Best Application to make animated Videos

Best app to make animated Videos

How to make animated videos

Different steps of making a short 3D animation film, from start to finish and explain them as simply as possible. So even if you are not from the animation and visual effects industry, you will be able to get an idea of what it takes to make an animated film. Best animation video maker app, Best app to make animated Videos

Here are the steps that you need to follow to make an animated short film

Good Story

Basically, The first and probably the most important part of making a film is a good story. If you don’t understand your story well, no matter how beautiful your film is, may be people won’t like watching it. Make sure your story is good and it works before you continue. And believe me, even if you think it works now, it will change by a ton as we progress through production. So the first thing we do after having our story is to write it in a script.

Script writing

It is important to translate your idea into words as soon as possible, so you can detect problems with your story before starting production. There are some programs that you can use to write your scripts, such as Final Draft or Celtx. Personally, I like to use Scrivener, which is probably the best versatile writing program that exists, but the program doesn’t really matter. Then, once I have written my script, I try to create as many conceptual works of art as possible, to begin to establish the visual style of the film. And when I tell myself, I mean my concept art team, composed of impressive artists, who are the ones who created all the conceptual art in the film. It is a very fun step and the first opportunity to see parts of your movie come alive on paper. It’s about exploring and trying things.

Creating a Storyboard

Create a storyboard, which is probably one of the most important steps to discover your movie. Story boarding allows you to watch your movie as a whole, and detect story problems and creation of pieces. Making one also gives you something that you can show to other people, to receive comments. Most people react better to a storyboard than to a screenplay. At this point, I modify my story and make changes until I am satisfied with the boards and I am ready to continue.

Making it Animatic

An animatic is the cinematic version of your storyboard. The storyboard is more like a comic, and an animatic is like a movie. Bring all the boards to an editing program and edit them with the right timing. Add music and temporary sound effects, just enough to convey the different rhythms of the story. When you’re done, you have the first version of your movie ready to watch. As great as a storyboard, animation really gives you a first glimpse of what your movie will look like. Show it to people again, get more feedback, change the tables, time and pace, until you are very happy with how the movie works.

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It is time to embark on 3D. We start with modeling. Basic creation of all digital models of the film. The environments, the configuration, the accessories and of course the characters. We use conceptual art and the model sheets we created earlier, and the model based on them. Models when created can’t do much. We can place them in our scenes, but they really can’t move until we manipulate them. And this is our next step, the rigging. When we talk about manipulating a model, we mean creating a sort of digital skeleton with different controls to move it. Before handling our models, they were like statues. But now they look more like action figures, but with much more nuanced movements. The installer makes sure that we have different controls for each part of the body and face, so that we can create all the actions and expressions we need. Then we integrate our rigged models into the 3D program and start creating our plans. Put all the resources where they should be and create a 3D camera to capture the photo. Put the cameras and the characters in place, like we would if we were shooting a live movie. And then it’s time to bring the images to life, with animation. However, before you start the final animation itself, there is a more important step to make sure the story works. And this is to create a previz or a pre visualization.


This is the next incarnation of our animatic. This time using your 3D models. We Setup all the shots in the 3D program, with all the camera’s end angles in motion. And create very basic animations for the characters. Enough to convey the action they are supposed to do. Then we introduce all of these shots into the editing program, just like we did with the animation, and we now have an older version of our movie, with the correct 3D models and camera shake. This is really the last step where you can always make changes, because the animation takes a long time and it will be a huge waste if we were to make changes to the story after that. Again, I show it to more people, I get more comments, and I make sure I’m completely satisfied with the movie. And now it’s time for entertainment.

Best app to make animated Videos

Animation is my favorite part of the movie making process. And that’s where we finally give life to the film. The characters start to move and we can see the soul of the film come to life before us. It’s amazing to see. But it also takes a long time and a bad action can ruin your movie. Bad animation is like bad play.

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Even if the writing and the story are solid, people will not see it if the delivery is incorrect. We encourage the characters by moving the controls that we create when we manipulate the models. We manipulate these controls, to put our characters in the correct pose, we create a keyframe, which captures this pose on the computer, then we move the controls to the next pose and repeat. Of course, there is a lot more technicality, but it is essential. Then, before we can export our shots, we need to texture our models.

It means creating different materials that we assign to different parts of the models. Some that simulate metal, some plastics and even some for the skin. We give them the right colors and illuminate our shots with virtual lights, reproducing as closely as possible the functioning of lights in the real world. An important light for the whole scene, acting like sunlight. And some focus on our points of interest, like a movie set. Then, when our photos are textured and illuminated, we start rendering. Rendering is the computer process that calculates all of the data in our scenes and creates still images. Then we take these images in a composition program like Nuke or After Effects, extract the necessary data and images and combine them to create the final images. This rendering and composition process is very technical and unfortunately too complicated for me in this article.

Best app to make animated Videos

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What software do you use to make animations

Best app to make animated Videos

One of the most common questions I get from people is: What software do you use to make animations? Is Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Softimage, 3D MAX? In this article, I will break down the options you have when choosing your animation software.

Before I start, I just want to clarify that this is my own opinion based on my own experience. It is important to remember that skills will take you far, no matter what software you use. Tools are just tools. I didn’t include all the animation software, just the ones I thought were good enough to mention. Obviously there are others, so if you have a suggestion that should be on this list, please write it politely in the comments below.

The first three are from Autodesk. We have Maya, Softimage and 3D MAX. All three do more or less the same. These are standard all-inclusive 3D programs used by major studios for everything from character animation, visual effects, game design, movies, television, commercials, etc. Choosing one of these three is based on your personal preferences. Best app to make animated Videos

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Autodesk Maya

In my experience, Maya is more of an industry standard as it is used by large studios like Pixar and South Park Studios. This is also what I have experienced as standard in most business studios in New York.

Autodesk Maya is the best tool to turn your ideas into reality. You have many possibilities with this software. If you want to model, animate, experience integration, etc. The interface is simple when you learn the basic concepts. If you are learning Mayan, it is much easier to learn any other 3D software.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is the best friend of an animated graphic designer. It is a very intuitive 3D program for After Effects users that works directly with After Effects without having to render beforehand. It would not be my first choice for film production as it is designed from scratch with animated graphics.

Cinema 4D comes with a full library of presets, materials, and scenes that make getting started with your 3D project easy. Use this exceptional resource to quickly develop concepts without wasting time modeling (or spending money buying models), or dissecting entire scenes created by the best C4D artists to develop your own skills. These highly selected libraries are designed for specific markets, with a wide variety of assets, including customizable templates, materials, and presets.


Blender is free and open source 3D software. It offers a wide range of video modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and post-processing all in one package. Blender is really great for beginners, not because it is simple or unprofessional, but simply because it is free. Then anyone can go up and start using it. In fact, I recently created a course called Blender Animation, so if you want to delve into Blender, you can check it out.

Blender is a set of free and open source 3D computer graphics software tools used to create animated movies, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, animated graphics, interactive 3D applications, and computer games. Blender features include 3D modeling, UV unpacking, texturing, raster graphics editing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulation, particle simulation, soft body simulation, sculpture, animation, match motion, rendering, animated graphics , video editing and composition.

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Best app to make animated Videos

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