How to invest in Dogecoin in india {2021 Guide}

How to invest in Dogecoin in india 2021 | How to invest in Dogecoin from india on Wazirx

Dogecoin invest in indiia
Dogecoin invest in India image curtesy – wazirx

What is Dogecoin? the $34 billion cryptocurrency that began as a joke?

What is Dogecoin, While the size of Dogecoin is nowhere near Bitcoin, the market cap of the “joke” coin has catapulted from more than $ 1 billion in early January to $ 47 billion on Saturday.

Created in 2013 by software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin was intended to poke fun at the entire cryptocurrency craze at the time led by Bitcoin.

Dogecoin price in India?

DOGE-INR – Dogecoin INR
Previous close 25.058
Day’s range 23.039 – 30.485
52-week range 0.15 – 32.60
Start date 2013-12-15

Currently Dogecoin value 35 rupees  on date 19th April 2021.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2024 – 2025

The cryptocurrency market is cyclical, going through bull and bear markets of varying degrees. After another bearish phase, the cryptocurrency market, including Dogecoin, will be poised for another breakout in 2024 and 2025, coinciding with the Bitcoin halving theory.

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By this time, there should be clearer options for winners in the crypto arms race, and Dogecoin falls out of favor or begins to approach the promised land of nearly $ 1 per coin.

Will Dogecoin make me rich?

Yes, people have indeed made a lot of money buying Dogecoin, and although it was initially intended as a joke coin, if you can afford to invest a small amount of money in it, then it may not be a bad idea.

How can you invest in Dogecoin from India ?

Cryptocurrency investors can buy Dogecoin with a credit and debit card. They can also opt for other digital payment modes such as e-wallets, bank transfer, IMPS transfer, and BHIM. People willing to invest in cryptocurrencies in India.

What is Wazirx ?

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How to invest on Dogecoin on Wazirx app with 3 simple steps

  1. First Download the app and create account on Wazirx   here is the link 
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  3. start investing on Dogecoin


Happy investing !!

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