Four good tips on how to write an essay on technology topic faster

How to write an essay on technology topic faster” Technology has been rapidly advancing these days. We can barely adjust to updates and employ different technologies in our daily life. Technology makes our life easier and more convenient. However, it might be a real pain in the neck when you have to write an essay on a technology topic.

With the abundance of writing assignments, students don’t have enough time to cope with all their tasks by themselves. As a result, they miss deadlines and get unsatisfactory grades. If you fear being in the same position, you might want to read this article. It discusses the most practical tips on how to write an essay on a technology topic faster.

Technology Essay for Students in English

Technology is everywhere around us. It has become an integral part of our lives. From the invention of fire to the creation of smartphones, technology has made our lives easier. It has also given rise to many industries. For example, the internet has led to the creation of websites like Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc., which provide information about everything under the sun.
Technology has improved the quality of life for all of us. We have access to information at the touch of a button, we can communicate instantly, and we can get almost anything delivered to our doorsteps. From the simple to the complex, technology has changed everything.

The Advancement of Technology

Technology has changed the way we live. It has improved our lives in many ways. It has allowed us to communicate with each other across distances, and it has given us access to information at lightning speed. Technology has also made our lives easier, more convenient, healthier, and more enjoyable. It has brought about a revolution in transportation and communication. The development of technology, along with the sciences, has enabled us to become self-sufficient in all aspects of life. We are now able to produce everything we need using technology.

Benefits of Technology in All Fields

Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. We cannot escape it because it has improved the quality and quantity of our lives. Whether you’re talking about communication, transportation, education or health care, we all need it. Technology has revolutionised every aspect of our daily lives. So let’s learn about it!

Think of Technology Topic

It goes without saying that technology is a broad term that covers multiple industries. Technologies relate to various aspects of our life, starting from education and medicine and ending with agriculture and simple leisure time. If you want to write a worthwhile work fast, you have to think of a technology topic you want to write about. It has to be precise and very specific.

For instance, a great example of a good technology topic will be Natural Language Processing (NLP for short). This technology has been among the fastest developing industries nowadays. NLP is everywhere, be it your university, home, or workplace. Myriads of apps that we use daily employ Natural Language Processing. You don’t have to ruminate about the topic any longer. You can simply start writing about NLP and describe how it works and how it was developed throughout the years.

Alternatively, you can come up with the topic yourself, but make sure to narrow down the technology branch. First and foremost, ask yourself:

  • Is the topic accurate and condensed enough, or does it have subfields?
  • Can it be developed within my essay’s word count?
  • Is there sufficient literature on the subject?

Those are essential questions to help you decide whether the topic is good to write about. If you can answer them quickly and positively, then you can proceed to the pre-writing process.

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Decide on an essay type.

An essay type plays a huge role in writing. One of the most common errors students make is that they choose the wrong paper type. This cheap essay writing service suggests students decide on the essay type as soon as possible. Not only will it save the writer time, but it will also make the writing process more productive.

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The thing is, several main essay types require different approaches. For instance, a descriptive paper requires describing the technology in detail. An expository essay requires explaining the technology, how it works, and what its peculiarities are. Finally, an argumentative composition strongly relies on arguments and evidence.

Teachers usually provide the requirements where the required paper type to use is stated. If your educator hasn’t provided you with the one, you have to decide what pattern you want to follow.

Suppose your topic is about NLP. In that case, an expository or argumentative paper will be your best choice. There are dozens of articles on Natural Language Processing. You can write an argumentative paper and provide the necessary academic backup for your statements.

An expository essay is also nice. It explains how the subject works, which would be helpful to apply to NLP. You can write how NLP works in Google Translator or Automatic Responses in Gmail.

A descriptive essay wouldn’t be the best choice for NLP, as the latter is very complex technology. You will then have to delve deep into mathematics, probability, and statistics. It will take you lots of time, which you don’t have, since you want to finish the task quickly.

Research Your Topic

When you have the topic, you should research it rigorously. The outcomes of your research will influence your paper and make it more credible. Moreover, you have to learn the subject’s history and development. Depending on the technology you choose, you have to use different web pages.

For example, suppose you stick to technologies in healthcare. In that case, you are likely to find useful information in medical and medical engineering journals. They can be BioMedical Engineering OnLine, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Biomedical Engineering, etc.

In turn, if you choose to write about agriculture, your go-to materials are the International Journal of Agricultural Technology, Journal of Agricultural Technology, and Journal of Agriculture, Science, and Technology.

Also, pay attention to universal and reliable web pages, such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, ResearchGate, and WorldCat. Remember, the more diverse your sources are, the better the work you will create.

Aside from written sources, consider watching various conferences and verified videos. Pre-covid times were rich in terms of meetings and speeches. Technologies were among the top industries to organize multiple conferences on diverse topics. Indeed, the pandemic has made us terminate any events set for 2020 and 2021. However, there are still numerous and brand new webinars and performances out there.

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Evaluate Various Sides

You have to consider different sides when writing the paper if you want it to be informative and straight to the point. As in every aspect of life, technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Whatever technology you take, there will be its advocates and opponents.

Indubitably, you have to choose one side and demonstrate your stance. However, you can’t ignore the opposite side and neglect to add counterarguments to your paper. Your role is to provide robust arguments for technology, list several counterarguments, and debunk them afterward. To do that successfully, you have to find specific sources of the opposite side. Likewise, check scientific journals, online databases, and reliable visual materials. how to write an essay on technology topic faster.

Key Takeaways

Writing a technology essay can be a daunting task. how to write an essay on technology topic faster, You can face the first pitfall before starting to write. Technology is everywhere, and the first step you should take is to narrow down the topic. Look at what you are interested in and ask yourself three main questions. Then decide whether your chosen topic has to be explained, described, or you have to provide arguments with potent shreds of evidence. Once you complete this step, you have to research the topic and find the most relevant scientific sources. Finally, ensure adding the opposite opinion on the technology. It will make your paper comprehensive, logical, and trusted.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Science and Technology

Science and technology have changed the world. From TVs to planes, cars to mobiles, the list goes on how these two inventions have affected the world we see today. For example, the virtual talks we use our phones, which were not possible earlier. Similarly there are electrical devices that make our lives easier.
In addition. The transportation process we currently use has also seen the contributions of science and technology. Our current mode of transportations is very fast and efficient. We can travel anywhere around the world in less than 24 hours. Science and technology are unlimited. It has now reached Mars. NASA and ISRO are using science and technology to send astronauts and technologies to explore the life in Mars. Other Benefits.
Science and technology have made life easier. We interact more comfortably and faster. Humans are smarter.


We humans have become lazy. We spend our time watching movies instead of doing anything productive. We also spend our time playing video games instead of working out at the gym. Some even play online poker all night long! These activities affect our minds and bodies. Furthermore, many semi-automated weapons are created using the latest technologies. These weapons could kill millions of innocent people if they were ever used.
  • Technology has been used for good and bad. Some of the great inventions were made using technology. But there are also many terrible things done with technology. For example, terrorists use technology to damage our society. We should not blame the technology itself, but we should try to stop the misuse of technology.
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Essay on Technology Selected Essays on Technology

  • Technology is an important part of our lives. We use it every day. It helps us communicate, travel, shop, play games, watch movies, and even go to the bathroom. But what exactly is technology? What does it mean? And why is it important? Let’s explore the history of technology, its impact on society, and its future.
  • Technology is basically an application of information for the development of devices and equipment. These devices and equipment can be used in many different ways. Some examples of technology include the Internet, mobile phones, television, air conditioning, cars, etc.
  • Technology has become an integral part of our lives today. We use technology to communicate, shop, play games, watch movies, listen to music, and even get directions. Technology has made our lives easier, but there are many negative effects that come with using technology. For example, technology has led to the creation of cyber bullying, online harassment, and online predators. These issues are not just limited to teenagers either. Adults are also victims of cyberbullying and online harassment. Technology has also lead to the spread of diseases like COVID-19.
Audience : how to write an essay on technology topic faster, These essays are written for school students (class VII, VIII, IX and X standard) and college and university students. Students preparing for competitive exams like Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Revenue Service, Central Secretariat Service, Indian Medical Service, Indian Judicial Service, Indian Legal Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Railway Service, Indian Postal Service, Indian Customs Service, Indian Audit & Accounts Service, Indian Income Tax Department, Indian National Bank, Indian Insurance, Indian Air Traffic Control, Indian Railways etc can also benefit from reading these essays.

List of Essays on Technology

  • Technology is basically the way we use science to help us achieve goals. We use technology to make our lives easier and more convenient. We use technology to create products and services that benefit society. We also use technology to make our jobs easier. We use technology to communicate with each other. We use technology to store information. And we use technology to keep track of time.
  • Technology has made our lives easier and more convenient. We have become more productive through the use of machines and devices. For example, we have smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets which help us stay connected and keep track of what we need to do. These technologies have also improved our communication skills. We can send messages, share pictures, videos, and even play games online. We can also access information about anything we like. All these have made our life easier and more comfortable.
  • Prominent examples: There have been numerous examples where technology has changed life as we know it. Some of them are the introduction of the internet, the invention of the smartphone, and the development of AI. Another great example is the development of robots. These days robots are being used by many industries and companies around the world for various purposes including cleaning and managing radioactive waste. They are also used to protect people from dangerous situations.
  • Artificial intelligence is a term used to describe machines that behave like humans. These machines can think, reason, communicate, learn and adapt. Artificial intelligence is not just about creating machines that act like humans. It also includes machines that mimic our actions, processes and behaviours.
  • Technology has become an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine living without technology. It has made life easier and safer. It has also reduced the risk people had to undertake in various sectors such as mining. New technologies have allowed us to carry out tasks easily and efficiently. For example, we can now send money through mobile phones instead of using cash or cheques.
  • Technology has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that it allows you to stay connected even when you’re away from your phone. However, there are many other apps that are available on mobile devices that could be used instead. For example, you could play games, watch videos, listen to music, and read books. These activities will help you relax and unwind after a long day at work.
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Technology Has Changed Our Lives

how to write an essay on technology topic faster, In an evolving society, there is always a need to accomplish tasks faster. Everyday, people strive to make their lives simpler and live more efficiently. As technology continues to evolve, it helps us make things easier on ourselves in our daily lives. We see infomercials all the time and wonder if we could use something like that. Communication has changed and is constantly evolving, making it easier to communicate with others. Just think about how fast we have progressed, and how far we will go.

Has Changed Our Lives

Technology has always been evolving. It started out as a tool for gaining information or something as simple communication. Over time, technology has changed the way people go about their everyday lives as well as who they are as an individual. Technology has lost its ability to connect us all together and instead has become a tool to separate us.
Technology can help us save the planet But more than anything we must learn to value nature
“In 2017, we ate through our annual budget in just 7 months.” Image: NASA/Tim Peake/Flickr The pace at which technological innovation is advancing is unprecedented. From the development of self-driving cars to the creation of 3D printed organs, there is never a shortage of ways we can change the way we live. But while the benefits of emerging technologies are clear, the challenges they pose are equally apparent. As we continue to advance, we must ensure that the environment remains protected.
Technology can help us to address the challenges we face today. We need to understand what those challenges are, and then we need to invent solutions. Technology can help us to decouple development and environmental degradation. As our civilisation faces a new unparalleled challenge, technology can play an important role in decoupling growth and environmental damage. But we must not forget that nature provides many other essential services that cannot be replaced by any human invention.

Technology and the future of growth Challenges of change

In recent years, economic growth has been lackluster. This has occurred at the same time that economies have faced many changes. What are the forces driving these changes, how are they affecting growth dynamics, and what implications does this hold for policy? A recently released book, Growth in a Time of Change provides an overview of the drivers behind economic growth and its effects on society.
Technology is driving changes in all areas of our lives. Digitalization has changed the way we communicate, shop, travel, and even earn money. It has also made us more productive, allowing us to achieve more with less effort. However, there are still many jobs that require physical presence, and therefore cannot be done remotely. For example, healthcare workers need to see patients face-to-face. As another example, retail stores need to sell goods to customers in person. And as a third example, brick-and-mortar restaurants need to serve food to diners in person.

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