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asur (web series)

  • Asur Hindi Web Series, ebseries Name – Asur (2020) Web series
  • Streaming on – Voot
  • Release Date – 2 March 2020
  • Cast – Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Amey Wagh, Ridhi Dogra
  • Director – Oni Sen

Asur (2020) – Hindi Web Series

Asur Hindi Web Series, The show begins with Nikhil (Barun Sobti) resigning from a teaching position at the FBI and returning to India. Former forensic expert, he doesn’t look for minds, just bodies. The dead, yes, and those who “tell a story.” Fortunately for him, there is a serial killer on the loose, a shadow monster who piles up corpses and texts his coordinates to the police.

Nikhil settles in but is suspicious of Dhananjay (Arshad Warsi), his former high school instructor. Sporting a suit and beard combo, Dhananjay is older, more cunning, and a more functional mess, unfazed by her impending divorce from him as Nikhil navigates a rocky marriage. One has quit smoking (at least for a while), while the other cannot.

The friend cop’s trap got me hooked. The smoothness of Arshad, untapped since Seher (2005), creates fascinating friction with Barun’s surprising brood. But then the show, riding the wave of mythology-inspired Indian thrillers, does its best with its twisted excess. Between the frequent bong hits of religion, philosophy, and forensic jargon, a manhunt ensues. The creators test Sacred Games through Dexter, Se7en, and Oldboy. They land at the Crime Patrol for Ashwin Sanghi fans.

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However, all is not lost. The script (by Gaurav Shukla, Niren Bhatt, and Vijay Chhawal) has its moments. The initial suspense is ambitious but fits the plot perfectly. The dialogue is delightfully stiff. Some gems: “There are two types of serial killers in the world: organized and disorganized.” “Do you want cigarettes or do you want proof?” “The answer was as simple as…. an ulcer. “

The thrill of the genre is nice: the killer, while filming a battered head, shoots the blood in slow motion. The current chase is interspersed with a pulpy origin story. Child actor Vishesh Bansal attends these moments; his cold gaze in one scene reminds him of the boy from Incendies (2010). Perhaps these strong influences wear out the show. Every time the narrative action stops in favor of the character’s psychology, things become a drag.

The Sacred Games hangover is not subtle. Anupriya Goenka, who played a grumpy wife on that show, plays a grumpy wife here. She even gets an identical dream sequence near the end. Each episode brings a large number of mythological references. They range from dark to slightly funny and are often presented without any thematic context. Politics, likewise, is childish: a leftist, a journalist, and a clergyman face off in a high-stakes game of Bigg Boss. (Guess who wins?)

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Later in Asur, something significant is said. “Conflict, not cooperation, is the nature of man,” says one character. It took a virulent pandemic to bring the modern world back together. Put aside differences and facilitate relief. Value science over superstition, survival over selfishness, and greed. This darkness, however dense, has lessons to teach.

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Summary – Set in the Niga city of Varanasi, Asur follows in the footsteps of forensic expert Nikhil Nair, returns to the roots of the Central Bureau of Investigation, and finds himself with former adviser Dhananjay Rajput and catches a ferocious cat. Serial killer. The story also addresses the murders of some people who have nothing to do with suspense and myth.

Cast & Crew : 

Star Cast –

    • Arshad Warsi as Dhananjay Rajput
    • Barun Sobti as Nikhil Nair
    • Anupriya Goenka as Naina Nair
    • Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat Saeed
    • Sharib Hashmi as Lolark Dubey
    • Amey Wagh as Rasool Shaikh
    • Pawan Chopra as Shashank Awasthi
    • Vishesh Bansal as Shubh
    • Gaurav Arora as Kesar Bharadwaj
    • Anvita Sudarshan as Raina Singh
    • Nishank Verma as Samarth Ahuja
    • Archak Chhabra as Aditya Jalan
    • Aditya Lala as Moksh
    • Deepak Qazir as Neelkanth Joshi
    • Bondip Sarma as Ankit Sharma
    • Jayant Raina as Radhacharan Joshi
    • Sunayna Baile as Lolark’s Wife

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  • Director – Oni Sen
  • Producer – Tanveer Bookwala, Shashi Shekhar
  • Production House –
  • Developed by – Ding Entertainment & Viacom 18 Studios
  • Writer – Gaurav Shukla
  • Story –
  • Music – Dharam Bhatt
  • Screenplay and Dialogues –
  • Lyrics –
  • Sound –
  • Sound Design – Rajesh Chejara
  • Music –
  • Background Music –
  • Cinematography (DOP) – Sayak Bhattacharya, Sakyadeb Chowdhury, Lalitha Prasad Kalluri
  • Editor – Charu Takkar
  • Art Director – Ashok Gupta, Shweta Korde, Sunil Thale
  • Costume – Vijaylaxmi Soni
  • Make-up –
  • Presenter –
  • Choreography –
  • Co-Producer –
  • Visual Promotions –
  • Digital Promotions –
  • DI Colorist – Sunny Dhanjal
  • Genre – Crime, Mystery Thriller
  • Release Date – 2 March 2020
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Asur Hindi Web Series

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