5 Tasks for Those Who Miss Communication During a Period of Partial Isolation

5 Tasks for Those Who Miss Communication During a Period of Partial Isolation

Isolation can have terrible consequences for people who are usually communicative. Even those who aren’t very social can feel its negative effects. The lack of communication and a human touch can cause depression and other serious psychological problems. But, if you put a checkmark next to the following 5 tasks, you’ll stay in touch with other people and find a sanctuary during isolation.



Task#1 Register on a Dating Site

Staying in touch with people you already know becomes a challenge during isolation. Getting to know new people is even harder.
That’s why it’s not uncommon to feel lonely and abandoned.

Fortunately, all kinds of online communication and dating are now welcome, even if they used to be controversial.
If you’re new or just starting out in online dating, tenderbang offers advice on how to get started and make sure your potential contacts are the best possible match for you.

With COVID forcing everyone to stay home, online communication and connection is evolving faster than ever, which is nothing short of gratifying.


By registering to a dating site that suits your needs, you’ll meet singles with similar interests. Isolation won’t be a dark place anymore, and you won’t feel lonely. The important thing is to choose a site according to your wishes.
Still, just joining won’t take you far; you have to do Tasks 2 to 5 as well.

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Task#2 Take the Initiative First in Your Communication

Numerous research proved that people who aren’t active on dating sites they join don’t taste success as active members. In other words, you should make the first step if you want to get the most out of online dating.

When you see somebody interesting on a site, don’t be afraid to send a message. Confidence is attractive; people will love that you dare to start a chat. They’ll check your profile (choose a nice photo and write an honest description) and answer you. Even if some members you contact don’t answer, there is always somebody new who’d love to receive your message. When you get an answer from somebody you like, it’s time to do Task #3.



Task #3 Say What You Want to Hear

Chatting online is a great way to be communicative during partial isolation, but you should stick to one important rule. Say what you want to hear. No, we aren’t suggesting you lie to people in a chat to get them to date you. That can bring some results, but do you want to be in a relationship based on lies? You don’t because that’s a lot of stress and you don’t need more of it nowadays

By saying what you want to hear, we mean that you should be respectful. You can’t expect somebody to be nice towards you if you’re calling them names. To get to Task #4 you should treat people you meet online as you want them to treat you.

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Task#4 Express Your First “Super Powerful Thank You”

We mentioned that the psychological consequences of (partial) isolation aren’t harmless. Joining a dating site, meeting new people, and chatting with them will make isolation much easier to endure. When you know that people you meet online (even if you don’t go on a date together) are preserving your social life, show them your gratitude.

Let them know that you’re thankful for their time and company. They’ll realize you’re a person who values other people. Everybody wants to date somebody like that, so by expressing your super powerful thank you, you’ll kill two birds with one rock. First, you’ll make the other person feel better and raise their confidence. Second, you’ll instantly become more attractive because you’ll show that you care. Just be careful to avoid falling into the desperate pit. If you say thanks for chatting with me immediately, the other person might read that as a sign of desperation.

Task#5 Fall in Love and Learn to Give Thanks

Ah, finally, Task #5. The last but the sweetest task is to let yourself fall in love with somebody you meet on a dating site and be thankful for that. Falling in love is one of the, if not the most beautiful, feelings anybody can experience. Getting that now would feel even better.

If you want to join sites for dating and don’t expect to fall in love, that’s completely fine. Although many singles who meet on such sites start serious relationships with somebody, they’ve hooked up. Even if you don’t start anything serious, give thanks to people you date (or hook up with) after meeting online. Expressing gratitude to others will make them feel appreciated, and everybody enjoys a positivity boost during isolation.

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What do you think? Tasks aren’t difficult. The lack of communication won’t be a problem anymore. The First 4 tasks are simple; you can check them in one day. The last task might take some time, but if anything is worth waiting for, that’s love.

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