PM KISAN Karnataka Farmers Payment Status –

PM KISAN Karnataka Farmers Payment Status –

fruits PM kisan

PM Kisan Fruits

The Fruits PM Kisan scheme is an official Karnataka state government scheme launched to encourage farmers to grow fruits. The government offers unique benefits to farmers who can cultivate their land to produce more for the state. The karnataka government launched an online portal for farmers to submit online applications and check the status of their application. Farmers must register through the official link

fruits pm kisan

Farmer registration and unified beneficiary information system pm-kisan verification status: Karnataka government has started to send payments to farmers under the Karnataka Farmers scheme combined with PM Kisan scheme. Payment is sent to farmers who have their registration made through the registration page 

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PM Kisan Karnataka payment status

Karnataka PM Kisan payment status can be checked on the official website of fruits PMK. For that, you need to have your PM Kisan ID also called PMKID. If you don’t have the KISAN PM ID, you can also use the registered farmer Aadhar number to check the status.

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How to check Karnataka Fruits PMK payment status online?

To check the payment status of Karnataka, follow this process:

Go to Open the application status page. Click to open directly. There you will see the Unified Beneficiary Information System and Farmer Registration page. You will now find two options to check the status of the payment. If you have the PMKID, use it or choose the Aadhar option. Enter your Karnataka Fruit PMK ID and submit the form. Your PM Kisan Karnataka payment status will be displayed there.

Click here to check PM Kisan payment status online.

How to check the FRUITS-PMKISAN Farmers List in Karnataka?

To view the Karnataka Fruit beneficiary list online, use the following method:

Click Now open the Farmer Registry and Unified Beneficiary Information System. Go to the reports section. Click List of Advertised Farmers. Open the List of farmers receiving FSD. Select your district, Taluka, Hobli, and Village. Submit the form and see the PM Kisan Karnataka beneficiary list of farmers.

For more information about the payment and beneficiary of the PMK Karnataka program, visit the official website:

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Required documents

Farmers must have the following documents to register for the PM Kisan scheme:

  • All legal land records
  • Aadhaar card
  • A complete description of the terrain, such as rough, wet or dry terrain, etc.
  • Proof of identity documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card voter ID, etc.
  • Proof of address documents.
  • Copies of land records
  • Recent passport size photo of the applicant.
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The farmer can now register on the portal using the following documents, which will upload copies. They will check the status of the application using t

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