How to enable gpedit.msc in windows 10

How to enable GPEdit.msc in windows 10

How to enable GPEdit.msc in windows 10, In some of the windows 10 edition gpedit.msc is not been installed while installing windows 10 or it will be disabled so windows users can’t able to get into it through run command as gpedit.msc, there is a simple solution and no need for any third part software to enable it.
In this article i will cover how to install and enable gpedit.msc in windows 8, windows 7 and i included the installation software too.

3 Steps has to follow for enabling gpedit.msc

1. confirm gpedit is installed onto your system.
Go to C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder

2.Check whetherGroupPolicy“, “GroupPolicyUsers” and gpedit.msc is present or not if not you have to Download and install gpedit.msc properly.

3. Copy the following folders and files
(“GroupPolicy“, “GroupPolicyUsers” and “gpedit.msc“)

from C:WindowsSysWOW64 to C:WindowsSystem32
This step will help you to make gpedit.msc work properly.

Download and install gpedit.msc

If gpdit.msc is not present in your windows 10
Download gpedit.msc
and install it as administrator then follow step 3

gpedit.msc is required to stop automatic windows updation, in some cases we found it causes automatic windows updation. in this way you can successfully install and configure gpedit.msc in all windows OS.

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