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How Technology help people to fight Coronavirus

How China deals with coronavirus, The first report was from Wuhan, China, on December 31 last year. Many people with respiratory problems are hospitalized. Doctors initially thought this was pneumonia. Most of them work in the seafood market in Wuhan. Authorities locked the market the next day and sealed it. Many doubted whether the old villain Sars was back on the scene. But the authorities did not care.


The World Health Organization (WHO) held a press conference on January 7, stating that a new virus had been discovered in China. They belong to the Corona family and were first called the 2019 novel Coronavirus. This was later reduced to Covid. By that time, the number of patients had exceeded one hundred. During this pandemic, you can order your skincare treatment from Image Skincare Clear Cell Erfahrungen

The first death was reported on January 11. A 61-year-old man has died at a seafood market in Wuhan. January 13 A Thai man who visited Wuhan was infected with the corona. First case outside China. Kovid arrived in Japan on January 16th.

The second death occurred on January 17 in Wuhan. Third death on January 20th. That changed the notion of a virus that spread from animal to human. China has announced on state television that it will spread from man to man. But by then there were 550 cases and Seventeen deaths.
Wuhan saw a war the world had never seen before. Complete locking. First, lunar anniversaries were abolished. The city was then completely closed. The city of Wuhan, one of the most connected in China, was completely shut down. More than six crore people have taken steps to look outside. China’s high-tech moves were then used to combine speed and technology with kayaking.

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How China deals with corona virus

China used AI to reduced the increasing rate of corona virus infection

One such thing is the Covid 19 App. Everyone was told to download this app. Contact everyone affected. Not theirs, wherever they go, what trains they take, and what buses to ride. China invented it using artificial intelligence and machine data. Millions of data have been leaked from social media, telephone records and other popular apps. If it opens, people with the disease or any part of it will immediately hear the alarm.

When an employee of a shopping mall in Wuhan suffered a coronation, 3,000 people who visited the shop were evicted by mobile information and placed in the China Quarantine. Another tool is the Face Plus app developed by a company in Beijing. The app distinguished those with high temperatures by simultaneously checking the temperature of thousands of people from large crowds. The app has already been able to ship people to government offices and busy areas in Beijing. Baidu and ScienceTime apps helped police find people who don’t wear a mask. Big data itself is a refuge. Drones were often in the air for ranchers to walk out into the villages. There were many warnings and threats.

Alipay, the maker of e-commerce giant Alibaba, provided color codes via the app’s QR code for 20 billion Chinese in Wuhan and nearby provinces. The experiment is based on Big Data compiling citizens phone and internet data. Despite criticism from China, the administration has backed the deal to address a health emergency. Accordingly, those who get the green code can travel, seven-day shipping for yellow card holders, and 14-day shipping for the red card recipient. Millions of people could not use public transport. The alarm will start as soon as you board a bus or train.

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Not only have the virus been detected, but the disease has spread rapidly. The new hospital, which is 60,000 square meters in size, has 1,000 beds and 30 ICs built in just 9 days. Over 7,000 people completed the day and night. That day, 1400 Army medical professionals were recruited to the hospital. Soon, China began construction of a second hospital. Both hospitals are trying to get rid of the locked Wuhan City. Roads, railways, airplanes and water from the city were in the hands of the police. Meanwhile, 80,000 people of the disease and 3,100 died. Thousands of case reporting and one hundred deaths a day on average. The Chinese central bank has allocated $ 600 billion to the war for the Corona. China’s fierce war against the virus has gradually begun to bear fruit. The number of new cases and deaths has declined daily. About 60,000 people have been infected. But by then, disaster had begun to spread across the Corona Sea to Italy, Korea, Iran, the United States and now Kerala.

Some of the new strategies adopted by China in the Crown War are noteworthy. During Corona, classes were closed, but teachers were not allowed to focus on live streaming students. Millions of students are enrolled in such AJU applications simultaneously. The Chinese are hailed as the true heroes of the colonial era and the distributor of the food and beverage app. They brought home not only food, but also medicines, masks, and essentials for safety. Chinese grocery giant Sun Art Group has responded that its profits have remained unchanged, despite close to 80% of its stores. Some other food delivery giants, Meatuan and e-commerce giant JD, have come up with self-driving motor vehicles. The task was to provide easy access to food and essential supplies in high-risk areas. In the colonial era, online classes, cooking videos and our yoga mats were big business in China. The largest contributor to the app is PinkGood Doctor, which subscribes 30 billion people. Patients will be treated via video conference. Robots can lead to surgery even in remote hospitals. Notes will be provided. So all this in real time.

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