How to earn money from facebook

Earn money from Facebook

how to earn money from facebook


How to Make Money on Facebook 2020 Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce that we have found some interesting ideas from  there you can earn money from Facebook , its good news for all the Facebook users who has access to Facebook. Earn money from Facebook

we have several method that we are going to tech you , no matter if you are a student or working or a housewife you have the potential to earn 1000$ per month it means more than your pocket money in Indian rupee  71,000 ,that much you can earn if you know some simple trick on Facebook. how to make money from facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook

Anyone can make money with Facebook! Like everything in life, you must be persistent and not give up if your campaign doesn’t work the first time.

For most of these suggestions, the quality of your Facebook profile will be your best way to make a first impression. There are many spammers on Facebook that promise the world and never comply. You don’t want to be one of these people since your chances of making money will be slim.

Make sure your Facebook profile looks like you are a real person. Put a picture of yourself or your business emblem in the section of your profile picture or cover photo.

Also, be sure to list the correct city in which you live so that people don’t think you accidentally post to the wrong group. Finally, include contact information and a link to the website if you own a local or online business.

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What Can You Sell on Facebook?

Almost anything can be sold on Facebook. Most people use Facebook to sell their used cars, second-hand items, handmade items, e-books and to announce their weekend garage sale.

Some things you can’t sell on Facebook include:

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real money gambling products
  • Certain healthcare products

How to Make Money With Facebook

#1. Join Local Buy and Sell Groups

If you are trying to sell locally, there is a good chance that you probably won’t sell it to a friend. That is why you must also join your local buying and selling groups. Facebook makes it very easy to sell because you can usually create the post in a group and you have the option to choose other groups before the post is published.

As an example, suppose you want to sell your car. Your city or local county probably has at least two different buying and selling groups that accept used car listings. Although you only make one post, it appears in several groups and you can reach more Facebook members.

Some of the most popular groups are garage sales and cars. To quickly find the groups in your area, click “Buy and sell groups” on the Explore menu. You can also search for group names to filter the different options.

#2. Write a Facebook Post

If you just want to sell to your current Facebook friends, you can write a post. In the “What do you have in mind?” Field, start writing what you want to sell. You can also include an image of the article as well. Posts are only shared with your friends, but other people you don’t know can see them if your friend shares them.

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#3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Do not forget to also sell on the Facebook market. The Marketplace is a free feature for everyone, where you can buy, sell or exchange almost anything in your local area. Although it is not as specialized as the local buying and selling groups, everyone has access to the Facebook Marketplace so they can easily share their post with their friends and may even find something special they have been looking for.

#4. Earn Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Do you use an online service that you love and want to share with others? Word of mouth recommendations are one of the most efficient forms of advertising. Companies know this and that is why they offer a bonus to recommend to a friend when their friends join through social networks.

#5. Enter Contests

Some companies and blogs organize contests and you can win tickets by sharing your link on Facebook or by following their Facebook page. You can also join raffle groups and contests to find the latest opportunities.

Many of these contests are free, so the only entry requirement is your time. Each gift is different, but you may have the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards, kitchen gadgets or a new set of backyard grills.

#6. Create Facebook Live Videos

If you don’t like cameras, Facebook Live can be another fun way to create a personal brand. You may create videos that show how you are working from home or using a product in real time. Or, you can organize a live question and answer session where live viewers send messages to your questions and you answer them live.

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As Internet bandwidth speeds increase continuously, live broadcasts are becoming more common and YouTube is not the only video platform in the city.


Anyone can make money with Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell locally or if you want to promote an online website. By joining groups, interacting with other Facebook members and maybe even posting a paid ad or two, you can get a recurring income on Facebook if you wish.

Even if you only want to list a garage sale or sell your old car and earn money once, Facebook is a free and efficient way to tell others what you have for sale.

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