Jio is working on a 5G Android phone that can cost less than Rs 5,000


Reliance Jio sometimes makes its customers smile by bringing in a bunch of cheap internet data plans. This time Mukesh Ambani’s company will bring a 5G Android phone at a very low price!

Although there is no official announcement from the company yet, the issue of bringing the 5G Android phone to market has been confirmed. So that all the people of the country get an up-to-date Internet service, the price of the phone will be affordable. A company official said that buyers will be able to buy this phone for less than 5,000 rupees. And once it spreads across the entire country market, its price will drop to Rs. In fact, the price of water will be in the hands of buyers of 5G Android phones.

Currently, a buyer has to pay at least Rs 28,000 for a 5G Android smartphone. For the revolution to happen again with the help of Geo. For those still using 2G connections, Geo is targeting between 20 and 30 million subscribers. It is not yet known whether the phone will be a smartphone or a smartphone. However, if it is a smartphone, it is believed to be Android. Otherwise, Geo can also use the lite version of Google’s operating system.

Mukesh Ambani’s company was the first company to bring 4G phones to the country. Again, only fifteen hundred rupees. Last July, Ambani himself said that he wanted the price of 4G and 5G phones to be affordable for the country so that they were 2G free. Needless to say, the company went one step further.

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