Four good tips on how to write an essay on technology topic faster

Technology has been rapidly advancing these days. We can barely adjust to updates and employ different technologies in our daily life. Technology makes our life easier and more convenient. However, it might be a real pain in the neck when you have to write an essay on a technology topic.

With the abundance of writing assignments, students don’t have enough time to cope with all their tasks by themselves. As a result, they miss deadlines and get unsatisfactory grades. If you fear being in the same position, you might want to read this article. It discusses the most practical tips on how to write an essay on a technology topic faster.

Think of Technology Topic

It goes without saying that technology is a broad term that covers multiple industries. Technologies relate to various aspects of our life, starting from education and medicine and ending with agriculture and simple leisure time. If you want to write a worthwhile work fast, you have to think of a technology topic you want to write about. It has to be precise and very specific.

For instance, a great example of a good technology topic will be Natural Language Processing (NLP for short). This technology has been among the fastest developing industries nowadays. NLP is everywhere, be it your university, home, or workplace. Myriads of apps that we use daily employ Natural Language Processing. You don’t have to ruminate about the topic any longer. You can simply start writing about NLP and describe how it works and how it was developed throughout the years.

Alternatively, you can come up with the topic yourself, but make sure to narrow down the technology branch. First and foremost, ask yourself:

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Is the topic accurate and condensed enough, or does it have subfields?
Can it be developed within my essay’s word count?
Is there sufficient literature on the subject?

Those are essential questions to help you decide whether the topic is good to write about. If you can answer them quickly and positively, then you can proceed to the pre-writing process.

Decide on an essay type.

An essay type plays a huge role in writing. One of the most common errors students make is that they choose the wrong paper type. This cheap essay writing service suggests students decide on the essay type as soon as possible. Not only will it save the writer time, but it will also make the writing process more productive.

The thing is, several main essay types require different approaches. For instance, a descriptive paper requires describing the technology in detail. An expository essay requires explaining the technology, how it works, and what its peculiarities are. Finally, an argumentative composition strongly relies on arguments and evidence.

Teachers usually provide the requirements where the required paper type to use is stated. If your educator hasn’t provided you with the one, you have to decide what pattern you want to follow.

Suppose your topic is about NLP. In that case, an expository or argumentative paper will be your best choice. There are dozens of articles on Natural Language Processing. You can write an argumentative paper and provide the necessary academic backup for your statements.

An expository essay is also nice. It explains how the subject works, which would be helpful to apply to NLP. You can write how NLP works in Google Translator or Automatic Responses in Gmail.

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A descriptive essay wouldn’t be the best choice for NLP, as the latter is very complex technology. You will then have to delve deep into mathematics, probability, and statistics. It will take you lots of time, which you don’t have, since you want to finish the task quickly.

Research Your Topic

When you have the topic, you should research it rigorously. The outcomes of your research will influence your paper and make it more credible. Moreover, you have to learn the subject’s history and development. Depending on the technology you choose, you have to use different web pages.

For example, suppose you stick to technologies in healthcare. In that case, you are likely to find useful information in medical and medical engineering journals. They can be BioMedical Engineering OnLine, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, etc.

In turn, if you choose to write about agriculture, your go-to materials are the International Journal of Agricultural Technology, Journal of Agricultural Technology, and Journal of Agriculture, Science, and Technology.

Also, pay attention to universal and reliable web pages, such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, ResearchGate, and WorldCat. Remember, the more diverse your sources are, the better the work you will create.

Aside from written sources, consider watching various conferences and verified videos. Pre-covid times were rich in terms of meetings and speeches. Technologies were among the top industries to organize multiple conferences on diverse topics. Indeed, the pandemic has made us terminate any events set for 2020 and 2021. However, there are still numerous and brand new webinars and performances out there.

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Evaluate Various Sides

You have to consider different sides when writing the paper if you want it to be informative and straight to the point. As in every aspect of life, technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Whatever technology you take, there will be its advocates and opponents.

Indubitably, you have to choose one side and demonstrate your stance. However, you can’t ignore the opposite side and neglect to add counterarguments to your paper. Your role is to provide robust arguments for technology, list several counterarguments, and debunk them afterward. To do that successfully, you have to find specific sources of the opposite side. Likewise, check scientific journals, online databases, and reliable visual materials.

Key Takeaways

Writing a technology essay can be a daunting task. You can face the first pitfall before starting to write. Technology is everywhere, and the first step you should take is to narrow down the topic. Look at what you are interested in and ask yourself three main questions. Then decide whether your chosen topic has to be explained, described, or you have to provide arguments with potent shreds of evidence. Once you complete this step, you have to research the topic and find the most relevant scientific sources. Finally, ensure adding the opposite opinion on the technology. It will make your paper comprehensive, logical, and trusted.

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