Master Movie 2020 | Master Movie Review

Master Movie 2020 | Master Movie Review

Master Movie 2020 , Master is an Indian Tamil language action thriller film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. He has co-written the script with Ratna Kumar and Pon Parthiban. The film stars Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead roles along with Malavika Mohanan, Arjun Das, Andrea Jeremiah and Shantanu Bhagyaraj. It was produced by Xavier Brito under his debut production studio XB Film Creators. The film is produced by Lalith Kumar and Jagadish Palaniswamy; The film was distributed under the banner of Seven Screen Studios. Master Movie Download

Principal Photography began in October 2019 and ended in February 2020. The film was shot in Delhi, Chennai and Karnataka. It was first launched under the provisional title of Talapati 64, and the official title of December was announced on December 31, 2019. The music is composed by Anirudh Ravichandran and the cinematography and editing are done by Sathyan Suryan and Philomen Raj respectively.

Master had originally planned for a theatrical release on April 9, 2020 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India. The producers of the film wanted to wait for the theatrical release, even though they had sold the digital streaming rights to Prime Video. It has been confirmed that the film will be released in theaters on January 13, 2021, one day before Pongal, by the end of December 2020. The film received a good response from critics and audiences alike, praising the performances of the main actors, but criticized the film’s excessive length and speed.

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But Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi have acted in the film. The film is only for Vijay fans because of the logical fights and mass scenes, I as a neutral fan did not like this film because Lokesh is the best upcoming director, but he made this film for the fans of actor Vijay Vijay like Durbar. AR Murugadoss is a mass film with no story line.

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Master Movie Review 2020

Master – A different Vijay festival mass entertainer

Definitely not Lokesh kanagaraj’s best work, but congratulations on using the super stardom of thalapathy Vijay and the sarcastic and devil you can care about Vijay sethupathy within the mass cinema format and keep your standards of him …

Anirudh’s bgm elevates the movie to new heights, but the same can’t be said for the songs … they’re just normal … Aside from two songs (vaathi coming and kutty story), the rest don’t leave much of an impact.

Edit is ok, could have been shortened a bit (3 hours)

The cinematography is splendid, it has to be mentioned the way they have filmed using different shades for the thalapathy and Vijay’s sethupathy is visible and it gives viewers what to expect from these two characters.

The stunts are energetic and stylish, plus the highly hyped truck fighting block (looks totally unnecessary and the graphics are disappointing)

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Master Movie 2020 | story line

The story is new (at least when we compare it to Vijay’s previous films) and it is very fine.

Script: Interesting and fast-paced first half, it is all about main characters (interesting backstory by Vijay sethupathy) but does nothing to move the story forward except for the college election part and an energetic interval block. It is delayed towards the second half. And a tremendous climax.

The dialogue is a delight, Lokesh has used Vijay’s old movie storylines, the bgm, mannerism and dialogue to move the film forward, it’s interesting and nostalgic and it works big.
Vijay sethupathy has some of the best dialogue in the movie.

Malivika mohan, the main character, had a very important role, but she cannot act. Arjun das has a promising future. Other actors are simply gap fillers.

Vijay Sethupathy is in tip-top shape, the style of him throughout the film is a delight and playing a villain with no regrets while keeping it simple is … I just want to say, it really is the biggest advantage of the film.

And Vijay thalapathy .. Fight, dance, cry, laugh .. He has done it all. The comedic timing is flawless, the action scenes are done with full energy. He effortlessly wears the film on his shoulder with his incredible screen presence, but the ice is … takes a back seat and gives Vijay sethupathy room to shine unlike the petta movie. Special mention to Vijay’s hair and wardrobe designers. He just looked sleek, chunky, and stylish. Clichéd Vijay stuff is kept in minimal doses. I have lokesh to thank for not including the sociopolitical discourse at the end.

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Master is definitely a different Vijay movie, actually I was tired of seeing the same old wine in a new bottle story with a brilliant song dance routine, openly choreographed fight blocks and political speeches, Master could be a new strap for Vijay fans. the gauge for viewers to return to theaters.

A solid entertainer .. Highly recommended.

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If you are an actor Vijay fan you can enjoy mass film without any story line, but if you are a neutral fan you will experience excessive and trivial fight scenes.

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