Kolkata Metro Launches Official App

Kolkata’s metro is getting smarter in Corona! Whether it’s any Metro-related information, online smart card recharge or e-pass generation, it’s all at your fingertips. Released Wednesday Kolkata metro official app. The application will also be available on the Google Play Store. If you download the application on mobile, you will get a lot of facilities.

The Metro service has been launched in the fourth phase of unlocking following the rules. However, the chips do not match on the counter. Trust the e-pass or smart card online. Still, he had to pay thousands of rupees to reload the card. Meanwhile, the crowd has been increasing on the subway since the service launched. But the problem was compounded by the complexity of the service. This time, the Metro authorities launched the app (Kolkata Metro Official App) under one umbrella.

Metro has reported that any information related to Kolkata Metro will be available on the app. In other words, if the subway gets stuck due to an accident, it will reach the user’s mobile as a notification. E-pass can be generated from this application. The smart card can be recharged. There will also be multiple benefits. What are the benefits?

This application will tell you the schedule of the subway, that is, when a subway will leave which station, when it will arrive at the next station, how much the fare costs from any station to the destination, how many escalators are in the station, where is the entrance or departure. This is not the end, if you get off at each station, passengers will be able to see some places of interest, which is also in the application.

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How will the application work?

  • You need to download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • You must register with your name, phone number, and email ID.
  • The application has different options for Richard smart cable, e-pass generator, users will get the information of their choice by clicking on it.

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