Kerala motor vehicle department reduced penalties details 2019

kerala motor vehicle department reduced penalties details 2019
kerala motor vehicle department reduced penalties details 2019

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has reduced fines for traffic offenses under the New Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019. Some fines have been reduced by half, the penalty for drunk driving and driving by minors has been left untouched. kerala motor vehicle department reduced penalties details 2019

Ready reckoner for offences and penalties under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 w.e.f 26/10/2019

Kerala government has reduce the Fine of various crimes under the new Motor Vehicle Law.

Fines for traveling without a helmet and driving without a seat belt have been reduced to 500 rupees compared to 1,000 rupees. Similarly, the fine of Rs 10,000 for using mobile phones while driving has been reduced to Rs 2,000.

A fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 for speeding a light motor vehicle. The state government has fixed the revised fines to Rs 1,500. Heavy vehicle fines range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. The state government has fixed it at Rs 3,000.

Detailed Penalties

. N       FEE
1 177 Whoever Contravention  of provisions of 1st –up to 500 1st –250
      act/rule/regulation/notification if  no 2nd –up to 1000 2nd -500
      penalty is provided    
2 177A Whoever Violation of driving regulations u/s 500-1000 500
3 178(1) Whoever Travelling in s/c  w/o  pass/ticket up to 500 500
4 178(2) Conductor committing offence related to up to 500 500
5 178(3)(a) Holder of permit Refuses to ply a c/c 2W/3W-up to 50 50
    or owner      
6 178(3)(b) Holder of permit Refuses to ply a c/c Other than 500
    or owner   2W/3W-up to  
7 179(1) Whoever Willfully disobeying lawful direction Up to 2000 1000
      by person/authority empowered    
      under this act/obstructs in discharge    
8 179(2) Whoever Willfully withholds Up to 2000 1000
      information/gives false information    
9 180 Owner/Person Cause/permit other person to drive Up to 3 months 5000
    in charge of violating S3(Driving w/o effective imprisonment/  
    vehicle D/L) OR S4(Driving w/o attaining 5000  
      legal age)    
10 181 Driver Driving Violating S3(Driving w/o Up to 3 months 5000
      effective D/L) OR S4(Driving w/o imprisonment/  
      attaining legal age) 5000  
11 182(1) Whoever Disqualified person driving/obtaining 10000 10000
      D/L /applying for D/L    
12 182(2) Whoever Disqualified person acts as Up to 10000 1000
      conductor/obtaining C/L /applying    
      for C/L    
13 182A(1) Manufacturer/I Sells/delivers/alters/offers to sell or Up to 1year 100000
    mporter/Dealer deliver or alter a vehicle violating imprisonment/10 per
      chapter VII(Construction equipment 0000 (1 lakh)per vehicle
      & maintenance)/rules & regulations vehicle Or both  
      made there under    
14 182A(2) Manufacturer Manufacturing vehicles which fails Up to 1year Non
      to comply with the provisions of imprisonment/10 compoun
      chapter VII(Construction equipment 00000000(100 dable
      & maintenance)/rules & regulations crore) per vehicle  
      made there under Or both  
15 182A(3) Whoever Sells/offers to sell / permits sale of Up to 1year 100000
      any component notified as critical imprisonment/10 per
      safety component and which does 0000 (1 lakh)per compone
      not comply with chapter vehicle Or both nt
      VII(Construction equipment &    
      maintenance)/rules & regulations    
      made there under    
16 182A(4) Owner Alters a vehicle Including by Up to 6 months 5000 per
      retrofitting parts in manner not imprisonment/50 alteration
      permitted under the Act/Rules and 00 per alteration  
      regulations made there under or both  
17 182B Registering Contravention of S62A(Prohibition to 5000-10000 Compoun
    Authority register vehicles violating   ding fee
      S110(1)(a) (violating rules by central   not
      govt. w.r.t.width   specified
      ,height,length,overhang and loads    
18 183(1)(i) Whoever Drives/causes any person employed LMV-1000-2000 1500
      by him or subjects someone under his 2nd –D/L shall be  
      control to drive a motor vehicle impounded U/S  
      violating speed limits u/s 112 206(4)  
19 183(1)(ii) Whoever Drives/causes any person employed MGV/MPV/HGV/ 3000
      by him or subjects someone under HPV-2000-4000  
      his control to drive a motor vehicle    
      violating speed limits u/s 112    
20 184 Driver Driving at a speed or manner which is 1st -6months- 1st –2000
      dangerous to public/which causes a 1year 2nd -5000
      sense of alarm/ distress to the imprisonment/10 ( limited
      occupants of the vehicle/other road 00-5000 or both to item ©
      users/persons near roads 2nd if committed of
      (a) jumping a red light; within 3 years- 2 explanati
      (b) violating a stop sign; years on( use of
      (c) use of handheld communications imprisonment/10 hand held
      devices while driving; 000 or with both. communi
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      (d) passing or overtaking other   devices
      vehicles in a manner contrary to law;   while
      (e) driving against the authorised flow   driving))
      of traffic; or   and to
      (f) driving in any manner that falls far   undertak
      below what would be expected   e
      of a competent and careful driver and   communit
      where it would be obvious to a   y service.
      competent and careful driver that    
      driving in that manner would be    
      dangerous .    
21 185 Driver Driving/attempting to drive  has 1st- up to Non
      alcohol >30mg /100ml blood in 6months compoun
      breath test/ in any other test or imprisonment/ dable
      under the influence of drugs 10000 or both  
        2nd – 2 years  
        000 or both.  
22 186 Driver Driving while suffering from disease 1st –up to 1000 1st –1000
      or disability calculated to cause 2nd –up to 2000 2nd  -2000
      source of danger    
23 187 Driver Violation of S132(1)(a)(Not stopping 1st -up to Non
      the vehicle and remain stationary if 6months compoun
      accident occurred as directed by imprisonment/ dable
      officer not below S.I of Police) OR 5000 or both  
        2nd – 1 year  
    Owner, Violation of S133(Not giving  
    driver/conducto information regarding imprisonment/10  
    r name,address & licence of driver 000 or both.  
      /conductor as demanded by police    
      officer authorized ) OR    
    Driver Violation of S134 (Not performing    
      duty in case of accident by giving    
      medical attension, report to    
      police,giving information to the    
      insurer etc)    
24 188 Who ever Abets commission of offences u/s Same Non
      184(Dangerous driving)/ punishment compoun
      185(Driving under influence of provided for the dable
      alcohol/drugs)/ offence  
      186(Driving when physically/mentally    
25 189 Whoever W/o permission  from State 1st -up to  3 1st –5000
      Government takes part in a months 2nd –
      race/trials of speed of any kind imprisonment/ 10000
        5000 or both  
        2nd – 1 year  
        000 or both.  
26 190(1) Who Driving an unsafe vehicle in public Ist-1500 Non
    drives/causes or place which is source of danger to If  accident compoun
    allows to be public caused -3 dable
    driven   months  
        00 or  both.  
        2nd – 6 months,  
        000 or both(for  
        bodily injury  
        /damage to  
27 190(2) Who Driving a vehicle in a public place 1st -up to  3 1st –2000
    drives/causes or which violates standards of road months 2nd –
    allows to be safety/control of noise/air imprisonment/up 10000
    driven pollution to 10000 or both  
        and D/L shall be  
        disqualified for 3  
        2nd – 6 months  
        000 or both.  
28 190(3) Who Driving a vehicle in a public place 1st -up to  1 year Non
    drives/causes or which violates provisions of Act or the imprisonment/ compoun
    allows to be rules related to carriage of 10000 or both dable
    driven dangerous and hazardous goods. and D/L shall be  
        disqualified for 3  
        2nd – 3 years  
        000 or  both.  
29 192(1) Who Driving the vehicle in any place 1st -2000-5000 1st
    drives/causes or which violates S39 (Court may 1.NTV
    allows to be (w/o valid registration / not carrying impose lesser 3000
    driven a registration mark in prescribed punishment by 2.TVs
      manner/in possession of a dealer recording i)2W/3W-
      violating conditions prescribed by reasons) 2000
      Central Governemnt) 2nd – 1 year ii)LMV-
        imprisonment/50 iii)MMV-
        00-10000 or 4000
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          2nd -7500
30 192A(1) Who Driving a vehicle violating S66(1)(w/o 1st -up to 6 (a)LMV/2
    drives/causes or permit) or permit conditions months W/3W
    allows to be relating to route area or purpose imprisonment 1st-3000
    driven   and 10000 2nd-7500
        2nd – 1 year GV/HPV/
        imprisonment/10 1ST-7500
        000 or both. 2nd-10000
31 193(1) Agent Engage himself as agent or 1st -1000 Non
    /Canvasser canvassers violating S(93)(Agent 2nd – up to 6 compoun
      /canvasser to obtain licence )or rules months dable
      made there under imprisonment/  
32 194(1) Who Driving a vehicle violating S113 20000+2000/ton 10000+1
    drives/causes or (Limits of weight and limitations on ne of excess load 500/tonn
    allows to be use) / S114 (Power to have vehicle together with the e of
    driven weighed) S115(power to restrict the liability to pay excess
      use of vehicles) charges for load
      Shall not be allowed to move before offloading the together
      excess load is removed or is caused or excess load. with the
      allowed to be removed by a person in   liability to
      control of such vehicle.   pay
33 194(1A) Who Driving with load projecting to 20000 20000
    drives/causes or laterally beyond the side of body/to    
    allows to be front/to rear/in height beyond    
    driven permissible limit    
      Shall not be allowed to move before    
      load is arranged such that there is no    
      (Authority authorized by State Gov./    
      Central Gov. have the power to    
      exempt carriage of a particular load)    
34 194(2) Driver Driver refuses to stop and submit 40000 20000
      his vehicle to weighing as per    
      directed by authorized officer U/S 114    
      /removes or causes the removal or    
      part of it prior to weighing    
35 194A Who Drives a transport vehicle carrying 200/excess 100/exce
    drives/causes or more passengers than in the R/C or passenger ss
    allows to be Permit conditions   passenger
    driven Shall not be allowed to move before    
      excess passengers are offloaded and    
      an alternative transport is arranged    
36 194B(1) Driver Driving w/o wearing safety 1000 500
      belt/carries passengers not wearing    
      seat belts    
      (State Gov. may by notification in    
      gazette exclude transport vehicles to    
      carry standing passengers/other    
      specified classes of transport vehicle)    
37 194B(2) Who Driving with a child w/o attaining 1000 500
    drives/causes or age of 14yrs is not secured by a    
    allows to be safety belt/child restraint system.    
38 194C Who Driving violating S128(safety 1000 & D/L shall 1000
    drives/causes or measures for drivers and pillion be disqualified  
    allows to be riders(Triple riding/w/o proper seat for 3 months.  
    driven with safety measures) or rules or    
      regulations made there under    
39 194D Who Driving violating S129(Wearing of 1000 & D/L shall 500
    drives/causes or protective head gear) or be disqualified  
    allows to be rules/regulations made there under. for 3 months.  
40 194E Driver Fails to draw the vehicle to the side of Up to 6 months 5000
      road,on approach of of fire service imprisonment/10  
      vehicle or an ambulance or other 000or both  
      emergency vehicle as specified by    
      state government.    
41 194F Driving Sounds the horn needlessly or 1st – 1000 1st – 1000
      continuously or more than necessary 2nd – 2000 2nd
      to ensure safety/ in a prohibited   2000
      area/driving vehicle which makes use    
      of a cut-out by which exhaust gases    
      are released other than through the    
42 196 Who Driving violating S146(Using vehicle 1st -up to 3 1st – 2000
    drives/causes or in public place w/o without valid months 2nd –
    allows to be insurance and for vehicles carrying imprisonment/ 4000
    driven dangerous or hazardous goods w/o 2000 or both  
      also an insurance under Public 2nd – 3 months  
      Liability Insurance  Act,1991 imprisonment/40  
        00 or both.  
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43 197(1) Driver Takes & drives away w/o consent of 1st -up to 3 Non
      owner / other authority months compoun
        imprisonment/ dable
        5000 or both  
        2nd – 1 year  
        000 or both.  
44 197(2) Whoever Unlawfully by force/threat of 1st -up to 3 Non
      force/by any other form of months compoun
      intimidate ,seizes or exercises imprisonment/ dable
      control of a motor vehicle. 5000 or both  
45 197(3) Whoever Attempts to commit any of the acts Same Non
      U/S 197(1) /197(2)/ abets punishment compoun
        provided for the dable
46 198 Whoever Otherwise than with lawful 1000 1000
      authority or reasonable excuse    
      enters/moves/tampers with    
      brake/any part of mechanism of    
47 198A(2) Any designated Failure to comply with the Up to 100000 Non
    authority/Contr standards for road Shall be paid to compoun
    actor/Consultan design/construction & Fund constituted dable
    t/Concessionair maintenance result in death u/s 164B  
    e /disability    
48 199A Owner of vehicle Offence under the Act is committed 3 years Non
    /guardian of by a juvenile owner of vehicle / imprisonment compoun
    juvenile guardian of juvenile guilty of and 25000 dable
      contravention and shall be punished R/C shall be  
      accordingly. cancelled for 1  
        No learners  
        licence/D/L shall  
        be issued to him  
        w/o attaining 25  
        Juvenile shall be  
        prosecuted as per  
        Juvenile Justice  
49 201 Whoever Keeping a motor vehicle in a 500/hr Non
      manner to cause impediment to the Liable to pay compoun
      free flow of traffic towing charges if dable


  • S192B not yet implemented.
  • S200 – Even if the offence has been compounded
  • State Government may require the offender to undertake a period of community service.
  • Compounding of an offence will not discharge the offender from proceedings under sub-section (4) of section 206 or the obligation to complete a driver refresher training course, or the obligation to complete community service, if applicable.

But since S206(4) not implemented yet,we cannot proceed with disqualification for violationof S190/194C/194D/194E

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