Beware of fake WhatsApp calls and messages

Do you receive a WhatsApp call on behalf of State Bank? Or does WhatsApp say that these messages were sent by the bank? Do you want to know the details of your account? Then be careful! Without knowing it, you may fall into the trap of counterfeiters. Because the bank has nothing to do with it. The State Bank of India (SBI) itself warned clients about this.

SBI has sent a warning message to customers through a tweet. The number of clients at the Corona bank is now comparatively less. That is why the online fraud trap is being set. And in this case the reliable platform is WhatsApp. SBI said: “Now customers are being attacked on WhatsApp. Don’t let all these scams fool you. Be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open. ”State Bank also said that the number of digital payments has increased more than before due to the lockdown. And that is why fraud attempts are also intensifying. WhatsApp chat and call have become into a new cybercrime tool. That’s why the nation’s largest state bank occasionally warns customers to keep them safe. Previously, they had said emails also reached many customers on behalf of SBI. Where information is sought bank account The bank advised not to give any information.

How’s the fraud going? The customer is called and told that they have won a lottery. Call this SBI number. But SBI says banks never ask customers for information by phone, SMS or WhatsApp. There is no lottery scheme associated with the bank. So be careful.

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In addition to warning against scammers, State Bank also brought good news to users of the YONO app. It has been reported that if a customer wants to buy a car, gold, or apply for a personal loan through this app, no processing fee will be applied. There is no need to pay the processing fee, even if you apply for a home loan during the holiday season. At the same time, interest rates on credit ratings and loan amounts will be discounted. You can find out if you will get this offer by texting PAPL at 5676767.

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