Happy diwali wishing script for free 2019

Dear friends, if you know the significance of Diwali in this case, you can earn a good online income if you build a website that wants this Diwali and make a good amount of traffic through the internet. You need a Diwali greeting script. Happy diwali wishing script for free 2019

Diwali Wishing Script is a collection of HTML codes and images that you can add to your blogger, WordPress website. But coding knowledge without a script is just as difficult as creating a ready-made script for you. With few steps you can create your own wishing website in 15 minutes.

So today we have extensive Wishing scripts that will get you all the Social Share Button, PNG and GIF images, which gives you a better look at Wising Scripts. Probably the only reason, you can make it go viral

What does the script want?

Wishing Script is a great example of event blogging, as in Event Blogging, we have a write-up blog for targeting an event. With Wishing Script, you can create a blog in a very attractive form and use it to greet others.

Festival wishing website script free download

If you want to make money from a frstival script, you need to create a blogger page with the help of asking for the script and making it go viral on the internet for good income.

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You need a script for Blogger to work on WhatsApp and Facebook Share.

This script is 100% ready, you just copy and paste it into your blog and place your AdSense ad codes. So when people open that script / link, your ads will open up there and start generating revenue.

Now, this method is very popular and millions of people are making good money using this Visiting Script method.

How to Create a Wishing Page from Downloaded Wishing Script

Demo Diwali wishing 2019

To customize the desired script, first of all, you need to download Notepad ++, a source native source code editor tool. 3 things you should change:

Google Analytics Code – Analytics code to analyze the status of your website, whether it goes viral or not.
Website Address – The URL of the website, you can use a custom domain or you can use the native “diwali.latestupdatedtricks“.
Display ads for money to earn from Adsense, you need to paste ad code. If you have a Google Adsense Account, you can apply here or you can check out these Best Alternatives of Google Adsense.

After you make all the changes, Do not forget save your work . And then… the main work starts to make your desired script go viral.

How to viral your wishing script for unlimited earning

Now, your main job begins. You need to use social media and WhatsApp friends and groups to reach an unlimited audience. Be sure to enter your message (using your website URL) before starting the rescue link.

your website needs to be shared on all Facebook groups and fan pages.
Share your website URL with your Facebook friends, and tag all the friends in your Facebook friends list.
You can join WhatsApp groups and share your website URL with a good message to reach a wider audience.
That’s all for today. I think, now that you are ready for unlimited income, I hope you rock this rescue bandwagon !!!

If you find any error or problem with installing the desired script (Happy diwali wishing script for free 2019), please comment below. Thanks, hope you earn alot in this diwali ^.^

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From my blogging experience i earn money through wishing script and it is safe, i found a lot of articles from different website that your adSense goes to disabled or banned, it is not because of wishing script. mainly its is because of some other reasons like invalid click on ads,… even if your account got disabled you don’t need to be panic, you can get the adSense account active after some day, now google is not permanently banning any of the adsense account permanently.

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