Durga Puja 2020: Baruipur Police and NKDA Organize Special App to See Puja Pandals This Year

Like other years, the routine of going out on Durga Puja days in Sadalbal and visiting Tagore is interrupted. The Calcutta High Court (Calcutta HC) has issued a clear verdict that any visitor can enter the mandapa. This year we have to worship completely without spectators. Many people are upset about this. But so that the general public is not deprived of the joy of pujo, the administration has arranged for the pujo procession from Mahapanchami sitting at home. The specific application is launching. Residents can easily view Thakur’s face at any time by installing it on their mobile phones. The special app was launched by Newtown authorities last week. And on Tuesday, the Baruipur district police launched a special app.

On Tuesday, at the Joy Hind Auditorium in Sonarpur, the police officially launched the Pujo guide map and the online pujo procession. There the application was launched. If you install the application on an Android mobile device, you can see everything from Anjali to Aarti, sitting at home. Speaking on the occasion, Biman Bandyopadhyay, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and local MLA, said: “People cannot go to the mandapa. Pujo should be seen in the app. But standing in front of the mother in the pandal and paying homage is peace of mind, which will not be through the application. You have to sit at home and see the deity and give the idol place in your mind. Everyone should be aware of this epidemic. ”

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In addition to the eight great mandapa pujo of Baruipur, the pujo of Canning, Sonarpur and Narendrapur can be seen in the application developed by the Baruipur District Police. District Police Superintendent Kamnashis Sen said: “In the next two to three days, several more Pujos will be included in these applications. Bids will appear in this application where the Internet system is best available. “The application will launch from Wednesday.

Durga Puja

On the other hand, last week, the New Town authorities had organized a special application made so that students from private engineering schools could see the bid at home without any obstacles. One of the characteristics of the application is that it will work in a very similar way to social networks. If any Newtown committee wants, you can post your Pujo photo on this app. Also, any resident can post their own opinion if they wish.

While there are plans to launch the application in Newtown, the Superior Court has not ruled on Pujo’s visit. But in the Corona situation, the NKDA authorities organized the application and realized that many would not visit the mandapa to avoid the crowd. In this app, residents will have the opportunity to visit not only Newtown puffs, but also some famous Kolkata puffs. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, according to NKDA.


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