Here are 4 new features that Instagram brings on its 10th birthday

Instagram spent ten years in the virtual world. And now its popularity is skyrocketing. Why not! Occasionally, this social platform under Facebook brings new features and makes users smile. And on her 10th birthday it became even more interesting. Because this time Instagram brought a new look by bringing four new features at the same time.

Because of the crown, young people spend more time in the social world locked up. And one of those platforms is Instagram. Furthermore, with the departure of the popular Chinese app TikTok from the country, it has also filled the gap with Instagram reels. Where you can create and upload videos as you wish. Reels has become a huge hit in no time. So what features did Instagram bring to attract users?

one. Users can also trade their Instagram icons for birthday specials. How? First check if your application has been updated. Now go to settings and open the whole page. You will see a bunch of icons there. Choose the desired icon from there. Look at the home screen, the Instagram icon has changed.


two. Stories Map has been added to this platform. Actually, this is a calendar of the stories you provide in the personal map and the stories section on Instagram. You will see what stories you have published in the last three years as a calendar with dates. You can find the calendar by going to ‘Add a story’ from the profile. Give your profile a new look. It can also be downloaded or shared as highlights.

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3. Instagram now automatically hides or hides indecent or offensive comments in a post. You can go to “View hidden comments” and see that comment. The strict authorities of Instagram are against comments that go against their policy.

Four. If a person tries to write an obscene comment on a post, they will be warned more than once. So that users have a chance to correct themselves before the comment is posted. Instagram is trying to stay away from the increasing violence and vulgar comments on social media

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