US Court Suspends Trump’s Ban on TikTok Downloads

The directive of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, would have been issued at 12 o’clock on Sunday night. The Chinese app TickTock could no longer be downloaded in the US The White House has been doing it step by step since the ban was imposed on November 12. But that day, the President of the United States lobbied the court with a ban on marking. A United States court has suspended his order. As a result, TikTok downloads are not stopping in the US at this time.

In the interests of national security, the White House said in a statement that tick discharges will be banned in the United States beginning Sunday. TickTock then filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s guidelines in court. At the hearing in that case, Judge Carl Nicholas suspended Trump’s order. ByteDance, the parent company of the Chinese app, also wanted a moratorium on the ban, which has been in effect since November 12. But it was not granted in the American court.

The judge first heard the statements of the lawyers of both parties in court. Asked by TickTock, attorney John Hall said the app download should not be suspended in this way. Because millions of people use this app in the United States. If the app is not updated, there is a risk of data theft from your phone. Talks are also underway to sell US responsibility for Tiktak to a US company. So for now, John Hall has requested a stay on this order. In the end, the judge accepted his claim.

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Tiktak’s information security issue comes to the fore at Corona. The US Central Intelligence Agency has said that personal information of US residents is transmitted to China through this app. US intelligence has accused China of trying to interfere in the US presidential elections using the app. Faced with this situation, the president of the United States announced last month that he would ban this application in the United States. On the same day, it emerged that the Microsoft Corporation of Indian businessman Satya Nadella was trying to buy TickTock.

Even the United States government wanted to transfer ownership of the Bitdance company to the world famous Microsoft company. After that, there was an argument between the two parties at the initial level. Meanwhile, any financial transaction with Tiktak or its owner, a Chinese company, was also banned. As a result, the situation worsened. It is known that the Chinese company ByteDance has chosen another American company Oracle Corporation to sell this application, not Microsoft. Although the whole is still under discussion.

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