Benefits of WestStein Virtual Mastercard

In today’s world, online shopping is becoming more and more popular. And this is no accident, since a person can do this without leaving home or another place, wherever he is. In addition, many stores provide delivery, so it is as convenient as possible. To buy goods, you need a payment instrument. For example, the WestStein virtual card, which can be opened on our website in a few minutes.

Individual virtual card for your needs

Order a virtual Mastercard card for free. It is available to all our customers for quick use. To do this, you need to set aside some free time to go through a simple registration on the website. After entering the necessary data and opening an online account, the virtual card is available to its user. After 10 days, a plastic analogue will be delivered.
Hurry up to get a virtual card, because it has a lot of advantages:
access to your personal account for free and when you need it;
in case of loss of the phone, it is password protected from intruders;
it cannot be lost, such as cash or it cannot be stolen from you;
affordable maintenance cost.

Why you should order a virtual card

The WestStein prepaid card is much better than cash. With it, it will be easy for you to make purchases by pre-downloading the mobile application. Works without a PIN. For payments, the following data is used: card number, expiration date and a three-digit CVV code / CVV number for authentication. Being in various parts of the world, you feel safe, because you do not need to carry paper money with you. If the smartphone has the NFC function, then there is the possibility of contactless payment.
It is worth noting its availability – any person, without visiting a banking institution, is able to create a card. Universality is manifested in the fact that you can buy online in worldwide Internet services. The anonymity of the client and the protection of his personal data are also preserved. The risk of identity theft is reduced to zero. We use dynamic information that changes with each purchase. In other words, even if a hacker gets access to the payment details, he will not be able to use your money. If you need additional information, please contact our consultants in a convenient way and get answers to your questions.

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