to transfer USD to bitcoin. Conversion is made only from fiat to crypt: you will not be able to sell virtual currency here.

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For replenishment, bank cards of VISA, MasterCard, and Maestro systems are used. Once the application has been confirmed, it cannot be canceled. So, you can start to turn USD into bitcoin for different purposes.

Another thing that many people enjoy about the webpage is its referral program. This is one of the most generous from cryptographic space and could be an excellent way for users to earn additional income.

If you refer people to this exchanger, you will earn up to 80% of the generated expenses by that user. In addition, if this user goes and returns someone else, then you will gain 10% of the commission of this user.

By and large, many users are fairly happy with the service. This platform is one of the simplest steady online exchanges you could ever see in the marketplace!

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